GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, August 4, 2008
Call to Order/Roll:  6:00pm/Mrs. Jackson absent


  • Phyllis Casuse and Theresa Mariano presented Continuous Improvement Progress for Personnel Department.

  • Supt. Arsenault reported on the Summer Administration Conference at the Double Tree in Albuquerque. (NOTE: MOU signed between GMCS and MCFUSE.)

  • Dr. Monaghan gave AYP Status Report.

  • Governor Richardson has allocated $3.2 million in additional funding for State Fuel.

  • GMCS receives over $35 million from Capital Outlay.

  • Board approved Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between GMCS and MCFUSE Local #3313.   MOU passed unanimously; four present and voting.

  • Board approved GMCS Discipline Policy.

  • Adjourned at 7:09pm.

“Fools make feasts, and wise men eat them.”
--J. Steinberg, Mishlé Yehoshua, 1885, 7.6, p. 48.


GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, July 7, 2008
Call to Order/Roll: 6:00pm/Mrs. Descheny absent Reconvened from Recess of June 16, 2008.
  • Adjourned from June 16th and Opened July 7th.

  • Mr. Samford reported on projected increases Just under 35% for utilities Fuel, fleet, cars; $201,000 $90,000 deficit approximately $1 million more needed for operation.

  • Discussion at Superintendents’ Meeting to discuss

    • Increase of fuel budget hybrid vehicles

    • retrofitting old buildings

    • 4-day school week?

  • Learning throughTechnology

  • Phyllis Casuse reported on 2008 Teacher Resignations.

    • April--June 2008—92

    • April –June 2007—86

    • April—June 2006—83

    • Same period:  11 retirements and 54 in-District transfers.

    • Reasons listed: 1. family reasons, 2. “other,” 3. education job in another state and career change.

  • Diane Dipaolo presented 1st Review of GMCS Discipline Policy.

  • Isadore Begay presented IEC/JOM Report.

  • GMCS Board Election of Officers

    • Joe De La O moved to keep status quo which carried unanimously (four Members present and voting) Mrs. Jackson—President Mrs. Descheny—Vice President Dr. Tempest—Secretary

  • Board approved Indian Policies and Procedures for Impact Aid.

  • Public Forum

    • Bill Bright, Wellness Council

    • Julie Garcia, Alliance for a Healthier Generation, Santa Fe, requested MOU of Support.

  • Adjourned at 7:18pm

“The meal is according to the road and the inn.”
--Tanhuma, Naso, #23, ed Buber, 19a.


GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, June 16, 2008
Call to Order/Roll:  6:00pm/all present
  • Supt. Arsenault on leave, Assist. Supt. Macías absent, and Mr. Samford presiding.

  • Phyllis Casuse reported on the 4th Annual Educator Fair at Miyamura High on June 10th.

    • 98 teacher candidates were registered

    • 89 attended

    • 450 interviews

    • 40 teachers hired

    • 38 more needed

    • Board requested exit surveys from last year and this year to determine reason for high number of resignations.

  • Mr. Haskie reported on the PSCOC Meeting in Tucumcari on June 12th.

  • Disbursements are to be announced on July 28th.

  • Mr. Bart Stanley presented on the Tohatchi Middle School Uniform Dress Code.

  • Mr. Samford reported on 2008-09 Operating Budget.

  • Notices

    • July 7, 2008—GMCS Board Meeting

    • July 25-26, 2008—NMSBA Meeting

    • July 31, 2008—New Teacher Orientation

    • August 4, 2008—GMCS Board Meeting

  • Mr. Isadore Begay gave presentation on JOM.  IEC okayed transfer of $39,060 to GMCS.

  • 7:35pm—GMCS Board goes into recess until 6:00pm on July 7, 2008.

  “A friend in the market is better than gold in the chest.”
--Levi b. Gershon, Commentary to Prov.


GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, June 2, 2008
Call to Order/Roll:  6:03pm/Mrs. Jackson, Mr. Thompson absent
  • Elementary Fine Arts Annual Report was presented by Larry Linford and Sam Pemberton.  Funds applied for:  $880,000 for 07-08 and $1,045,789 for 08-09.  Purpose is to infuse Arts across the curriculum.

  • Staff Recognition

    • Twenty one GMCS Retirees with a total of 494 years total service were recognized by the GMCS Board.

  • Announcements/Reminders

    • June 6-7, 2008—NMSBA Law Conference

    • June 10, 2008—Educator Fair, Miyamura High June 10, 2008—Governors’ Meeting June 12, 2008—PSCOC Meeting, Tucumcari, NM June 16, 2008—GMCS Board Meeting July 7, 2008—GMCS Board Meeting

  • Board approved 2008-09 Operating Budget.

  • 7:13-7:56pm—Executive Session to discuss Administrative Investigations on Unethical or Unprofessional Conduct.

  • Adjourned at 7:57pm.

“Our fruits testify for us!”—Levi. Gen.R., 16.3. Cf Matt., 7.16.


GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, May 19, 2008
Call to Order/Roll:  6:00pm/all present


  • Mr. Samford presented 2008-09 Budget Preparation.

    • M & O Salaries were raised to stay competitive.

    • Secretaries and EA’s will be top priority for 2009-10 Salary Budget.

  • Carmen Moffett presented on Navajo Language and Culture Festival which took place on April 23, 2008.  Festival was sponsored by IEC/JOM, and seventeen elementary schools participated.

  • Dr. Monaghan spoke to the Parental Input Survey in regards to GMCS Professional Days.

  • Student/Staff Recognition

    • Recipients of the Paul D. Hanson Scholarship were awarded $1000 each.

  • GMCS Board recognized Lindamood-Bell (LMB) Teachers.  Supt. Arsenault stated that he will advise Principals to support LMB.

  • Board approved one Board Meeting per month beginning 1st Monday of July.

    • Vote was 3-2.

  • Retiring Teachers will be recognized next Meeting.

  • Adjourned at 7:22pm.

“Rather the bite of a friend than the kiss of an enemy.”
--Sholom Aleichem, Menahem Mendel, 1895


GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, May 5, 2008
Call to Order/Roll:  6:00pm/all present 
  • Paul Hanson Scholarship Recipient to receive award at Tournament and be recognized at future Board meeting.

  • Mr. Samford spoke on 2008-09 Budget Preparation.

  • Johnty Cresto reported on performance contract with Johnson Controls. Guaranteed savings were doubled.

  • Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes Update given by Paul Worthington.

  • Navajo Middle School Principal Pauletta White applauds GMCS Board.

    • Students and ASC President were present.  Students moved into new building from portables in January.

  • Revision of Indian Policies and Procedures was tabled.

  • Supt. Arsenault to consult with parents on 2008-09 School Calendar.

  • GMCS Superintendent Contract was approved for SY 2007-08.

  • Board discussed having one Board Meeting per month.

  • Board approved Increase of .25 to Price of Student and Adult Paid Meals.

  • Board approved Adoption of Proposed GMCS Special Education Policies.

  • Board approved NCLB Support.

  • Adjourned at 7:55pm.

 “A man is led the way he wishes to follow.”
--Huna. Talmud: Makkot, 10b.


GMCS Board Meeting
Chee Dodge Elementary
Monday, April 21, 2008
Call to Order/Roll:  6:05pm/ Mrs. Jackson absent 
  • Mr. Danny Smith presented Chief Manuelito Middle School Report.  Community Forums will be held next five Mondays.

  • Mr. Samford reported on Budget Preparation 2008-09.

  • Announcements

    • May 5, 2008—GMCS Board Meeting

    • May 6, 2008—1/2 Day School;Open Ended Assessment

    • May 10, 2008—Paul D. Hanson Golf Tournament

    • May 19, 2008—GMCS Board Meeting

    • May 26, 2008—No School; Memorial Day

    • May 30, 2008—Last Day of School

  • 6:37-7:06pm—Executive Session to discuss Superintendents’ Contracts

  • Approval of Mr. Arsenault’s 2007-08 Contract was tabled until Board Meeting of May 5, 2008

  • Public Forum

    • Several community members were present to ask GMCS Board to reconsider the GMCS 2008-09 Calendar.

  • Adjourned at 7:15pm.
 “Bring all men into friendship with you.”
--Apocrypha: Aristeas, 228.
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, April 7, 2008 
Call to Order/Roll:  6:00 p.m./Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Descheny absent


  • Superintendent’s Report:

    Approximately 1100 people attended the PED Budget Workshop.

    • Items of interest:

      • -Blue Cross/Blue Shield, 5.5% increase

      • -State Risk Insurance, Worker’s Compensation, 10% increase -District share, Worker’s Compensation, 11% -Unit Value increase of 5.94% or $218.21 per student -Total Unit Value=$3,892.47 per student

    • Schools on Restructuring II will not be taken over by State.  Districts will do their own restructuring.

  • Announcements/Reminders:

    • March 31, 2008-April 11, 2008—Spring Break

    • April 10-11, 2008—Central Office closed

    • April 19, 2008—Special Board Meeting, Negotiations Training

    • April 21, 2008—GMCS Board Meeting, Chee Dodge Elementary

    • May 5, 2008—GMCS Board Meeting

    • May 6, 2008—1/2 day school, Teachers Scoring Open Ended Assessment

    • May 26, 2008—No school, Memorial Day

    • May 30, 2008—Last Day of School

  • Board voted to re-establish the position of Assistant to the Superintendent.

  • Executive Session:  6:28 p.m. to 6:56 p.m. to discuss Assistant Superintendent Contract.

  • Board voted to amend contract dates of Assistant Superintendent to 2007 through 2009.

    • Mr. Arsenault’s contract as GMCS Superintendent will begin on May 5, 2008.

  • Adjourned at 6:57 p.m.

“The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.”
—Ann Landers 
GMCS Board Meeting
Tohatchi High School
Monday, March 17, 2008
Special Meeting called to order at 5:00 p.m. 
  • Regular Board Meeting called to order at 6:08 p.m./all present 
  • Board went back into Executive Session until 6:27 p.m.

  • Delores Noble, from the Office of Dine Education, presented on Dine Culture, Language, and Community Services which included the MOA with GMCS Culture, Language, History, and Government classes as well as State Law.

    • Areas of Improvement:

      • Navajo Instructors are needed for grades 3-6

      • Some students are discouraged from participating in Navajo Language

      • Administrators need to enforce Navajo Language instruction

      • Instructional time needs to increase from 30 to 45 minutes per day

      • Emphasis should be on Oral Language Development

      • Navajo Language needs to be seen as a Subject Area, not an option or specialty area

  • Mr. Samford presented the 08-09 Budget Information Report

  • Board criticized written report of employee attending 25th Annual Effective Schools Conference as it did not include how attendance at Conference would help district and students.

  • Discussion was held concerning the five 2007-08 Questions for Parent Survey.

    • Mrs. Descheny suggested input on questions come from parents and IEC/JOM.

    • Dr. Monaghan will go to IEC/JOM for input and report back to the Board.

  • Ms Moffett presented on Indian Policies and Procedures for Impact Aid which was revised by Budget Committee of IEC.  Board tabled this for study.

  • GMCS Board voted to table re-establishing the position of Assistant to Superintendent until the job description is revised and finalized.

  • Contract Negotiations between the District and Mr. Arsenault and their attorneys resulted in the following terms:

    • $125,000 per year for two years

    • Contract from July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2010 plus PED Budget Conference April 1- 4, 2008

    •  60% of health insurance at same rate -100% life insurance

    • $25,000 -District transportation

    • $1000 cell phone allowance

    • same leave as other 12-month employee

    • reasonable reimbursement of moving expenses to $3,500

  • Board Topic added:  once-a-month meetings

  • Executive Session:  7:23 p.m. to 7:50 p.m.

  • Public Forum:

    • MCFUSE President Brian J. Bernard briefly addressed the Board on proposal for free FMCS Training for District and Local and distributed newsletter/flyer circulated about Card Count.

  • Adjourned at 7:52 p.m.

“He was a self-made man who owed his lack of success to nobody.”
--Joseph Heller


GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, March 3, 2008
Call to Order/Roll:  6:00 p.m./all present 
  • Theresa Mariano reported on Superintendent Selection.  Three Community Forums were held, and the Board interviewed five finalists.

  • Michelle Tsosie and Rose Moore presented request for Navajo Elementary 5th grade field trip to Phoenix.

  • Student/Staff Recognition:

    • Miyamura students were recognized for participation in the San Juan Basin Chapter Math Counts Competition.

    • Onate Student Council Members thanked Board for support and reported on trip to Santa Fe to meet Legislators of Gallup.

  • No action was taken on the Determination of Local Labor Relations Board status or the Appointment of Management Representative thereto. (NOTE: No need for Local Labor Board due to Card Count by PELRB at hearing on February 26, 2008.)

  • Board approved Resolution for Issuance and Sale of $5.5 million in General Obligation Bonds from February 2006 Election.

  • Mr. De La O moved that the GMCS Board approve Mr. Raymond Arsenault to be the GMCS Superintendent.  The motion carried unanimously. (NOTE: All five Board Members present and voting.)

  • Executive Session:  7:18 p.m. to 7:27 p.m.  for discussion of limited personnel matters, employee bargaining, and Board Goals.

  • Public Comment:

    • Boy Scout Troop #240 was presented by Dan T. Peacock.  Troop in attendance to learn how government conducts meetings.

  • Adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

“A decision will be made before it’s too late……or soon thereafter.”   
--Michael Eisner
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Call to Order/Roll:  6:00 p.m./Mrs. Descheny absent 
  • Theresa Mariano gave update on Superintendent Selection.

  • Ms Moffett reported on the NAFIS Regional Conference.  Mrs. Jackson stated that it is “crucial” that GMCS have a representative at NAFIS.

  • Announcements:

    • March 3, 2008—GMCS Board Meeting

    • March 17, 2008—GMCS Board Meeting, Tohatchi High School

    • May 6, 2008—1/2 day school

  • Board approved $5.5 million General Obligation Bonds to be sold on March 3, 2008.  Bonds are part of the $17 million from the 2006 Bond Election.

  • Determination of Local Labor Relations Board status was tabled to next meeting by motion made by Mr. Thompson. (NOTE: Vote at previous Meeting was tied. Good Job, Mr. Thompson!)

  • Appointment of Management Representative to Local Labor Board again moot.

  • Executive Session: 6:32 p.m. to 6:54 p.m.

  • Public Forum:

    • Many were in attendance to show their support for several District athletes who had been kicked off teams for violation of District and NMAA Policies.

    • These supporters wanted the student athletes reinstated and also complained about media coverage.

  • Executive Session: 7:21 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

  • Adjourned at 8:00 p.m.


“Labor is a craft, but perfect rest is an art.”
—Abraham Joshua Heschel 
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, February 4, 2008
Call to Order/Roll:  6:00 p.m./Mrs. Jackson and Mrs. Descheny on phone; J. R. Thompson absent
  • Learning Services Parent Involvement Goal Team Report postponed as presenter not in attendance.

  • GMCS Board finalized schedule for Superintendent Candidates to visit school sites, attend Community Forums, and be interviewed.

  • Determination on Local Labor Relations Board status decided by a 2-2 vote.

  • Mrs. Descheny and Mrs. Jackson voted to discontinue the Labor Board while Mr. De La O and Dr. Tempest voted to continue it. (NOTE: MCFUSE salutes Mrs.Descheny and Mrs. Jackson for supporting GMCS employees!)

    • Consequently, appointment of Management Representative to said Labor Board was moot.

  • Adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

“A carpenter without tools is not a carpenter.”
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Tuesday, January 22, 2008
Call to Order/Roll:  6:00 pm/ Mrs. Jackson, Dr. Tempest absent 
  • Miyamura High School Update

    • Theresa Mariano stated that Principals have been surveyed. 

    • Staffing of certified and classified being decided. 

    • Subsequent years of transition will include input from a committee made up of two members each from Kennedy Mid, Gallup Mid, and Miyamura.

  • Community Forums for the Superintendent Candidates will coincide with Board Interviews.

  • Johnty Cresto gave update on District construction projects.

  • Tse Yi Gai Update

    • BIE to build K-8 school in Pueblo Pintado.  This should increase enrollment numbers.

    • Dr. Monaghan stated that 93.5% attendance is inflated due to Power Grade default which counts students present if roll is not taken.  New attendance procedure is being introduced.

    • Transportation and Attendance Agreements are on schedule with Cuba and Window Rock.

  • Mrs. Descheny requested budget information on expenditures—to include textbooks—for Senator Rainaldi.

  • Mary Ann Allen, Verna Escudero, and Clara DeArmond presented eight certificates to educators that earned National Board Certification.

  • Board discussed consent travel and requirement of reports for trips.

  • Athletic Investigation has gone through GHS and the Athletic Office. Written report to be received.

  • Adjourned at 7:05 p.m.

“I’ve got all the money I’ll ever need…..if I die by four o’clock.”  
 --Henny Youngman
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, December 17, 2007
Call to Order/Roll:  6:00 pm/Mr. De La O and Supt. Macias absent 
  • Board listened to Lindamood Bell presentation given by directors.  Board President Genevieve Jackson stated that the Board needs to insist that every student be at reading level upon graduation.

  • Board approved Letter of Support from District for ASU doctoral student Wynora Bekis.  Bekis is writing dissertation on Impact of No Child Left Behind on Native communities and will conduct interviews with Teachers and Principals primarily in Tohatchi.  Board President Jackson stated that the interviews must be on a voluntary basis and that the Letter of Support must not be misconstrued as a mandate.  Interview questions will center on how NCLB has changed Curriculum and Instruction; and Highly Qualified Teachers and Assessments and how much District pays for these.

  • Ms Moffet and IEC President gave report on JOM.  Current budget is $568,618; Committee is awaiting award of $348,073.

  • Written report by Carol Sarath was received on 2007 School Library Journal Summit.

  • Notices:

    • December 20, 2007—dedication Navajo Middle School, 9:00 am

    • December 24, 2007-January 7, 2008—Winter Break

    • no school January 7, 2008—GMCS Board Meeting

    • January 14, 2008—dedication Ramah High School

    • January 18-19, 2008—NMSBA Board Institute, Santa Fe

    • January 21, 2008—Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday, no school

    • January 22, 2008—GMCS Board Meeting May 6, 2008—1/2 day school, OESCA Scoring

  • Agreement between Boys and Girls Club of Gallup and GMCS (Lincoln Elementary) was added to the Consent Agenda as Item 9.I.

  • Board approved Amendment to Agreement between Cuba School District and GMCS District.

  • The approval of an appointment to the Gallup Labor Relations Board was tabled until January 7, 2008.  Another 4:00-6:00 pm work session is scheduled before the regular Board meeting.

  • Board discussed GMCS Proposed Legislative Issues such as a separate request for Textbook monies and School Board Hiring/Firing Authority over Principals (change to HB 212).

  • Board approved amending GMCS Corporal Punishment Policy J-4650 which adds specific definition of Corporal Punishment.

  • Board approved Purchasing Agreement for State and Local Public Bodies to Purchase and Receive Natural Gas at a Cost-effective Price.

  • Future Board Topics Requested:

    • Tse Yi Gai High School

    • Textbooks/Policy Advisory

    • Union Issue

    • Recognition of Cross Country athletes

    • Meeting with Legislators

  • Executive Session held from 8:00 pm to 8:35 pm.

  • Adjourned at 8:35 pm.

 “With money in your pocket, you are wise and you are handsome and you sing well too.”
--Proverb (Yiddish) 
 “No army can withstand the strength of an idea whose time has come.”                              
--Victor Hugo 



GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, December 3, 2007
Call to Order/Roll:  6:06 pm/all present 
  • Moment of Silence was held for Betty Jo Armijo of Lincoln Elementary.  Board offered condolences to family.

  • GMCS Board tabled appointment to the Gallup-McKinley Labor Relations Board (4-yes; 1-no).

  • David Oakes reported on E-Rate History and Current Projects:

    • Over 10 years, GMCS has received $76.5 million ($329 million distributed)

    • Bandwidth to increase from 45 megabytes to 300 megabytes

    • New schools will apply for network funding

    • Older equipment to be replaced with new; older equipment to go to new school sites   Virtualization Project underway

    • Eligibility to E-Rate dependent on percentage of enrollment on Free and Reduced Lunch Program

  • Supt. Macias reported on her tour of Tse Yi Gai High School on November 12, 2007:

    • Most students seen in a classroom……10

    • Vocational lacks equipment

    • Construction shortcomings in Cafeteria, litigation ongoing

    • Light bulbs bought in bulk, cannot be reordered

    • Road to school is in terrible condition

    • Narrow bridge

    • Paint used to cover graffiti does not match

    • Football and Track Field “wonderful,” has bleachers

    • Scoreboard lacking and wanted

    • Lack of Football equipment reported, however, only 5 students went out for season. Others quit after realizing physical conditioning involved.

    • Volleyball, Basketball, and Cross Country will be available

    • List of incomplete work orders received, most are contractor related

    • Attendance for grades 9-12:  30 students present of enrollment of 145 (transportation may be an issue)

    • GMCS Board stated that this is an emergency and that it wants a plan from the Superintendent. 

    • Mr. Haskie also reported on need for sewage backup plan.

    • Mrs. Macias has called for an audit of Tse Yi Gai High School from the date of its inception.

  • Supt. Macias presented the Miyamura High School Update:

    • 1997-2002—GMCS approved 5-year Facilities Master Plan.  Plan called for a Career Tech High School (applied curriculum).

    • Career Tech Center, reportedly, would have had to be for all District students.  Consequently, the District could not sustain a Career Tech Institute Program due to its “rurality.”

    • 2002-2006—GMCS redirected its intentions:  new eastside high school and a new westside middle school.

    • 2006-2010—another 5-year Plan:  conversion of GJHS to a high school and TWO comprehensive high schools. Athletics to be determined by NMHSAA. (Gallup High will be 5A next year.) May 2007—Supt. Macias comes aboard.

    • Boundary lines were originally set by feeder schools.

    • Vocational:  mechanical and industrial technology to be only at Miyamura High School.

    • Grades: 2007-08—GJHS/Miyamura—8th and 9th grades 2008-09—half 9th and 10th grades 2009-10—half 9th, 10th, and 11th grades 2010-11—half 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades.

  • 7:20-7:25 pm—Break to allow attendees to exit

  • Tohatchi Elementary Bids Status:

    • November 30, 2007—architect has re-advertised to original 5 bidders December 10, 2007—bids due December 17, 2007—Board approval

  • Student/Staff Recognition

    • GMCS Board recognized Support and Food Services GMCS Board recognized Thoreau Elementary Custodial Staff

    • 2007 Ben Lujan Award for Maintenance was presented.

  • Announcements:

    • December 7-8, 2007—NM School Board Association Conference, Albuquerque

    • December 17, 2007—GMCS Board Meeting

    • December 24, 2007-January 7, 2008—Winter Break

    • January 7, 2008—GMCS Board Meeting

    • January 21, 2008—Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday. No school.

    • January 22, 2008—GMCS Board Meeting

    • May 6, 2008—1/2 day school—Teachers District-wide Open Ended Short Cycle Assessments (OESCA).

  • Superintendent Search:

    • Five Community Meetings have been held.  Information to go on website.

    • Five Applicants on list for GMCS Superintendent.  One applicant did not meet minimum requirements, and one applicant did not return application on time.

    • GMCS Board voted to extend advertisement for applications for one month.

  • The Amendment to the Agreement between Cuba School District and GMCS was tabled.

  • Requested Topics by Board:

    • Textbooks

    • Union/Collective Bargaining

    • Athletics

  • Public Comments:

    • Dr. Paul Graves, Janet Tempest, and other parents questioned transition of Miyamura and Gallup High School: staffing, services, portables, athletics, number of athletes, coaching and coaching quality, academics and extra curricular activities, and competition with local businesses for monetary support.

    • Dorothy Wilkinson spoke to Board on excellence of Lindamood Bell Program.

    • Board was invited to Gallup High School on December 18, 2007 to observe Lindamood Bell classes.

  • Adjourned at 8:11 pm

“Look for cake and lose your bread.”—Proverb (Yiddish). BJS, #1435   
“Seek not greatness for yourself, covet not honor more than your learning, crave not for royal tables.”—Mishna: Abot, 6.4.
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, November 19, 2007
Call to Order/Roll:  6:00 pm/Mrs. Jackson, Supt. Macias absent 
  • Moment of Silence was held in remembrance of Miyamura High School employee Luann Rangel.

  • Diane DiPaolo reported on Miyamura High School renaming ceremony.  Attendees included a number of state and local dignitaries.

    • School colors:  Purple and Silver

    • (NOTE:  Several on Board stated that they had not been informed of the ceremony and asked Superintendent and her secretary, Joan Nez, to keep them better informed.)

  • Board received written report on National Indian Education Association.

  • Julie Livingston presented highlights from her eight-page report on the JOM Conference in Niagara Falls, NY.  Ms Livingston had also presented her interesting report to her Chapter.

  • Board received written reports from Barbara Bush Grant Meeting and Celebrating our Rising Stars Summit VI in Washington, DC.

  • Staff Recognition for Support/Food Services and Thoreau Elementary Custodial Staff was postponed due to Thanksgiving Holiday Break.

  • GMCS District received a letter from Senator Pete Domenici in recognition of Character Counts Program.

  • Announcements:

    • November 19-23, 200: Thanksgiving Break—no school November 26, 2007

    • Superintendent Search Input: Red Rock Elementary, 6:30pm November 28, 2007

    • Superintendent Search Input: Crownpoint High, 6:30pm November 29, 2007

    • Mass Immunization:Turpen Elementary—no school December 3, 2007

    • GMCS Board Meeting December 7-8, 2007

    • NM School Board Association Conference Albuquerque December 17, 2007

    • GMCS Board Meeting May 6, 2008: 1/2 Day School—Teachers District-wide OESCA Scoring

  • Inter-District Agreement for Educational Services between Window Rock Unified School District, Arizona and GMCS District was pulled from agenda due to legal concerns of attorney.

  • GMCS Board rejected all bids for Tohatchi Elementary School construction due to architect error.  Architect will clarify specifications and make them available by Tuesday, November 20, 2007.

    • This will be of no cost to District, and companies will be given ten days to re-submit their bids.

  • Requested Board Topics:

    • Boardman Drive crosswalk

    • Senate Bill on textbooks

  • Public Forum:

    • Alice Benally of Dine JOM reported on budgetary constraints/limits and importance of following protocol/procedures.

  • Board adjourned at 7:05pm

“Whatever their faults, unions have been the only powerful and effective voice working people have ever had in the history of this country.”
Bruce Springsteen 


GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, November 5, 2007
Call to Order/Roll:  6:00 pm/all present 
  • Theresa Mariano presented Superintendent Search Update:  Community Input Meetings and Dates; Superintendent Search Committee makeup; advertising/brochure.

  • Tse Yi Gai High School Update presented by Principal Spade:

    • enrollment—144 students currently 145 students last year

    • athletics—has VB, BB, Cross Country, and Track no FB season until 2008-09 due to lack of funding for field and equipment

    • Board questioned Mr. Samford and Central Office staff on funding for equipment, bleachers, etc.

    • Discussion held concerning funding from JOM, IEC, 874, Title VII, etc.

    • Other projects would include electricity to field, concession stand, and activity bus.

  • Manuelito Middle School Update was provided by Principal Danny Smith:

    • 650-700 students projected

    • 6th, 7th, and 8th grades

    • Math and Science focus

    • increased standards, raised bar and expectations

    • networking with feeder schools, ASC’s, WNM-Gallup, Dine Division of Education, Chamber of Commerce, etc.

    • August 10, 2008—expected date of completion

    • Board approved District EPSS Review and following Board Goals:

      • Academic Achievement

      • Special Education

      • Professional Staff

      • Funding

      • Re-organization of Secondary School Structure

  • Board approved granting permission for emergency vehicles to be parked inside bay area of shop at Tse Yi Gai High School.

  • Board discussed results of Parent Survey and Tohatchi Chapter Resolution to change name of Tohatchi Elementary to Juanita Manuelito Elementary School. Parents and school staff are opposed while Chapter is in favor.

    • Additional polling is to be conducted in the community.

  • Discussion and possible action scheduled for first Board Meeting on January.

  • Navajo Nation Representative Leonard Tsosie spoke to the Board on Tse Yi Gai High School funding and aforementioned name change.

  • Executive Session:  7:43 pm—8:08 pm for Impact Aid Update

  • Board adjourned at 8:09 pm.

“Every advance in this half-century: Social Security, civil rights, Medicare, aid to after another—came with the support and leadership of American Labor.”
President Jimmy Carter 
GMCS Board Meeting
Ramah High School
Monday, October 15, 2007 

Call to Order/Roll:  6:00 pm/Joe De La O absent, J.R. Thompson tardy 

  • Superintendent’s Report:

    • Dr. Monaghan presented a report to the Board indicating attendance/enrollment per school from September 27th to October 8th, 2007.

    • The 40th day count was 102 students below projection.  The 120th day count will be significant as it determines operational funding for next year.

    • Responding to the Board, Theresa Mariano stated that enrollment projections are calculated by reviewing past history and looking at demographics such as housing, birthrate, expulsion and retention rates, etc.

  • Leonard Haskie reported on District leases.  He stated that he has written to the Navajo Nation in regards to delays with leases of schools in Crownpoint and Thoreau. Tohatchi schools have a 50-year lease, and the lease for Churchrock will be ready within 20 days.

  • Mrs. Descheny reported on the Region I Meeting that she and Mr. Thompson attended on October 3rd in Dulce.  Director of the School Board Association was speaker.  Next Meeting will be in April in Zuni.  Mrs. Descheny also attended the Government to Government Meeting which was attended by the Pueblos and PED staff---among others.

    • Mrs. Descheny urged Supt. Macias to attend future Meetings.

  • GMCS Board Retreat in Albuquerque focused on EPSS, 5 Board Goals, and the Superintendent Search.

  • Board postponed Approval of District EPSS Review and Board Goals until next Board Meeting in order to get additional information to Board members.

    • Goals include: 

      • Student Achievement

      • Special Education Students

      • Staff Quality/Recruitment

      • Funding/Impact Aid

      • Miyamura High School Transition

  • Theresa Mariano briefed the Board on the Superintendent Search Process:

    • October 2007—Board of Education identifies minimum characteristics of Superintendent.

    • October 2007—Board of Education identifies criteria for Selection Process including the role of the committee.

    • October 2007—Board of Education recommends timelines for Selection Process.

    • October 2007—Board of Education accepts application form.

    • October 2007, 6 weeks—Board of Education identifies advertisement process including the use of a brochure.

    • Community meetings to get opinions and suggestions for hiring a new Superintendent.

    • November 2007—Search Committee Membership is identified and confirmed.

    • December 2007—The Personnel Department identifies semi-finalist through Qualification Evaluation process.

    • December 2007—Screening in Personnel for credentials.

    • January 2008 (end of)—Search Committee recommends finalist list.

    • February 2008—School visits and community forums.

    • February 2008—The Board of Education conducts final interview.

    • March 2008—Board of Education chooses Superintendent.

    • July 2008—Beginning date of employment.

      • Search Committee Membership will include a representative from each GMCS Board member’s area as well as two representatives from MCFUSE.

      • Community input will be gathered in Community Meetings to be held in Tohatchi, Ramah, Crownpoint, and two in Gallup.Dates to be determined by area representatives on Search Committee.  Moderators may be Dine Education staff or local media.

  • Notices/Announcements:

    • October 15-16, 2007—No phone or computer services, etc.  New A/C being installed for servers.

    • October 15-19, 2007—Fall Break

    • November 5, 2007—GMCS Board Meeting

    • November 19, 2007—GMCS Board Meeting

    • May 6, 2008—1/2 day school—District-wide OESCA Scoring

  • Mrs. Descheny asked about the cooling system at Gallup High School.  She stated that excessive heat is not conducive to learning and unhealthy for students and staff. Mr. Haskie will check status.

  • After looking at Superintendent Salaries in comparable districts (Santa Fe, Gadsden, Hobbs, Central Consolidated, etc.), Board agreed to advertise position salary at $125,000-$140,000.  (NOTE:  Ultimate salary depends on many things including negotiations with selected candidate.)

  • GMCS Board approved the Superintendent Search Process and Salary.  Board Members may or may not choose to attend Community Meetings.

  • Requested Board Topics:

    • Collective Bargaining Resolution/Local Labor Board

    • Tohatchi Elementary name change to Juanita Manuelito Elementary (for wife of Chief Manuelito)

    • Lack of uniforms and equipment for Tse Yi Gai Football and Basketball teams.

    • Impact Aid Report from Mr. Rosebrough

  • No Executive Session held.

  • Public Forum:

    • Mr. Joe Menini stated that concerts were held at the Holloway Auditorium on September 18th and October 7th and that programs could not be read due to 34 lights being out.  He asked if situation would be remedied by the concert on October 18th.  Mr. Menini also mentioned back paneling “falling down.”

    • MCFUSE President Brian J. Bernard presented Board with examples of positive benefits of unions.  These examples included Professional Development Dossier Support for teachers, an 800 number Homework Helpline for students (English and Spanish spoken), and a Local Newsletter.

    • Examples originated from the Albuquerque Teachers Federation.  (Thanks, Ellen!)

  • Meeting adjourned at 7:12 pm.

After a recent Magistrate Court Hearing in Santa Fe, MCFUSE President Brian J. Bernard was reminded of the words of Mae West:
When asked by a judge if she was trying to show contempt for the court, West responded, “No, your Honor, I’m trying my best to conceal it.”
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, October 1, 2007 

Call to Order/Roll:  6:00 pm/Mrs. Descheny absent 

  • Attendance/Enrollment Report postponed pending additional information.

  • Teach For America update postponed:  representative not in attendance.

  • New Superintendents Meeting was held.  There are 25 new Supes in New Mexico.

    • Group will meet first Tuesday of each month over Internet.  Many Supes are from out-of-state and are unfamiliar with AYP, Budget Process, Content Standards, etc.

    • Group will meet three more times this year.

  • Four GMCS Teachers were recognized for the Four Corners Writing Project.

    • The Teachers will go to New York City to present their project.

  • MCFUSE President Brian J. Bernard made a presentation to the Board briefly summarizing the recent history of unions in New Mexico; some of the many successes at the state level and concerns at the District level.

  • Announcements:

    • October 3, 2007—Region I Meeting, Dulce

    • October 5-6, 2007—Board Retreat, Albuquerque

    • October 15, 2007—GMCS Board Meeting, Ramah High School

    • October 15-19, 2007—Fall Break

    • May 6, 2008—1/2 day school—Teachers’ District-wide OESCA Scoring

  • Board approved sending Athletic Travel Regulation in the Athletic/Activity Handbook (Section 1.C.11.-Travel) to Committee for review. Committee will report back.

  • Meeting adjourned at 6:35 pm

“The most violent element in society is ignorance.”
--Emma Goldman


GMCS Board Meeting
Crownpoint Elementary
Monday, September 17, 2007

Call to Order/Roll:  6:00 pm/all present 

  • Moment of Silence was held in honor of Dolly Yazzie and Mia Henderson.

  • Dr. Monaghan gave update on District enrollment per school site.  Current enrollment is 12,234 students: 77 more students from last count but still short 132 students from projected enrollment.

  • Mr. Landon, Director TFA, was not in attendance to give Teach For America update.

  • Supt. Macias reported that a Retreat is needed to align the District EPSS by request of District’s attorney.

  • Executive Session was called at 6:30 pm to discuss Collective Bargaining and the Local Labor Board; and an amendment to the Superintendent Contract.

  • Board reconvened at 7:25 pm.

  • Board approved amendment to Superintendent Contract: Section L—“The Board shall formally evaluate the performance of the Administrator at least once annually based upon the District’s goals.”

  • Future Board Topics:

    • 3-Tier Licensure Report (after 40th day count)

    • Attorney Report—Board Retreat

    • Consultants Report—Board Retreat

    • Meeting with Dr. Veronica Garcia—Board Retreat

    • Teaching Licensure Numbers (after 40th day count)

    • Union Issue—October 1, 2007—GMCS Board Meeting

    • Indian Education Report—NMPED—Board Retreat

    • Tracking of Transfers Information—Board Retreat

  • Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm

“Never let your sense of morals get in the way of doing what’s right."
--Isaac Asimov
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Call to Order/Roll: 6:00pm/all present.

  • GMCS Board recognized 2007-08 Lindamood Bell Consultants during Board Meeting that followed a Reception hosted by Lindamood Bell.
  • Dr. Monaghan presented the Attendance/Enrollment Report: 12,219 students This is approximately 130 students less than initial District projections.
  • Much discussion was held concerning Baldridge.
    • Mrs. Jackson and Mrs. Descheny are vehemently opposed to it. Supt. Macias supports Baldridge but NOT as applied under previous administration.
  • (NO Executive Session to discuss Collective Bargaining)
  • Announcements:
    • September 11, 2007—IEC Meeting, Navajo Technical College, 3 pm.
    • September 25, 2007 & May 6, 2008—1/2 day school, Teachers District-Wide OESCA Scoring September 10, 2007—Elementary Parent/Teacher Conf./Secondary Prof. Dev.
    • September 17, 2007—Secondary Parent/Teacher Conf./Elem. Prof. Dev.
    • September 17, 2007—GMCS Board Meeting, Crownpoint Elementary October 15-19, 2007—Fall Break
  • Adjourned at 7:43pm.
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, August 20, 2007 
  • Call to Order/Roll:  6:00pm/Mrs. Descheny absent, J.R. Thompson tardy.

  • First Day School Enrollment:  11,374 students (down from last year by 125) ¾ elementary schools up and ¾ secondary schools down.

  • Gallup High Dance Team made presentation to Board on their upcoming trip to Honolulu, Hawaii.  Mr. De La O suggested they contact the Elks Club for additional funding.

  • Presentation made by National Indian Youth Leadership Project, Inc. (NIYLP) NIYLP is the most effective substance abuse program and the only federally recognized Native program.  NIYLP has served over 6,000 students and brought more than $ 6 million to the community.  The Project, however, is still only reaching 5% of Native children.  NIYLP would like GMCS District to partner with them more directly.

  • Vacancies

    There are 21 Teacher vacancies and 2 Principal (Turpen and Crownpoint Mid) vacancies.

  • Mr. Haskie presented PSCOC  Report. 

  • GMCS Board approved Anti-Bullying Policy. 

  • GMCS Board approved to Authorize Presentation to Funding Formula Task Force to Increase Funding for GMCS for Federal Impact Aid Loss and Contemplate Legal Action. 

  • GMCS Board approved Public Comment Forum. 

  • GMCS Board approved Resolution of GMCS Requesting Agreeable Bus Routes in Pueblo Pintado and Torreon Vicinities.  Supt. Macias was directed to open dialogue with Cuba. 

  • Executive Session at 6:45pm.

  • Returned to Boardroom at 6:55pm.

  • GMCS Board approved Terms and Conditions for Interim Superintendent contract.  Salary is to be $120,000 (Increase of $5,000).

  • (NO discussion held concerning Collective Bargaining.) 

  • Adjourned at 6:58pm.

GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, August 6, 2007 
  • Call to Order/Roll:  6:00pm/all present

  • Administrators Conference was held at Embassy Suites in Albuquerque.

  • EPSS was presented and AYP discussed.  Speakers included Nancy Alonzo and Beverly Johnson of PED.

  • Report was given on New Teacher Orientation which took place at Gallup High School on August 2nd.  Supt. Macias thanked Gallup High and Principal Mike Butkovich.

  • New Mexico/Arizona Exchange:

    • Tom Jackson, Superintendent Window Rock United School District presented on Arizona’s HB2335 allowing for student exchange.

    • Requirements: 

      • Student must be a tribal member.

      • Student must reside on Indian land.

      • School Boards must have intergovernmental agreement.

  • John Samford was recognized as the New Mexico Association of School Business Officials 2007 Administrator of the Year.  (Mazel tov!)

  • Discussion was held on following Consent Agenda items:

    • Authorization of Designated Employees to Conduct [District] Business --GHS Dance Team trip to Honolulu --District Policy on Public Comments.

  • Executive Session:  6:43pm  to  6:58pm  to discuss Interim Superintendent.

  • Esther Macias named Interim Superintendent of 4-1.  Opposing vote by Dr. Tempest.

  • Work Session scheduled for August 27th at 6:00pm in Central Office Boardroom to discuss AYP Results and District Survey.

  • Adjourned at 7:12pm.

GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, July 16, 2007

Call to Order/Roll:  6:00 pm/all present

  • Mrs. Descheny, J.R. Thompson, Supt. Macias, and Mr. Rosebrough attended a Tri-Board Meeting in Zuni concerning Impact Aid.  Zuni is in favor of pursuing a lawsuit against State of New Mexico.  Group has discussed composing and submitting a position paper.

  • Representatives of National Indian Youth Council, Inc. made presentation to GMCS Board on Education Reform and made offer to work with District for improvement.

  • Jefferson Elementary received PED School Incentive Award for Reading and Math Proficiency on 2005-06 NMSBA.

  • Announcements:

    • July 25-27, 2007—GMCS Admin. Conference

    • July 30, 2007—Closed Work Session

    • August 2-3, 2007—New Teacher Orientation, GHS August 6, 2007—GMCS Board Meeting August 13, 2007—School starts August 20, 2007—GMCS Board Meeting

  • GMCS Anti-Bullying Policy approval postponed until August 6 Board Meeting in order to add consequences for failure to report.

  • GMCS Wellness Policy was unanimously approved by Board.

  • GMCS Board publicly voted to accept six finalists (from a list of twelve) for the position of Interim Superintendent. (NOTE: This action had previously been done in Executive Session and was re-done to be in compliance with the Open Meetings Act.)

  • Executive Session at 7:27 pm to discuss Impact Aid and Capital Outlay.

  • Board returned at 7:54 pm.  Supt. Macias read a statement stating that the District would request additional operational funding and, if not granted, would explore litigation.

  • Adjourned at 7:55 pm.

“It is impossible to be human and not to err.”
--Maimonides, Introduction to Zeraim, 1168.                


GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, July 2, 2007 
  • This Meeting was reconvened at 6:00 pm from recess of June 18, 2007 Meeting.

  • Regular Meeting called to order at 6:05 pm.  All present. 

  • Johnty Cresto reported on water main break.  Central Office staff was sent home.

  • GMCS Board discussed possible dates for Tri-Board Meeting (Gallup, Grants, and Zuni) to close out Supreme Court case and seek other possibilities for funding.  Invitation was extended to Bob Rosebrough and George Kozleski.

  • Recommendation for District to host Meeting on Wednesday, July, 18, 2007.

  • Mrs. Descheny requested that Federal Project Budgets for each school site be presented at next Board Meeting.

    • Annual GMCS Board Election of Officers:

    • President---Mrs. Genevieve Jackson

    • Vice-President—Mrs. Annie Descheny

    • Secretary—Dr. Bruce Tempest

  • Requested Topics by Board for Future Meetings:

    • Indian Education Report—NMPED

    • Tracking of Transfers Information

    • NIEA Conference—October, Hawaii

    • NIISA Conference

    • New Teachers Orientation Agenda

  • July 25-26, 2007—GMCS Administrative Conference, Embassy Suites, Albuquerque

  • Executive Session on Interim Superintendent at 6:37 pm

  • Board returns at 7:10 pm.  Purpose was to discuss position of Interim Supe.

  • There will be a Work Session beginning at 8:00 am on July 30th for further discussion with Ramon Vigil of Cuddy Law.

  • Adjourned at 7:11 pm

“What a child says on the street, the parents said at home.”
--Proverb. q Abaye. Talmud: Sukka, 56b.                           


GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, June 18, 2007 
  • Call to Order/Roll:  6:00 pm/Mrs. Jackson in Kenya

  • Mrs. Descheny, J.R. Thompson, Dr. Tempest, and Supt. Macias reported on various sessions attended at the NMSBA School Law Conference.

  • Supt. Macias reviewed PED Audit with Board hitting on instructional materials, ordering process, textbook funding, communications, and Principal/Teacher training.

    • Lack of communications between Central Office and Principals mentioned; as well as legislative lobbying for additional textbook funds.

  • Mr. Haskie updated Board on PSCOC Hearing.  GMCS presented two proposals:

    • Tohatchi Elementary and Miyamura High School.  Proposals totaled $51,000,000.

    • $9.1 million from District; $41.7 million from state.

    • July 25, 2007 is Award Day.

  • JOM was audited and received a clean review.  Indian Education Committee has raised concerns, however, that its members are not attending local Chapter Meetings.

  • Board approved Open Meetings Resolution-Board Meeting Schedule for 2007-08.

  • Additional meetings to be held in Tohatchi and Ramah.

  • Board approved the 2007-08 Operating Budget.

  • Board approved Resolution Requesting BIA Expedite Procurement of Right of Way for Chaco Wash Bridge at Pueblo Pintado.

  • Executive Session at 7:18 pm

  • Recessed at 8:00 pm until July 2, 2007.

“Poverty is no disgrace, but neither is it an honor.”
--Proverb (Yiddish). BJS, # 258                               


GMCS Board Meeting
 Central Office
Monday, June 4, 2007 
  • Call to Order/Roll: 6:00 pm/Mrs. Jackson absent, Dr. Tempest on phone

  • Approximately 40 retirees were recognized by the GMCS Board. Each received a clock/plaque in recognition of service.

  • John Samford presented Update on Budget:

    • 5% average raise

    • 2% for Instructional Support Providers below $60,000

    • Tier 3 Teachers receive $50,000

    • Elementary, Mid, and High School Principals receive $60,000, $70,000, & $80,000 minimum salaries, respectively

    • District Education Retirement Fund, 7%

    • Property and Liability Insurance, 16.4% decrease

    • Medical Insurance Increase, 7.4% (2/3 District, 1/3 Employees)

    • Dental and Vision—no increase

    • District Emergency Reserve:  $600,000 (6/10 of 1% of Budget)

  • Tentative Budget Schedule:

    • June 11—for projects

    • June 13—programs/PED telephone review

    • June 18—final Budget Proposal for approval June 20—Deadline to Santa Fe

  • Executive Session at 6:48 pm

  • Adjourned at 7:30 pm

“Teachers learn from their students’ discussions.”
--Rashi, Commentary, Prov., 13.23.                              


GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, May 21, 2007 
  • Call to Order/Roll: 6:00 pm/all present

  • Recipients of the Gates Millennium and Daniels Scholarships were recognized.

  • Approximately 20 teachers were recognized by RQC for Implementation of Systems Approach.

  • Longtime MCFUSE Member, Denise Cotes of David Skeet Elementary was recognized as the Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year.

  • NMSBA School Law Conference—June 8—9, 2007.

  • Mr. Haskie gave update on sprinkler system incidents at Tse Yi Gai High School which occurred on January 15th and February 3rd and resulted in substantial damage in the amount of $350,000 plus $25,000 per incident as deductible.

    • Legal action is in progress.  After second incident, NMPSIA is representing District to recoup claim.  NMPSIA has retained/engaged mechanical engineering firm.

  • NMSBA Leadership Conference—July 20-21, 2007

  • GMCS Board approved 2007-08 Budget for Middle College High School.

  • Open Meetings Resolution deferred to next meeting.

  • Advanced Placement (AP) Study was approved by Board.  Lynne McGilroy will conduct a survey at Gallup High with assistance of two counselors.

  • Executive Session: 7:43 pm to 8:18 pm to discuss Salary of Acting Supe.

  • Supt. Esther Macias will receive base salary daily rate to $115,000/year pro-rated and retroactive.

  • Adjourned at 8:30 pm.

“A teacher should cherish his pupil as much as himself.”—MeKilta, to Exod. 18.9.


GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, May 7, 2007 
  • Call to Order/Roll: 6:00 pm/ all present

  • Paul D. Hanson Memorial Scholarship Awards were presented to Antonella Harrison, Alethea Pozer, Brittney Smith, Brianna Trombley, Erica Villarta, Stephanie Thayne, and Marco Creer.  Each will receive $1000 to their college of choice.

  • Student Task Force members in attendance were recognized.

  • Thoreau High senior, Natalie Aaronscooke, was the recipient of the Regents Scholarship from Eastern New Mexico University.

  • Approximately 25 teachers were recognized as Systems Demonstration Classroom Teachers.

  • Navajo Mid and Navajo Pine High School on heightened alert for remainder of school year due to graffiti of threats to teachers.

  • Ramah ASC (Advisory School Council) adopts new student dress policy for 2007-08 school year.

  • Supt. White reviewed PED Program Audit.  Reportedly states that GMCS is “recognized for being the safest school district and the students are happiest in the state.”  Board has requested Study Session on Audit.

  • GMCS Board retires to Executive Session at 7:04 pm to discuss Employment of Karen S. White as GMCS Superintendent.

  • Board returns at 8:29 pm.


    • Opposing votes: De La O, Tempest

    • Board approves dissemination of survey drafted by Ramon Vigil to be used as tool for strategic planning.

  • Board unanimously approves Resolution of Support to Navajo Nation Department of Transportation.

  • Board unanimously votes to cease Television Broadcast of Board Meetings Contract on May 31, 2007.

  • Board unanimously approves allocation of funds for next fiscal year to enable Board Members to attend meetings/functions.

  • Adjourned at 9:03 pm.

“Plunder comes to a sudden end.”  —Apocrypha: Ben Sira, 40.14. 
GMCS Board Meeting
Navajo Elementary
Monday, April 16, 2007 
  • Call to Order/Roll:  6:00 pm/Mr. De La O absent

  • The staff from Navajo Pine High, Navajo Mid, and Navajo Elementary were introduced.

  • Graduation dates were reviewed by Board for attendance signup.

  • Discussion was held concerning boundary between New Mexico and Arizona; sharing of students in Window Rock School District and Gallup-McKinley County Schools and vice-versa.

  • New Principals hired for SY2007-08:

    • Peggy Taylor—Gallup Middle School

    • Danny Smith—Chief Manuelito School

  • Board Retreat to be held on Friday and Saturday, April 20 - 21, 2007.

  • Friday, April 20—Financial Report by John Samford, Enrollment Report by Dr. Monaghan Saturday, April 21—Ramon Vigil of Cuddy Law

  • April 17, 2007—EDC, Girls Town Hall Meeting

  • April 18, 2007—UNM-Albuquerque;  Superintendents’ Panel Education Summit

  • April 24-25, 2007—PED Leadership Team on EPSS, Systems

  • April 27, 2007—Tohatchi Elementary Career Day

  • May 3, 2007—Quality Fair at Gallup High School

  • May 9-10, 2007—All Kids Can Conference by PED

  • John Samford, Leonard Haskie, Chantal Irvin, and Dr. Monaghan gave presentations on workshops attended at the Spring Budget Session in Santa Fe.

    • (NOTE: Board Members were “perturbed” and expressed their concerns that they had not been informed of, or invited to, the Budget Session.  Several Districts had their entire Boards in attendance.)

  • Pinon Award was presented to GMCS Board with letter of congratulations from Governor Richardson.

  • Five Teachers of Systems Demonstration Classrooms were recognized. (NOTE: David “Jed” Stus was not present at Navajo Elementary where he was the former Principal.)

  • Board approved Resolution and Bond Purchase Agreement to sell General Obligation Bonds from 2006 Election.

  • Adjourned at 7:48 pm

“Respect your disciple as you respect your colleague.”
--Eleazar b. Shammua. Mishna:Abot. 4.12.                              


GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, April 2, 2007 
  • Call to Order/Roll: 6:00 pm/all present

  • Kimberly Ross-Toledo gave presentation on upcoming Racism Workshop.  Board is unable to attend due to a previously scheduled Retreat.

  • Board discussed Study Session dates and topics.

  • Upon request from Mrs. Descheny, Chantal Irvin and Theresa Mariano reviewed their duties and responsibilities with Board.

  • Dr. Monaghan discussed Technology/Media Services Re-organization.

  • Approval of Resolution and Bond Purchase Agreement to sell General Obligation Bonds from 2006 Election was tabled due to errors in documents.

  • Adjourned at 8:19 pm

“Wisdom leads to tranquility, gold and silver to anxiety.”
--Ibn Gabirol, Mibhar HaPeninim, c.1050, #10
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, March 19, 2007
Call to Order/Roll: 6:00 pm/Mr. De La O absent


  • Supt. White announced that the Supt’s. Teacher Focus Group will meet the second Monday of each month from 4:00-5:30 pm.  Group has set up goals and mission.

  • Report from PED visit has been received.  A response will be written. White stated that Secretary of Education Veronica Garcia wants to speak to her before report is made public.

  • March 20, 2007—Diné Division of Education Meeting at 9:00 am.  Meeting is for status check on Memorandum of Understanding between GMCS and the Navajo Nation.  This will be reported on at next Board Meeting.

  • Carmen Moffett presented JOM Report to the Board.  Moffett stated that, according to Darrell Johnson, Director of JOM, funding may not continue for next year; but that the final decision may come as late as this summer.

    • Upon intense scrutiny by the Board, Moffett explained differences between JOM and Title Programs, including community representation, stipends, and mileage for committees.

    • Mrs. Descheny stated that these programs need to be re-evaluated; that they’re not consistent.  The programs need to connect culture and language.  She added that elementary students need to be the priority in language as they learn more easily.

    • Mrs. Jackson told Moffett that she was “sad to hear the Director giving a very negative report.”  Jackson asked how long she had been Director and added that it is the Director that sets the tone for the Department. Moreover, Jackson told Moffett that she “[was] not here to lambaste the culture and Navajo Nation,” and “should be able to better design programs for the students.”

    • Moffett responded that Programs had already been put into place and that she could not change them.  She further stated that the “IEC has vested authority” which soon opened another debate as to the validity of the statement.

    • J.R. Thompson stated that he would like the IEC Officers to make a presentation themselves.

    • Board then discussed why 29 IEC members were planning to attend the JOM Conference in New York and the cost to be incurred.  Very few had attended the same Conference when it was held in Albuquerque. Mrs. Descheny stated that only 3 or 4 should attend.

  • Dr. Monaghan reported on the Parent Participation in the 2005-06 Quality of Education Survey.

  • The GMCS Board had requested several reports from Central Office.  In regards to Attorneys and Consultants, Mrs. Jackson told Mr. Samford that she wanted a much more “comprehensive report.”

  • Student/Staff Recognition:

    • GMCS was recognized at March 8, 2007 Conference for receiving Piñon Award.

    • Approximately 20 teachers were recognized and presented with gifts from Butler’s and other merchants for what David “Jed” Stus referred to as a “stellar job of embracing Systems.”

  • Announcements:

    • April 2, 2007—GMCS Board Meeting

    • April 16, 2007—GMCS Board Meeting, Navajo Elementary April 20-21, 2007—Board Retreat, Shipley Training?

    • May 7, 2007—GMCS Board Meeting

    • May 16, 2007—Region I Spring Meeting, GJHS May 21, 2007—GMCS Board Meeting June 8-9, 2007—NMSBA School Law Conference

  • Board Secretary Annie Descheny pulled following items from the Consent Agenda to be heard:

    • 8.A.2.  Chief Manuelito Middle School Bid of March 14, 2007

    • C.        Out-of-State Travel

    • D.        Approval of Building Use Policy/Approval of Organizations 

    • 8.A.2.—Lowest bid on Chief Manuelito Middle School for the “complete  package” was $18,187,000.00.

    • C.—Board approved Travel but want additional information on Travel Request to include number of trips taken.  This is to give other staff opportunity to travel, not the same employees.

    • E.--J.R. Thompson questioned whether MCFUSE was on the list of Organizations for Building use. Mrs. Jackson stated that the adversarial relationship between GMCS and MCFUSE is not complimentary to the District; “these are our employees and [they] should be treated with respect.”

  • Board approved Resolution to Submit Application to New Mexico Finance Authority for $5.5 million in bonds.

  • Board approved Resolution Supporting “Project TRUST.”

  • Much discussion was held concerning Baldrige/Systems and when to meet with Jim Shipley.

  • Retired to Executive Session at approximately 7:45 pm.

“There is no education like adversity.”
--Disraeli, Endymion, 1880. 


GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, March 5, 2007
Call to Order/Roll:  6:00 pm/all present. 
  • Oath of Office was administered to new GMCS Board members Annie Descheny and Genevieve Jackson by Judge Kenneth Howard.

  • Supt. White introduced student camera crew which begins taping Board Meetings tonight for the first time with this new Board.  Taping is done by Patrick Moore and 7 Cities Productions.  According to White, taping was part of Communication Goals of Board.

  • Shinoa Jensen presented on Envision New Mexico for Healthcare Quality.

  • Dr. Monaghan presented on Quality of Education Parent Survey.

  • Student/Staff Recognition:

    • Jim Harlan of Community Food Pantry was recognized and received certificate and gratitude from Board for Student Backpack Food Project.

  • Mary Ann Livingston was recognized for RMCH Blood Drive.

  • Parent Surveys will be on-line this week or next at:

  • April 20-21, 2007—Jim Shipley will be in District and can do Retreat on Systems and Board Goals.

  • GMCS Board Election of Officers:

    • Mrs. Annie Descheny is Board Secretary, and Mrs. Genevieve Jackson is Board Vice-President. (NOTE:  Mrs. Descheny voiced interest in having all Board positions up for election at this time.  As this is not Board Policy, Policy may be reviewed in near future.)

  • Future Topics requested by Board:

    • Enrollment

    • Dropouts

    • Schools meeting AYP

    • Number of Attorneys, Payments, and Services Provided.

  • Announcements:

    • March 19, 2007—GMCS Board Meeting

    • April 2, 2007—GMCS Board Meeting

    • April 16, 2007—GMCS Board Meeting, Navajo Elementary May 16, 2007—Region I Spring Meeting, GJHS

  • Citizen Communication/Forum:

    • The Superintendent’s Student Task Force publicly thanked Mavis Price for her contributions/assistance.

    • Mr. Joe Kolb of the Gallup Herald spoke against MCFUSE for voicing concerns over legality of “contract” with GMCS.  He stated that there was no collusion with District. (NOTE: According to Board Policy and stated in each Board Meeting Agenda, those wishing to speak during Citizen Communication at Board Meeting need to contact the Superintendent’s Office by Friday after the Board Meeting to speak at the next.  As this issue arose on Friday, it was only 3 days until the Board Meeting at which Mr. Kolb spoke.  How fortunate, indeed, for Mr.Kolb:  had Policy been followed, he would have had to wait at least 3 days to make his request and then would have spoken at the following Board Meeting 2 weeks later! Also, MCFUSE has been advised by the State that this “contract” between GMCS and the Gallup Herald was, indeed, illegal.)

    • GHS student athletes and their parents requested that the Board allow them to stay overnight in Albuquerque instead of playing late, returning to Gallup to attend school, and returning to Albuquerque again to play. Booster Club would pay for the overnight stay.  Supt. White stated that she had to recommend that Policy be followed.  She added that, according to Title IX, what is done for the girls must be done for the boys, and that a lawsuit could occur. The GMCS Board saw this as a safety issue.  Mrs. Jackson added that it should be done for ALL.  Mrs. Descheny stated that it wouldn’t be the first time GMCS had been sued, and that she was sure that it wouldn’t be the last. GMCS Board overturned Supt. White and allowed the team to stay overnight.

  • Board retired at 7:37 pm to Executive Session.


“You can’t chew with somebody else’s teeth.”
--Proverb. ATJF, p. 639
“The greatest of virtues, self-control.”
--Apocrypha: IV Macc., 1.2.
“Who cannot command oneself shall not command others.”
--Leon of Modena, Tzemah Tzaddik, 1600
“Rule your spirit, lest others rule your body.”
--Satanov, Mishlé Asaf, 1789, 1792, 24.2 (q SRH, 44)
“Help not evil, and evil won’t befall you.”
--Proverb. q Gen. R., 22.8.


GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, February 19, 2007
Call to Order/Roll:  6:00pm/all present.  Supt. White at dinner in Santa Fe. 
  • 2008—09 Calendar Committee to meet February 20th in Supt’s. Conference Room at 3:00 pm.

  • IST from Tobe Turpen and GJHS Principal Chiapetti reported to Board on Dress Code/Uniforms.  Both schools reported a drop in student referrals:  50% drop in non-classroom referrals and a 75% drop in classroom referrals for GJHS. Reportedly, Wingate and other area schools are looking at uniforms.

  • Discussion held concerning the National School Board Association Pledge.

  • Dr. Monaghan reported on 2005 District Report Card. (NOTE: Point of Order declared by MCFUSE: no copy was distributed which is a Violation of the Open Meetings Act.)

  • J.R. Thompson requested that Reports on Teachers and Central Office Complaints be presented in a work session at a future date.

  • Student/Staff Recognition:

    • John Lomasney was recognized for being the National Federation of State High School Association’s 2006 NFHS Coach of the Year. Lomasney will receive a plaque on June 29th in Milwaukee and will be on Coach’s Quarterly website. Coach Lomasney is also in the Finals for National Coach of the Year.

  • The Board recognized students placing in the San Juan Basin Region Math Counts Conference in Farmington.

  • Mavis Price and Andrienne Sloan were presented with plaques by GMCS Board for four years of dedication to their community.  Cake and refreshments were served after the Meeting.

  • Board approved the 2006—07 Rural and Low Income Grant Budget for After School and Summer Programs.

  • Dr. Monaghan presented Quality Education Survey Results 05—06, Survey Items 2006—07. (NOTE: This Report was changed to an Action Item due to the emergency of being required by PED.  Timeline/Due Date does not constitute an emergency.)

  • Meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm.

“Lay no burden on the public which the majority cannot bear.”
--Ishmael b. Elisha. Talmud: Baba Bathra, 60b.


GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, February 5, 2007
Call to Order/Roll:  6:00 pm/Andrienne Sloan tardy (David Oakes assisting Board with Boardbook) 
  • Supt. White gave Legislative Update.

  • White praised AFT Local for advocating for 7% raise for teachers instead of 7.4% so savings could be used to combat Principal shortage. (NOTE: Committee Representatives do NOT make policy for AFT-New Mexico. Policy is determined by AFT-NM which is comprised of the Presidents from ALL New Mexico Locals.  MCFUSE also had a vote.)

  • Gallup Day in Santa Fe will be February 8, 2007.

  • Supt. White reported on Superintendent Salary Scale.  White stated that she is still 7th in New Mexico on the Salary List; adding that the District is 4th in State according to student population.

  • Day Care Center is open at Thoreau High School; named The Hawk’s Nest.

  • Gallup High to celebrate Black History Month on Tuesday at 10:00 am.

  • GMCS received congratulatory letter from Heather Wilson on Piñon Award.

  • GMCS’s three Snow Days are gone.  Schools may have to make up additional days.

  • Tse Yi Gai High School at Pueblo Pintado:

    • January 16, 2007-sprinkler head broke in weight room and ceiling collapsed.

    • Vents, supported by motors, must be open 20%.  Motor went out with vent open 100%.  Fresh air circulated and sprinkler system froze.  Damage was extensive.  Gym floor determined to be total loss.  All BB games will be Away games.

    • Later, sprinkler head broke.  Water was absorbed into walls, library, kitchen, and several classrooms.

    • Initial Estimate:    $200,000

    • Second Estimate: $   60,000 bldg. Cost

    • Inventory cost undetermined.

    • Board and Maintenance discussed ways to avoid this again in the future.

  • Mavis Price reported on NMSBA Conference in Washington, DC.

  • Theresa Mariano and Board discussed Reports on Number of Highly Qualified Teachers, First Year Teachers, Teachers by Ethnicity and Licensure Level, and Number of Level 1, 2, & 3 Teachers. (NOTE: Reports were not distributed as per Open Meetings Act.)

  • Student/Staff Recognition: Board recognized the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Places in the Spelling Bee.

  • John Samford has been appointed to the Public School Finance and Operational Advisory Council.

  • GMCS School Board Election is tomorrow.

  • Board Excellence Awards-Tuesday at Gallup High.

  • Supt. White will be absent at the February 19th Board Meeting.  Rio Rancho and Los Lunas are hosting a dinner for the Education Committee.

  • Cuddy Law Firm will give training on Indian Education Law on March 2-3.  Can also provide training on Navajo preference, jurisdiction, etc.

  • Board approved Policy Revision I-7050:  students will be provided textbooks to take home.

  • Board approved Support of “Elementary Breakfast” to all Elementary Children without cost or regard to income.

  • Board approved Support of Healthy Kids, Healthy Economy that would increase NM Farm Economic Opportunities.

  • Ender Kirin of the Gallup Herald was introduced to the Board.

  • Retired to Executive Session at 7:27 pm.

“Do not provoke a little heathen, a little snake, or a humble pupil.”
--Talmud: Pesahim, 113a.


GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Tuesday, January 16, 2007 

Call to Order/Roll: 6:00 pm/all present.  

  • Moment of Silence was held for Virgil Sam.

  • Senator Domenici Office Representative, Vanessa Baca, informed GMCS District that the Senator will attend District activities if notified.

  • Six water leaks in the District today.  Tse Yi Gai High School suffered major leak when a major water pipe broke.  The ceiling in the weight room collapsed.

  • Student Task Force Representative Leslie Thomas pointed to poor attendance in a report to the Board.  Board member Mavis Price asked him to take the issue to his school’s ASC.

  • Mavis Price and J. R. Thompson reported on the Supreme Court Impact Aid Hearing.  Price stated that she is confident that the decision will go in favor of GMCS. (NOTE: for more information, go to Decision is to come around June 2007.

  • Tri-Board Meeting is to be held in Grants Boardroom at 6:00 pm on January 24, 2007.

  • Mavis Price reported on the Public Education Commission Meeting.

  • Announcements:

    • January 18-19, 2007—Blood Drive, RMCH

    • January 22, 2007—Board Excellence Awards, GHS, 6:00 pm

    • January 24, 2007—Tri-Board Meeting, Grants Boardroom

    • February 2-3, 2007—NMSBA Meeting

    • February 5, 2007—GMCS Board Meeting

    • February 6, 2007—GMCS Board ELECTION

    • February 19, 2007—GMCS Board Meeting

    • May 16, 2007—Region I Spring Meeting, GJHS

    • Early Voting:  January 17th to February 2nd

  • Board approved NMPED required portion of staff wellness component for GMCS Wellness Policy.

  • Board voted 4—1 to approve Superintendent’s evaluation.  The evaluation instrument is a Shipley’s Performance Evaluation not unlike the teachers’Checklist III.  White was rated “high” in 3 of 7 items. Much discussion was held concerning White’s presence during the evaluation. Board voted 4—1 to rehire White.

  • Adjournment at 7:16 pm.

Politics—where they pat you on the back so they’ll know where to stick the knife.”
--Hershfield, Now I’ll Tell One, 1938, p. 84
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Wednesday, January 3, 2007
Call to Order/Roll: 6:00pm/Dr. Tempest absent
  • Supe’s Report

    • Thoreau Schools closed due to water lines. Teachers worked; students dismissed.

    • Water line broken at Churchrock.

    • Broken windows reported at JFK.

  • RMCH Blood Drive on January 18 & 19, 2007.  Firefighters had challenged the teachers, but Supt. White opened challenge to all GMCS employees.

  • David “Jed” Stus reported that classrooms have been identified for Classroom Recognition Process whereby selected rooms/teachers will be visited by Board members and RQC personnel. (NOTE: This visit is meant as an honor.)

  • January has been proclaimed School Board Recognition MONTH by the …..GMCS School Board. (NOTE: Haven’t all others received only a WEEK of Recognition?)

  • Announcements

    • January 10, 2007—Supreme Court, Washington, DC

    • January 16, 2007—GMCS Board Meeting

    • January 22, 2007—Board of Excellence Awards, GHS at 6 pm

    • February 5, 2007—GMCS Board Meeting February 19, 2007—GMCS Board Meeting

    • May 16, 2007—Region I Spring Meeting, GJHS

  • Board approved Proposed Recruiting Schedule for Spring 2007.

  • Executive Session begins 6:17 pm.

“Statistics are no substitute for judgment.”
--Henry Clay



GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, December 18, 2006
Call to Order/Roll:  6:00 pm/all present
  • One prospective candidate attended the District’s Board Candidate Orientation on December 14th.  Filing date is December 19, 2006.

  • Mavis Price visited a classroom at Lincoln Elementary.

  • Chantal Irvin reported that calendar #2 will be the calendar for 2007-08.

  • Sean VanBerschot gave update on TFA program.

  • Student Advisory Task Force representatives gave presentation.  Casey Balok of GHS spoke of stress of the Systems Approach. (NOTE: District does not ask for or listen to input from employees’ Exclusive Representative. Let’s see if they listen to students.)

  • Larry Linford provided handout of grants.

  • Student/Staff Recognition:

    • Mary Ann Allen of Gallup High School and others were recognized as new National Board Certified Teachers.

    • Linda Patcigo of Twin Lakes was recognized for Who’s Who Among Teachers in America 2006-07.

  • GMCS Board approved rescinding/nullifying of all current and past Board Policies.

  • GMCS Board approved adoption of Board Policy developed with assistance from NMSBA.

  • Final two components of Health Education and Physical Education approved by Board.

  • Mr. Samford provided handouts for 2006-07 20% Capital Outlay Projects and 2007-08 Capital Improvements Act (2-mil) Projects.  Both were carried unanimously.

  • Executive Session begins at 7:59 pm.

“Money is a good servant but a bad master.”
--French Proverb


GMCS Board Meeting
 Central Office
 Monday, December 4, 2006
Call to Order/Roll: 6:00 pm/all present 
  • Members attending of the Student Advisory Task Force introduced themselves.

  • Informational Meeting/Orientation for GMCS Board Candidates will be December 14, 2006. Filing date is December 19, 2006.(NOTE: In the past, the Orientation took place AFTER candidates filed.)

  • According to Supt. White, the School Superintendent from Artesia stated that other districts wanted to file an amicus brief, in essence becoming part of the Impact Aid suit. GMCS District would need to okay this.

  • Mr. Samford presented the final part of Board Policy on Financial Management.

    • Items 2b and 2c, approval to rescind and nullify all current and past policies and approval to adopt policy manual that has been developed with assistance from NMSBA, will appear as action items on next agenda.  Policy needs to be approved by end of January.

  • Student/Staff Recognition

    • Mavis Price has been elected Vice President of the New Mexico School Board Association, or NMSBA.  Price gave report on NMSBA Conference.

    • Andrienne Sloan received NMSBA Outstanding Leadership Award and Mavis Price received NMSBA Exemplary Award. (NOTE: It’s true! Award Criteria has to do with number of NMSBA meetings/training attended.)

    • Mr. Roy Stubbs and members of the GHS Chorale were present and sang two holiday songs of the Christmas kind.  Students did an excellent job, sounded great, and all present were appreciative.

    • Dr. Monaghan and Chantal Irvin presented certificates to schools with gains in Math or Reading receiving PED recognition.

    • Danny Smith presented certificates to Susan Cizek and Liz Caravaca for an article on Positive Behavior Support which they will present at a future conference in Boston.

    • Lynne Dennison was recognized for being selected for Cambridge 2006-07 Who’s Who Women of Achievement. 

    • Donna Becente was recognized for being honored in New Mexico Woman magazine. 

    • Mr. Dan Kenny presented current GMCS building projects: Ramah High, Gallup Mid, JFK, “Student Support Center,” Chief Manuelito Mid, and Crownpoint Mid.

  • “Student Support Center,” AKA the new Central Office:

    • To begin: November 2006

    • Completion: November 2007

    • Size: 54,350 sq. ft.

    • Bid: $6,297,000

    • To include:

    • Superintendent’s Office

    • Boardroom

    • Area for Administrative Staff

    • Business and Enrollment Offices

    • Learning and Analysis and Support

    • Learning Systems

    • Public Parking, Courtyard

  • Announcements:

    • December 15-16, 2006—Board Systems Training

    • December 18, 2006—GMCS Board Meeting

    • December 19, 2006—School Board Filing Date January 3, 2007—Labor Relations Board Meeting, 11:00 am

    • January 3, 2007—GMCS Board Meeting

    • January 10, 2007—Supreme Court, Washington, DC

    • January 22, 2007—Board Excellence Awards, GHS at 6:00 pm May 16, 2007—Region I Spring Meeting, GJHS

  • GMCS Board approved Concept of Mutually Beneficial Partnership Between GJHS/GMCS and Gallup Outlaws Basketball Team.  J.R. Thompson abstained.

  • GMCS Board approved Healthy/Safe Environment Policy, Social/Emotional Well-Being Policy, and Health Services Policy.

  • Executive Session begins 8:05 pm.

 “Little things affect little minds.”
--Benjamin Disraeli
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, November 20, 2006 
Call to Order/Roll:  6:00pm/Board members De La O and Sloan absent.
  • Moment of Silence was held for Carey Owsley.

  • Chantal Irvin took Supe’s seat and reported that Supt. White was absent due to meeting with Secretary of Education Dr. Veronica Garcia.

  • Chantal Irvin stated that the Point of Distribution (POD) Flu Immunizations went well and that data will be used should Pandemic Bird Flu develop.

    • Approximately 7000 shots were given with negligible problems.  A couple was transported from Central Office to the hospital, but they were reportedly already ill upon arrival to Central Office.  There was actually only one reaction to the immunization.

  • January 10, 2007—Supreme Court will hear Impact Aid Case.

  • Calendar Committee has been meeting all Fall and has narrowed possible 2007--08 Calendars down to three choices. There will be no two-hour delays or early Friday releases for students.  Professional Development will be all day.

  • Mr. Samford reported on Board Policy-Fiscal Management, Section D.  J.R. Thompson once again asked that budget line items be published in the paper.

  • Mr. Haskie, Assist. Supt. for Supportive Operations, and individual Departments reported on Systems Approach; ie. Goals and Mission Statements.

    • Departments participating were Construction, Food Services, Maintenance, and Bussing.

  • Announcements:

    • December 1-2, 2006—NMSBA Conference

    • December 4, 2006—GMCS Board Meeting

    • December 15-16, 2006—Board Systems Training

    • December 18, 2006—GMCS Board Meeting

    • January 10, 2007—Supreme Court, Washington, DC

    • January 30, 2007—Board of Excellence Awards, 6:00pm at GHS

    •  May 16, 2007—Region I Spring Meeting, GJHS

  • Student/Staff Recognition:

    • Certificates were presented to those sites that participated in the POD immunizations.

  • Approval of the Concept of a Partnership between GJHS/GMCS and Gallup Outlaws basketball team was taken off Consent Agenda and discussed.  It was later decided to put item on the agenda for the upcoming GMCS Board Meeting.

  • (NOTE: It should be noted, however, that the Student Task Force, GHS Chorale, and Principals’ Alternative Governance Plans were to be on tonight’s agenda but are not.)

  • Executive Session at 7:16pm.

“It is most unworthy to suppress books or silence teachers.”
Judah Löw, Beer HaGola, 1598, ch 7. 
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, November 6, 2006
Call to Order/Roll: 6:00pm/Andrienne Sloan, tardy
  • Student and Staff Recognition:
    • Superintendent’s Student Task Force was introduced.
    • The following National Board Certification candidates were recognized:
    • Barbara Decker ---Red Rock Elementary
    • April Forman---Red Rock Elementary
    • Margie Dresler---Thoreau Elementary
    • Linda Kaye---Roosevelt Elementary
    • Cindy Tah---Juan de Oñate Elementary
  • Score reports will be out in December.
  • Gallup High Chorale postponed so they could appear at next Meeting in new robes.
  • Lindamood-Bell Certifications were presented by Bryan Flores. This honor is rare, and recipients may now act as Consultants and provide training for one year.
  • John Adams from the Public Schools Facilities Authority presented Outstanding Sub-contractor Award to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.
  • Diane DiPaolo and Ella Jackson presented awards/certificates for Exceptional Children Rodeo at Navajo Pine as part of the Corn Pollen Pathway Project.
    • (NOTE: Once again, it appears that the closer the Board Elections, the more Navajos are invited for recognition at Board Meetings. Chance or Politics? )
  • Superintendent’s Report:
    • Superintendents’ Retreat in Albuquerque addressed Truancy in Legislative Platform. The wording changed to include "DA Magistrate Court or Tribal Court."
    • There are now two new Regional Quality Centers: Central Consolidated & Española.
    • Principals of eleven (11) affected schools have declined to participate in a proposition that would have introduced a new Reading Curriculum, a new Math Curriculum, and Corporate Intervention.
    • PED Secretary Veronica Garcia was said to call this "No Corporation Left Behind." Principals would have had to incorporate this by November, and teachers would have been trained after school and on weekends. Cost would have been $150,000 per school from Title I.
    • (NOTE: The only positive seemed to be the immediate elimination of Baldrige.)
  • Pandemic Mass Immunizations to be conducted on Thursday, November 9th at Gallup High, Crownpoint High, Central Office, Red Rock, Tohatchi, and the Mormon Church. Only District staff will attend school.
  • Formula Task Force Meeting/Forum had been held at Crownpoint High. A similar Forum later at GJHS drew only seventeen (17) attendees.
  • Vandalism at Kennedy Mid amounted to $10,000 damage according to police estimate. Administrative Offices were broken into and computers taken.
    • Custodians worked weekend to clean up.
    • Vandalism to eleven (11) cars occurred at Thoreau High.
    • Supt. Karen S. White and Board member Mavis Price met with the Navajo Nation last Friday. Nation wants to gather data on reservation schools and monitor EPSS.
  • PED staff currently at District schools to make Diagnostic Assessment Reports.
  • Central Office and RQC staff attended faculty meetings at District schools to hear Goal Teams give Quarterly Reports.
  • Dr. Monaghan presented "Analysis of AYP in New Mexico Schools" by Dr. Peter Winograd, Director of the Office of Educational Accountability. New Mexico’s average not meeting AYP is much larger than the national average.
    • By 2007—08, Southwest Governors Association says 90% of seniors need to graduate or schools will not meet AYP.
  • Board member Mavis Price reported on the Government to Government Meeting in Dulce and the Inspection of Public Records/Open Meetings Act Meeting in Grants. (NOTE: An excellent report was given. Price emphasized that "access to information is a fundamental right," however, nothing was said as to the legality or ethics of Central Office charging $1.00 per page for this such access in direct opposition to Bob Johnson of the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government (FOG).
  • Announcements:
    • November 20, 2006---GMCS Board Meeting
    • December 1-2, 2006---NMSBA Conference
    • December 4, 2006---GMCS Board Meeting
    • December 15-16, 2006---Board Systems Training December 18, 2006---GMCS Board Meeting May 16, 2007---Region I Spring Meeting, GJHS
  • Board approved GMCS to create Title VII Indian Education Parent Committee.
    • J.R.Thompson abstained.
  • Board unanimously approved changes to Dress Code Policy J-2361 and Absence Policy J-1550 as presented by Chantal Irvin. Changes included maintaining 10-day limit on makeup work after spoken to by Tom Payton of MCFUSE.
  • Board approved Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Tohatchi Area of Opportunity and Services, Inc. (TAOS) and GMCS.
  • Bill Bright presented Wellness Policies which will be re-submitted at the next meeting due to Board missing pages from their copy of the report.
  • Adjourned at 8:15pm.


"Be servant to the noble rather than chief of the vulgar."
      --Berekia HaNakdan, Mishlé Shualim, c. 1260
"Be tail among lions rather than head among foxes."
     --Mathia b. Heresh. Mishna: Abot, 4.15.
Cf TJ: Sanhedrin 4.8.
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, October 16, 2006
Call to Order/Roll:  6:00pm/ J.R.Thompson, Andrienne Sloan absent
  • Student and Staff Recognition

    • Red Ribbon Character Counts Tee Shirt Contest Winners were announced.  1st Place Winner Louisa Clark and 2nd Place Winner Kayla DeArmond, both Gallup Mid students, were presented with certificates and a cash prize.

  • Roosevelt Elementary and Red Rock Elementary Principals received certificates for Navajo Nation schools meeting AYP.

  • GMCS Board declared October 16—21 as School Bus Safety Week.

  • Gallup High School and Crownpoint High School will serve as Point of Distribution (POD) sites for flu immunizations and a Pandemic Flu Drill on November 9, 2006.  Students will not attend school and staff will have an In-service.

  • Chief Manuelito Groundbreaking was attended by President Shirley, Representative Lundstrom, Senator Rainaldi, Patrick Lyons, Board member Joe De La O, and Mayor Roseborough and staff.

  • Board Systems Training to be held December 15—16, 2006.  Systems Check and Jim Shipley with Superintendent Eval.

  • Announcements

    • October 19, 2006 Impact Aid Pre-Determination Hearing, Santa Fe

    • November 6, 2006 GMCS Board Meeting

    • November 20, 2006 GMCS Board Meeting

    • December 1-2, 2006 NMSBA Conference

  • Funding Formula Task Force

    • October 30th Community Forum, Crownpoint High School, 6:30pm

    • November 2nd Community Forum, GJHS, 6:30pm

  • Region I Board Meeting to be held May 16, 2007.  GJHS Culinary class to host.

  • Board Policy Review on Community Relations.

  • Central Office to host evening session for GMCS Board candidates before February election.

  • Carmen Moffett, Director NCLB Consolidated Programs, made presentation to GMCS Board recommending the Board do approval of all Indian Education Parent Committee or Parent Advisory Committee By-Laws and do so consistent with Board policies and procedures.

    • Moffett also pushed for Indian Education Committee (IEC) members to be selected from Advisory School Councils or by Principals and NOT from the Chapter Houses.

    • (NOTE: Check out “Including Native American Parents In OR Including Them Out” at

  • Resolution was approved by Board at recommendation of Supt. White to Cease Boundary Agreement Established temporarily between Cuba Schools and Tse Yi Gai on Bussing.

  • Executive Session at 7:35pm.

“Reason and Humanity raise their voices in vain, for   hoary Prejudice has completely lost its hearing.”
M. Mendelssohn, Preface to Vindiciae Judaeorum, 1782       
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, October 2, 2006
Call to Order/Roll:  6:00pm/all present 
  • Report of a bomb threat at Chooshgai Community School on Monday.  Area District schools were placed under lockdown until 1:00pm when all was clear according to officials.

  • Supt. White and Mavis Price attended a breakfast meeting with Governor Richardson.

  • Impact Aid at the Supreme Court

    • Written Brief is due in November and the Oral Presentation is scheduled for January 2007.

  • The Gallup Chamber of Commerce met with City, County, Ceremonial, and the Schools to put a Joint Legislative Package together.  Gallup Day will be the second week in January and will begin with a breakfast.

  • Davis Oakes made presentation on Boardbook.

  • David “Jed” Stus, Linda Hoy, and Vanessa Coker, were recognized for being awarded the Quality Education Program 2006.

  • John Samford recognized Jessica Villanueva and Dave Torres for providing services in a timely manner to NMPSIA and PED. (NOTE: To date, no individual has been recognized for providing Public Information Request materials in a timely manner.)

  • October 1-7, 2006 was proclaimed “Week of the Classroom Teachers.”

  • Alternative Governance Contingency Plan (AGCP)

    • David “Jed” Stus and Chantal Irvin presented the AGCP which is a requirement under NCLB to detail additional steps each school will take in event they fail to meet AYP on 2007 assessments. There are several options and Option 4 recommended to gather input from community and stakeholders as data driven plan collaboration with PED.  It was also recommended to include the IEC.  Principals will attend November 20 Board Meeting to share their AGCP.

  • Executive Session at 7:16pm

  • Adjournment at 8:55pm

“Gnaw the bone that falls to your lot, be it good or bad.”
Alphabet of Ben Sira, 3  
GMCS Board Meeting
Thoreau High School
Monday, September 18, 2006
Call to Order/Roll: 6:00pm/Mr.Thompson absent 
  • Thoreau Elementary celebrated its 50th Birthday.  Over 400 people attended an Open House on September 12th to mark the occasion.

  • The Aquatic Center Board met and reviewed rules and regulations, fees, hours of operation and made comparison with Runnels. June’s revenue was highest at $26,000.

    • Wind damage occurred to roof but was still under warranty.

    • GJHS and JFK students will be swimming.

  • Enrollment:  Mr. Oakes stated that student enrollment had gone from 13,026 to 13,253.  Oakes could not be certain of figures due to “problems with transition from SASI to Centerpoint.”

  • District is looking for re-legislation of Indian Education Act.  It was stated that more “bang for the buck” was wanted.

  • High School Redesign in New Mexico!PED is looking at the following:

    • Career Pathways (Isn’t this really “tracking” for the student body?)

    • High School Diploma of Excellence

    • Increase of graduation requirements

    • Three to five Cyber Academies

    • Increase of funds for Career Technology Education

    • Increase of funds for AP courses and teacher training

    • Elimination of NMHSCE for portfolio

    • Extended high school day and year

    • There’s a feeling that senior year is a “fluff year” and seniors will only be funded for time in class.

  • State Land Commission to do dedication of Chief Manuelito Mid School on October 11, 2006.

  • Mr. Haskie reported on Board Policy Review for Support Services.

  • Advisory School Council reports were heard from Thoreau High and Mid Schools.

  • Dr. Tempest was honored for being Honoree for RMCH Charity Invitational.

  • There will be a Special Board Meeting with Cuddy Law reps on September 25th at 5:00pm.

  • GMCS Board voted to leave time of competitive food sales to discretion of Principals.

    • It was felt that DECA should be exempt as it is part of the curriculum.  Also, Mr. Chiapetti read the results of a GJHS student survey which indicated that 28% of students do not eat breakfast now and that—if the snackbar is closed—42% will not eat breakfast.

  • Retired to Executive Session at 7:05pm.

  • The following Local Labor Management Board members were recertified: Dr. John Nasi, Dale Petty, and Danny Jarrett.

“Inquiry is a duty, and error in research is not a sin.”
--Benjamin b. Moses, Sefer Dinim, c.800.q GHJ, iii.152.
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Tuesday, September 5, 2006
Call to Order/Roll: 6:00 pm/all present 
  • Student/Staff Recognition:

    • Mr. Haskie was recognized for being Grand Marshall of the Navajo Nation Parade 2006.

    • Linda Ohle, Frank Chiapetti, Laurel Dietzal, and Ken Shum were recognized for being participants in “Water Day” Celebration.

    • Gallup RQC was awarded in Administrative category.

    • Chuck Wade was recognized for heading the Sunrise Kiwanas’ Dictionary Project.

    • Civil Air Patrol: Gallup Raptor Composite Squadron and leaders were recognized as New Mexico Squadron of the Year and received Squadron of Merit and Unit Citation Awards.

    • Cheyenne Hollow Horn was recognized for highest scholastic achievement honors from New Mexico Tech 2006 and earning BS in Electrical Engineering.  Hollow Horn is a 2002 Gallup High School Graduate.

  • Announcements:

    • September 18, 2006 Elementary School P/T Conference

    • September 25, 2006 Mid/Jr. High P/T Conference

    • September 25, 2006 Special Board Meeting, 5:00pm-Cuddy Law Update

    • October 2, 2006 GMCS Board Meeting

    • October 16, 2006 GMCS Board Meeting

    • October 19, 2006 Impact Aid Pre-Determination Hearing, Santa Fe

  • Meeting was held with Commissioner Becenti. Needed District road improvements was provided to him and shared with Indian Affairs Commission at Chee Dodge on August 21, 2006.

  • Meeting was held with parents at Fort Defiance Chapter on August 22nd on bussing issue with residents of Pigeon Spring housing area.

  • Meeting, sponsored by Raphael Martin and J.R. Thompson, was held at Pinedale Chapter on improving education. 

  • Mr. Haskie and Mr. Chavez met on Thursday, August 24, 2006 at Tse Yi Gai High School with community on bussing issue.

  • Wednesday, September 6, 2006—Mr. Haskie and Mr. Samford to testify at PSCOC on behalf of Ramah High.  PSCOC wants District to pick up extra cost: bids were higher than last time.

  • Chantal Irvin and Dr. Monaghan presented Board Policy Review Part II of Student Policies.

    • Mavis Price stated that the issues of detention, ISS, driving, as well as witnesses being allowed for students and administration, need to be addressed.

  • Mike Butkovich and the Gallup High School Advisory School Council presented to Board.

    • (NOTE: After GHS staff had left the Boardroom, Chantal Irvin stated that GHS teachers attribute student reading success to Scholastic Red. This is not true!)

  • Dr. Monaghan reported enrollment as 13,026 stating that it is well behind projections.

  • Board approved naming GJHS as Heroshi “Hershey” Miyamura High School.

  • Board approved naming new middle school Chief Manuelito Middle School.

  • Board retired to Executive Session at 7:55pm.

 “Fish rot from the head down.” --anon.
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, August 21, 2006
Call to Order/Roll: 6:00pm/all present 
  • Moment of silence was held for Ken Holloway.

  • New Mexico Indian Affairs Department met at Chee Dodge Elementary:

  • District shared concerns about roads in need of repair.

  • Department has changed its position from an Advisory to a voting position.

  • Dept. is in favor of Native American Language and Culture teacher certification coming from individual tribes. Governor will decide.

  • Discussion was held concerning high rate of crime in Indian Country and low percentage of law personnel.  The next Indian Police Academy is wanted on the New Mexico side of reservation.

    • McKinley County has received allocation of $187,000 for two officers and two units.

  • Legislative Education Study Committee (LESC)

    • District to receive $700,000 for extended school year for low growth schools

    • Alternative Governance Plan is possibility for next year. This Plan entails the removal of Principals and/or teaching staff.

    • Principal Salary Scale 2005-06 did not “kick in.” The evaluation process is wanting.  Also, $4.3 million would be needed to raise salaries of Principals and Assistant Principals.

    • State has advised that the Ramah bid was too high and has sent District back to negotiate down approximately 10%.

  • Roof of GJHS leaked during rains. The insulation was saturated which then knocked out ceiling tiles. JFK is to begin classes two days late due to lack of portables and no electricity.

  • Former GJHS Principal Rick Carpenter was sentenced to three (3) years with five (5) years probation, and he must reimburse partial amount of sum stolen.

    • The GJHS Principal and some teachers attended sentencing.

  • On August 15 & 16, 2006, Mavis Price attended Conference on Prevention of Suicide among Native American Students.

  • Student Attendance for District on the first day of school was 11,751.

  • It was reported that 120 teachers attended the New Teacher Orientation.

  • Chantal Irvin and Dr. Monaghan presented Part I of Student Policies for Board Policy Review.

  • Leonard Haskie updated Board on building projects. he “Student Support Center” (currently called “Central Office”) will open for bids in September 2006 and is to be completed by October 2007.

  • J.R. Thompson stated that District is in need of auditoriums for cultural events. He added that “you can guess where all the auditoriums are.” Thompson also stated that he is tired of reports; that they make him feel empty.  He added that he wants to sit down and discuss problems—not just listen to reports and vote on them.

  • Proposed names for the new High School and Mid School will be on the agenda of the next Board meeting. The Board stated that a survey had been conducted and that there is no need to start taking additional suggestions. “The people have spoken,” said Joe De La O.

  • Board approved Resolution from New Mexico School Board Association Enlisting Sufficient Funding Support for New Mexico Schools.

  • The GMCS Board voted 4 to 1 (Tempest) to have Mr. Abeita of the Cuddy Law firm give a presentation in person at a regular board meeting.

    • (NOTE: The smell of Board Elections is in the air!)

  • Board approved Policy to Authorize the Use of Handcuffs on School Premises by Security Guards.

  • New Policies in Support of the Food Service Program’s Improved Student Nutrition Goals were tabled for wording.

  • GMCS Board approved “Easements for Safe Route to School.” The 16 feet easement requested for the 4 to 6 foot trail is located on the east and west of Grandview and is to be added to the comprehensive trail plan of the City.

  • Announcements

    • September 4, 2006—Labor Day, No School

    • September 5, 2006—GMCS Board Meeting

    • September 18, 2006—GMCS Board Meeting, Thoreau High School

  • Executive Session begins 8:36pm.

“Ours is not to question why. ours is just to teach or try.”
Brian J. Bernard
President MCFUSE
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, August 7, 2006 
Call to Order/Roll: 6:00pm/Andrianne Sloan absent 
  • Supt. White and Mavis Price attended the New Mexico Coalition of School Administrators (NMCSA) Conference.

  • Supt. White reported to the GMCS School Board that the Assistant to the Superintendent had “requested a transfer” and that the position would not be filled.  The duties have been distributed among the other Assistant Supes who will receive an 8% raise. Total cost was said to be $14,000.  Secretaries to these Assistant Supes will also receive a raise.

  • Legislative Funding Formula Task Force

    • RFP has been awarded. Education Study will cost $700,000 and will be split among the School Districts according to student enrollment.

  • Crownpoint Mid to receive $7.6 million and Tohatchi Elementary $500,000.

  • August 21, 2006—Commission On Indian Affairs to meet at Chee Dodge.

  • John Samford distributed the list of District legal expenses “with the terms that [they] use for these purposes.”

    • (NOTE: The list allegedly included payments, dates, and legal firms but neglected to include specifics of complaints.)

  • Chantal Irvin and Dr. Monaghan presented the second half of the Board Policy Review for Instructional Program.

  • Mavis Price spoke briefly on possibly having a Process for Selection of Board Agenda Items to see if all Board members are interested or just one.

    • (NOTE: A Process does not appear to have been needed until Board member J.R. Thompson began to adamantly request the presence of the Board’s attorney, Mr. Albeita, of Cuddy Law Firm before the Board.  Of interest are the specifics of EEOC complaints and the cost to the District.

    • Also, it does not appear that this Process will in any way jeopardize Price’s Student Handcuff Project.)

  • Use of Handcuffs by District Security Officers was tabled until August 21 Board meeting.

  • GMCS Strategic Plan 2006-07 was approved.

  • GMCS Board approved District Travel Policy and Regulations.

  • Agenda Item “I” was to approve to Confer with Attorney by Conference Call.

    • (NOTE: J.R. Thompson was very clear at the previous Board meeting that he wanted an attorney from Cuddy Law to appear before the Board in person. It was believed that Mr. Albeita would be present. This appears to be a continuation of several attempts to block a personal appearance by the Board’s attorney.)

    • J.R. Thompson:  “What’s the big deal about having them come before the Board?………We need to know what they did for us!………Did we win?  We don’t have anything to hide.”

    • Mr. Thompson made a motion to have the attorney appear in person before the Board, and Mr. De La O agreed.  Mavis Price and Dr. Tempest opposed.

    • Motion failed due to tie (2—2) as Sloan was absent.

  • Board adjourned at approximately 8:40pm.

 “Some people are multi-faceted and complex, while others are two-sided and single-paned; transparent and very easy to see through.”
Brian J. Bernard
President MCFUSE      
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, July 17, 2006
Call to Order/Roll:  6:00pm/Andrienne Sloan absent 
  • Moment of Silence was held for three former GMCS employees.

  • Supt. White met with Window Rock Superintendent.  State of Arizona refutes Memorandum of Agreement between Districts.  Arizona schools’ students must reside in Arizona so students must have a physical address in Arizona to go to Window Rock schools.

    • An estimated 200 students from Arizona attend GJHS and GHS.  As per NMPED, GMCS will continue to take them.

  • Burglary and vandalism were reported at Thoreau High School and Navajo Pine.  Aside from windows broken in the administration area, Thoreau had little vandalism but lap-tops were taken. Navajo Pine had office windows and three (3) computer screens vandalized; locks were cut in locker rooms; and much graffiti was evident.  Security camera pictures were not clear but showed two (2) males.

  • Chee Dodge Elementary School’s fire alarms sounded, but there was no fire.  The roofing crew had left the tar bucket lit to begin retarring early the next morning.  Fumes from the heated tar entered the building during the night, setting off the alarms.

  • Former GJHS Principal Rick Carpenter is to be sentenced on August 11, 2006 at 9:00am.

  • New Mexico Principal Association reports a shortage of Principals.  GMCS has positions at Navajo Elementary, Washington Elementary, Tohatchi High, and Navajo Pine.

  • Jim Shipley Retreat on July 24, 2006, will focus on NCA and review Superintendent Goals Evaluation.

  • Chantal Irvin presented the 2006-07 GMCS Strategic Plan with Tammy Hall, Mary Reeve, Max Perez, David Stus, and David Oakes.

    • Irvin recommended adoption of Plan by Board.  Board is to take action at next Meeting.

  • Chantal Irvin presented Board Policy Review for Instructional Program.

  • Former PED Assistant Secretary for Indian Education, Penny Bird, will be recognized by Board in August.

  • Announcements

    • July 24, 2006—Jim Shipley Retreat

    • August 7, 2006—GMCS Board Meeting

    • August 21, 2006—GMCS Board Meeting

  • Issues of bonding, false arrest, and incident reports in personnel files will be run by GMCS attorneys at Cuddy Law in connection with the authorization of security officers to use handcuffs.

  • Requested Topics at Future Meetings:

    • Use of Back Packs—Fall‘06

    • Student Task Force Survey—August‘06

    • Cuddy Law Report—August‘06

    • Board book—August‘06

  • Action on the Wellness Advisory Council Report, presented by Bill Bright, was tabled until next Meeting.

  • Supt. White informed the Board that to have an attorney from Cuddy Law Firm [refer to Requested Topics…C above] present at a Board Meeting would cost the District around $1300.

    • J.R. Thompson wants the Firm to report on what it is doing for the District and how much it is costing.

    • White added that John Samford has the same information available.

    • White further stated that the Firm could report at one of two future meetings in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

    • Mr. Thompson was adamant about having the attorney report

    • to the Board in Gallup. When Mavis Price reiterated that Central Office has the information, Thompson retorted, “You sound like the Press Officer for the Superintendent!”

    • When Mr. Thompson repeated that he wanted a Cuddy Law Firm attorney to report to the Board in Gallup, Supt. White quipped that he could not make that decision; that it takes the Board.

    • It was the Board’s decision to have Mr. Abeita of Cuddy Law Firm before the Board to report.  Board members will also receive an advance report from Mr. Samford.

  • Open Forum

    • Elsie Johnson addressed the Board in regards to her child and the 504 Program.  Her concerns focused on parental rights, confidentiality, and lack of   communication. Ms Johnson requested a private meeting with the Board to review documentation. She stated, “I do not want my child to become a statistic.”

  • Adjourned at 8:10pm


“On the whole human beings want to be good, but not too good and not quite all the time.”
--George Orwell


GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, July 10, 2006
Call to Order/Roll: 6:00 pm/all present
(Reconvened from Recessed Meeting of June 19, 2006) 
  • Mr. Haskie and John Samford attended PSCOC Meeting (Capital Outlay) in Albuquerque on June 29th.  Requests were made for Tohatchi Elementary School ($12.7 million) and Crownpoint Middle School ($10 million).

  • GMCS District’s attorney reviewed District’s security contract and contacted NMPSIA in regards to the use of handcuffs by security officers.  NMPSIA suggested RFP process to increase insurance coverage.  Board to take action at Board Meeting on July 17, 2006.

  • Grant with UNM for Developmental English in county schools to utilize Distance Learning.

  • Supt. White reported to the Board that an upcoming article in the Albuquerque Journal lists APS and GMCS as having the most testing irregularities.  White added that this indicates that Gallup does better at reporting irregularities.

  • Supt. White reported that, according to USA Today, the Federal Education Agency stated that 34 states—including New Mexico—have major problems with testing and could lose funding.

  • Crownpoint High is featured in an article in Principal Leadership Magazine.

  • Board Policy (Personnel) Review was presented to Board by Theresa Mariano.  Approximately ten (10) are left for next meeting.

  • EPSS—GMCS Strategic Plan Report for PED

    • Revised EPSS will be presented on July 17th with major changes

    • Individual Accommodation Plan (IAP) for each student in SST

    • All staff will be trained to access data

    • Navajo students to do portfolios

    • Recruitment of Native Language teachers will continue

  • Regional Quality Center (RQC) staff to increase by two (2).

  • RFP was submitted to state by Jim Shipley.  Shipley will continue to service New Mexico priority schools; this means contracting some work out to RQC’s.

    • RQC staff will be in classrooms “coaching.”

  • The Teacher Evaluation Process is to be aligned to state requirements. (NOTE: This appears to be more involved than the Supe’s Eval. Process which allegedly consists of only a Shipley Checklist which is also required of teachers.)

  • Leadership Team, Principals, IST’s, etc. will do a diagnostic on each school for Site Leadership Teams before NCA.

  • J.R. Thompson expressed concern on Systems Approach.  He stated that he has heard that it is burdensome on teachers and that it is the reason for the exodus of teachers.

    • Thompson added that he wanted to see fears alleviated and improvement this year in Bilingual Education.

  • Chantal Irvin responded that Louise Benally is speaking with psychometric experts; looking for a test instrument.  She added that “it’s [Systems Approach] going to seem like extra work to teachers until we finish going through the transition.”

  • Yvonne Unale and Frank Chiapetti went over the 2006-07 GJHS Dress Code with the Board.

  • Dianne DiPaolo was recognized by the Board for her Suicide and Prevention Presentation to the New Mexico Pediatrics Society.

  • GMCS Board Election of Officers:

    • President:  Dr. Tempest

    • Vice-President: Mavis Price

    • Secretary: Andrienne Sloan

    • (Note: As is becoming increasingly more common, the vote was controlled by the three winning candidates voting as a block.)

  • Mr. Thompson questioned why county residents do not attend Board Meetings to complain or give input.

    • MCFUSE Official Tom Payton stated that the reason was obvious; that he had been told that there were too many rules to get on the agenda.  Supt. White disagreed.

    • Thompson has also raised concerns about the Board not being informed as to the number of complaints being filed in the Superintendent’s office; that this may be why Teachers and Principals opt to leave the District.  White stated that her staff is currently preparing a report on complaints for the Board.

    • Another issue raised is the effectiveness of getting on the agenda.  It has been said that Board Members do not seem to care to listen to problems and that it is a complete waste of time.

    • Board agreed to make an effort to meet with Chapter Officials and groups to encourage them to go before the Board with their concerns.

    • (Note: Board Elections are upcoming.)

  • Announcements and Communications:

    • July 17, 2006---GMCS Board Meeting

    • July 24, 2006—Jim Shipley Retreat

    • August 7, 2006—GMCS Board Meeting

    • August 21, 2006—GMCS Board Meeting

  • Adjourned at 7:55pm.

“Might does not make right; but often hinders and precludes it.”
--paraphrased by Brian J. Bernard, President MCFUSE       
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, June 19, 2006
Call to Order/Roll:  6:00pm/all present 
  • Topics of interest at the Law Conference in Albuquerque on June 9 & 10, 2006 included cyberspeech and cell phones.

  • Nineteen (19) staff attended Career Pathways Career Clusters in Phoenix, AZ last weekend.  Program focuses students towards careers.

    • Carl Perkins monies must go to an aligned program which leads to careers above minimum wage.

  • Mr. Haskie spoke about the Ramah Groundbreaking.

  • Supt. White gave brief updates on Board Policy (Personnel), Education Agency Relations, General School Administration, and Advisory School Councils.

  • Mavis Price wants a summary of past year in regards to Advisory Councils.  Many Principals did not keep formal minutes or sign-in sheets.

  • Written Report on Return to Work Employees by Ethnicity was mentioned.  These employees may make up to $15,000 or sit out one year and return to work after Santa Fe approval.

  • Mavis Price was recognized as New Mexico School Board Association Master Member.  She received a jacket and a pin.

    • Dr. Tempest presented Mrs. Price with a desk clock on behalf of the Board.

  • Notices and Communications:

    • July 10, 2006—(Reconvene meeting) GMCS Board Meeting

    • July 17, 2006—GMCS Board Meeting

    • July 24, 2006—Jim Shipley will be here.  Supt. White will talk about/review goals for her evaluation with Board.

    • September—Tribal Law Presentation planned.

    • November 15, 2006—Annual Accounting Report must be approved by Board.

    • December 16, 2006—Supe’s Eval must be done before this date.

    • 2006—2007 Operating Budget approved.  Board will have a quarterly study session on budget.

  • Memorandum of Agreement between GMCS and New Mexico Strengthening Quality in Schools approved.

  • Dr. “Z” and Kate Moore presented on Middle College High School Budget:

    • Budget:  $410,000 of which $300,000 is being carried over from startup monies and will be used for projects. The budget was approved on recommendation of Supt. White.

  • The Board voted 3—2 in favor of 9.5% raise for Supt. White.  J.R. Thompson and Joe De La O were opposed. De La O stated that he approved with White’s job performance but that there is much more to be done and he cannot vote in favor of a 9.5% raise at this time. J.R. Thompson mentioned several concerns including:

    • AYP failure

    • no update on state policies on Native American students

    • School Advisory Councils

    • Exodus of employees

    • Departure of Assistant to Superintendent

    • Mr. Thompson spoke about numbers of complaints from Principals, teachers, etc. that are afraid to bring them up.  He asked, “How many more complaints are there that we have not been told about?”

    • Mr. Thompson also mentioned White’s belittling of Native Americans and the Board and questioned why she is not evaluated by Principals and Assistant Superintendents.

    • Mr. Thompson moved to disapprove the raise, De La O seconded.  Motion did not carry.

    • In an attempt to answer Mr. Thompson’s concerns and advocate for White, Mrs. Price stated that:

      • AYP is going to take a while

      • oral reports are too time consuming

      • employees are “burned out”

      • District must educate ALL students

      • complaints must go through the chain [of command]

      • Board will be only one to evaluate White

    • Price added that White has kept Board informed/aware of all dismissals, retirees, etc.; that the Board has placed more responsibility on her; and that there is now a formal instrument to evaluate the superintendent.

      • (NOTE: This instrument has not been made public.  Word is that it is a Shipley Checklist and does not contain state requirements/parameters.)

    • In response to responses, Mr. Thompson asked how much money has been paid to the District’s attorneys and how many complaints have been filed against the District and White.  He added, “Let’s not be led by the Superintendent, let’s make decisions and do the work.”

    • Dr. Tempest stated that he believes that “things are better than previous times.”  Sloan agreed.

    • Supt. White added that the District’s turnover rate is 15% and that this percentage is lower [than before].

  • Bill Bright presented Wellness Report.  Report included grants received. Three elementary PE teachers have been funded for GMCS.

  • A Wellness Pilot Program will begin in five GMCS schools, to include GHS.  The Program is to reduce stress of employees who will be role models for students.

    • (NOTE: Remember when we had little stress and no Baldrige or Systems Approach?)

  • Executive Session begins at 7:54pm.

  • Recess until July 10, 2006

“The unions made the Middle Class, the Middle Class made America.”
“If I went to work in a factory, the first thing I’d do would be to join the union.”
--Franklin D. Roosevelt
“Governor Bill Richardson is for organized labor; Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley is for organized labor; why is GMCS lagging behind?”
--Brian J. Bernard, President MCFUSE         
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, June 5, 2006
Call to Order/Roll:  6:03pm/Joe De La O absent
  • The daughter of Indian Education Committee President Isadore Begay opened this meeting by singing The Star Spangled Banner in Navajo while in traditional dress.

  • Approximately 25 retirees were present to be recognized by the Board for their service.  Each retiree received a plaque/clock and a glass mug with a rubber wristband.

    • Kathryn Begay was named Navajo Language and Culture Teacher of the Year for 2005-06.  She was presented with a plaque.

    • Isadore Begay was named Parent of the Year.

  • GMCS District had 807 graduates for 2005-06:

    • 6 with SPED ability certificates

    • 31 with SPED career certificates

    • 91 with Certificates of Completion

    • 679 with Full Diplomas

  • The Regional Quality Center (RQC) gave four workshops at the All Kids Can Conference in Albuquerque.

    • Supt. White stated, “Everywhere you go, Gallup-McKinley is being mentioned.”

  • Supt. White listed District accomplishments:

    • Aquatic Center Dedication

    • Navajo Elementary Groundbreaking

    • Ramah High Groundbreaking (June 16 at 10:00 am)

    • Navajo Language and Culture Dinner at Central High

    • Poetry Reading

    • GHS Concert

    • Governor Richardson at GHS

    • Supt. White reported that 5 out of 7 High Schools and the ELL and FRL subgroups showed improvement on NMHSCE scores.

      • “Teachers are improving because they’re looking at data,” she said.

  • The Funding Formula Task Force will meet in July.  They will conduct a year-long study to look at funding.

  • Announcements and Communications:

    • June 9-10, 2006—Law Conference, Albuquerque

    • June 19, 2006—GMCS Board Meeting (Recess meeting)

    • July 10, 2006—GMCS Board Meeting

    • July 17, 2006—GMCS Board Meeting

  • Supt. White reported that ex-GJHS Principal Rick Carpenter plead guilty to five 3rd-degree felony counts of embezzlement.  Under an agreement, Carpenter would receive penalty of imprisonment not to exceed three years with two years of parole.  Carpenter would also pay $3,486 to the District to repay the insurance deductible and $2,736 as reimbursement for the forensic accountant.

    • The State has revoked Carpenter’s credentials, and a provision to the agreement would not allow him to apply for these credentials again.

  • Tammy Hall reported on Pre-K/K-2nd Achievement.  She thanked Supt. White and the Board for their “vision and leadership.”

  • John Samford gave the 2006-07 Budget Report Update.

    • (63% of teachers are paid over $40,000)

  • The Gallup Middle School Renovation Bid was approved by the Board contingent upon receipt of proper permit by the low bidder.

  • The Board approved to authorize the sale of teacher housing revenue bonds for housing units at Navajo and Ramah.

  • Supt. Karen S. White presented comparisons between GMCS District and other districts and what other school supes are being paid which did not “include perks.”  White then asked for a 9.5% pay increase “like the EA’s.”

    • Unlike the EA’s, this would put her salary at around $126,000—about third in the state.

    • J.R. Thompson argued that the District is unique and that a salary increase should not be based on comparisons, but rather on performance.  He further stated that he’d yet to see performance, and that the Superintendent Evaluation [Instrument] had not even been published yet.  “I just don’t want to give another handout,” he said.

    • Mavis Price was in favor of the Superintendent’s salary increase, speaking about White’s accomplishments without naming any.

    • Andrienne Sloan was in favor of tying salary to performance but stopped short of getting “off the fence.”

    • Dr. Tempest made the motion to table this “important decision” until all Board members could be present.  This motion passed 3 to 1 (J.R. opposed).

    • J.R. Thompson questioned this apparent double standard reminding the Board that he had been absent at an “important meeting” when other members voted to change Board Officer terms from two years to one year which, in effect, ousted him as Board President in what seemed to be a coup d’état.

  • Open Forum

    • Several veteran teachers appeared before the Board to request assistance due to new teacherage lease regulations being implemented in August by the teacherage management company, J.L. Gray.

    • Under the new leases, teachers are limited to two pets and must pay a non-refundable $100 per pet fee.

    • Eighteen teachers (about 50%) are leaving Tohatchi, and this number will increase if these veteran teachers are forced to choose between their pets and their job.

  • Meeting adjourned at 8:56pm.

“Fish rot from the head down.”
“As a dog returns to his vomit, a fool repeats his folly.”
Proverbs 26:11  
GMCS Board Meeting
Chee Dodge Elementary
 Monday, May 15, 2006
Call to Order/Roll:  6:00 pm/all present. 
  • Regional Quality Center Fair had over 800 students and staff attend.  Also present were the Mayor and Secretary of Education. Tohatchi High School students are making a DVD of this event.

  • Governor Richardson is scheduled to be at Gallup High School from 1:00 pm-2:30 pm on Friday, May 19, 2006.

  • Navajo Mid Groundbreaking to be at 9:00 am on May 18, 2006.

  • Aquatic Center Dedication to be from 6:00 pm-8:00 pm on May 25, 2006.

  • Notices and Communications:

    • May 26, 2006—Last Day of School for Students

    • May 27, 2006—Aquatic Center Opening

    • May 31, 2006—Government to Government Meeting

    • June 5, 2006—GMCS Board Meeting

    • June 9-10, 2006—Law Conference, Albuquerque

    • June 19, 2006—GMCS Board Meeting

  • Graduations 2006:

    • Tse Yi Gai—May 18, 7:30 pm, Gymnasium

    • Crownpoint—May 19, 7:00 pm, FB Field

    • Ramah—May 19, 7:00 pm, Stadium

    • Gallup Central—May 23, 5:30 pm, GJHS Gymnasium

    • Thoreau—May 26, 6:30 pm, FB Field

    • Tohatchi—May 26, 6:30 pm, FB Field

    • Gallup High—May 26, 6:30 pm, Red Rock State Park

    • Navajo Pine High—May 27, 1:00 pm, Gymnasium

  • Ethel Manuelito presented information on Student Driving Privileges which was compiled from High Schools in GMCS District. Board is looking at having one District Policy on Student Driving.

    • Driving is a privilege and students would need:

      • a valid driver’s license

      • current insurance with student name on policy

      • an 18-year-old present for a provisional license

      • Students would have to display all stickers and obey all laws such as not speeding, not sitting in pickup bed, and parking only in Student Parking Lot.

      • Infractions would result in the revoking of driving privileges.

  • Ethel Manuelito presented information on Advisory Student Councils.  It was reported that as of 11/18/05 all schools have ASC members.  List of all ASC members will be provided to Board.  It had been questioned by Thompson Johnson of the Indian Education Committee how many of the 35 schools actually had ASC Committees.

  • With Security Guard Contract Renewal coming up in July 2005, the Board discussed the possible use of handcuffs by Security Officers.  Policy ids forthcoming which will include identification of specific criteria and cases for using cuffs, specific current training, and in-depth familiarity of criteria for use.

    • Attorneys for the District advised of high liability connected to use of handcuffs on school premises.

    • Security Officials would provide own cuffs.

  • Ann Walker of Tohatchi High School is the Gallup Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year. (QUESTION: Wal-Mart can choose a Teacher of the YEAR, but GMCS District has difficulty choosing a Teacher of the Month?  One might wonder if they aren’t using Chantal’s National Board Certification criteria!)

  • Dustin Wiley of Tohatchi High received two Certificates of Appreciation for working with the Concert Band.  Mr. Wiley also showed trophies and plaques awarded to the Band.

  • Janelle Scheer, David “Jed” Stus, and Linda Hoy received Certificates for hosting 1st Regional Quality Center Fair.

  • Proclamation of Roadrunner Recognition for Thoreau Elementary, May 15-19, 2006.

  • Dustin Wiley, Mark Dixon, Vino Underwood, and Lucinda Bitsoi were equally recognized as Nominees for Teacher of the Month but failed to meet the criteria for Teacher of the Month so none was declared.

  • Eric Smith of Gallup High School was recognized for being one of only three Presidential Scholars in New Mexico.

  • Dr. Kalvin White of Diné Education asked District to participate in a proposed study for AYP research.  This Navajo Nation study of academic achievement would be conducted in grades 8 and 10.  The Colorado and Alaska Native Research Centers are also partners in this study to see how school, family support, cultural identity, and mental health influence academic achievement.

  • Supt. White recommended that GMCS participate at various schools in May.  Approved.

  • Supt. White gave status report of Teacher Housing Project Phase II and Operational Budget Update. (NOTE: all District costs of employee benefits, etc. are rising.)

  • GMCS District has unilaterally placed Nurses and Counselors on the Three-Tiered Licensure Salary Schedule. (Kudos)

  • Several Churchrock teachers addressed the Board to request assistance in keeping the Churchrock teacherage.  The teachers had all received eviction notices and see it as a disadvantage to live outside the Churchrock community.  The teacherage is to be closed due to personal safety concerns, doubtful land lease renewal, and close proximity to Gallup.  Board members listened attentively and stated that they will see how they can assist.

  • Board went into Executive Session at 7:56 pm.

“……For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required……”
 –Luke 12:48





GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, May 1, 2006
Call to Order/Roll:  6:00 pm/all present. Supt. White in Albuquerque attending PED meetings. 
  • Student Advisory Task Force presented results from the Student Satisfaction Survey.  Survey consisted of 18 questions to see how students felt about learning in GMCS District.

    • 52% feel welcome in District

    • 56% feel treated with respect

    • 56.6% feel they have academic support

    • 43.4% feel peers treat them with courtesy and respect

    • 51.2% feel safe at school

    • 47.2% have an adult to go to with problems

    • 47.2% feel rules are enforced

    • 57.7% say adults make them feel welcome

    • 61.4% are satisfied with their efforts

    • 39.4% say rules are enforced fairly and consistently

    • 61.6% feel they are being challenged to learn

    • 52.3% are satisfied with school

    • 47.5% say classes are interesting and engaging

    • 60.1% say teachers use a variety of methods

    • 44.2% are proud of their school

    • 64.7% say teachers encourage them to take responsibility for their learning

    • 61.3% say their classes will help with future goals

    • 61.4% say homework supports learning

    • Survey listed the following as being needed:

      • After-school programs

      • More class time

      • More electives

      • More Foreign Languages

      • Support for bullying

      • More supplies and materials

      • More Athletics

      • Music (headphones) during class time

    • J.R. Thompson requested Survey be separated by schools.

  • Diane DiPaolo presented the 2006 Paul D. Hanson Scholarship to recipients: Michael Schonekopf, Crownpoint High

    • Jessica Nez, Thoreau High

    • Katrina Bond, Ramah High

    • Ravis Henry, Navajo Pine High

    • Racheal Plummer, Gallup Central High

    • Jacob Romero, Gallup High

    • Lavina Toledo, Tse Yi Gai High

    • Richard Becenti, Tohatchi High

  • Principal Bruce Helms of Crownpoint High School received plaques from the National Association of Secondary Principals and the National Association of School Councils.

  • Members of the Student Advisory Task Force received certificates.

  • Proclamation for School Nurses: May 7-13 is School Nurse Appreciation Week.

  • Board unanimously approved Deed Land to City of Gallup for Westside Fire Station. State fire protection funds cannot be received for construction of station unless land is owned—not leased.

  • Groundbreaking Ceremony at Navajo Middle School to be on May 18th at 9:00 am.

  • Meeting adjourned at 6:53 pm.

 “Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.”
GMCS Board Meeting
Tohatchi High School
Monday, April 17, 2006
Call to Order/Roll: 6:07 pm/Joe De La O, Mavis Price, Absent. 
  • Theresa Mariano reported that Board Policy Review for Personnel had been competed.  These 16 policies were reviewed with the Superintendent and proposals have been submitted.  Theresa Mariano will meet with Donn Williams in May to review/discuss suggestions.

  • Topics of Driving Privileges and Security Officers carrying handcuffs were postponed until Mrs. Price can be present.

  • J.R. Thompson reported on NAFIS Conference/Region I Meeting.

  • Ethel Manuelito reported on Community Conversations.  Input will be shared when it has been compiled in subcategories and put in chart form.

  • J.R. Thompson spoke about need to improve relationship between the Board and Parents and need for concerns to be voiced to elected officials.

  • Andrienne Sloan asked about the makeup of attendees.  Ms. Manuelito responded that most were staff and teachers.

  • Teacher of the Month for March:  Kate McCalmont of GJHS.

    • Other nominees: 

      • Joanne Annalore, Central High

      • Jason “J.J.” Johnson, Tohatchi High

      • Clayton Williams, Tohatchi High

  • Proclamation was read for School Nurses.

  • Certificate of Appreciation was given to Valerie Leslie of Tohatchi Health Clinic for allowing GMCS students to use Clinic’s facilities during water outage.

  • Notices and Communications:

    • May 1, 2006—GMCS Board Meeting

    • May 3, 2006—RQC Fair, Red Rock State Park

    • May 15, 2006—GMCS Board Meeting, Chee Dodge Elementary (dinner and tour at 5:00 pm)

  • Paul Cassidy and John Samford asked Board to approve to authorize the submission of the Application to NM Finance Authority for Financing of Projects.  Approval was needed to get on NMFA’s May agenda.

    • Phase I, 1993, Teacherages in Thoreau, Crownpoint, and Tohatchi (450 units)     1994-95, 40 at Tse Yi Gai

    • Phase II, new construction at Navajo and Ramah as well as new construction and renovation at other sites.

    • Three members present unanimously approved.

  • Supt. White reported on water outage to all three Tohatchi schools due to vandalism; rocks had been thrown breaking pipes.  Decision was made to keep students at school.

    • Gallup Sanitation supplied handiwipes

    • Food service made sandwiches

    • Students used Health Clinic facilities

    • Supt. White reiterated reasoning and actions taken when parent Jennifer Mitchell complained that students were not sent home.

    • Supt. White stated that a similar incident had occurred at GJHS and that 1400 students stayed at school.

    • (NOTE:  It was reported that, in reality, the students were sent home and that only the staff stayed.)

  • Ed Monaghan and Louise Benally gave the GMCS Strategic Plan Quarterly Update.  Update included DVD “AYP and EPSS for Parents” as part of goal to “Build Positive Relationships Between School and Community.”

  • Executive Session at 7:11 pm.

“Experience is a wonderful thing.  It enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.”
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, April 10, 2006 
Call to Order/Roll: 6:00 pm/Andrienne Sloan, absent
  • Supt. White attended Student Music Festival on March 30 and participated in a Talent Show at Gallup High School on March 29th.

  • Formula Task Force met on April 3, 2006.  Task Force wanted $1 million to conduct study to make recommendations to Legislature.  Superintendents voted for $200,000 shared between districts (60 cents per GMCS student).  Study will look into—among other things—what the difference is between education and basic education.

  • Yvonne Crooker was recognized for Roadrunner Award.

  • Supt. White suggested to UNM-Gallup that: More Native Americans teachers be recruited, and that Systems Training be included in curriculum.

  • Career Tech High School monies from Governor will go to programs at GJHS as school is already being built.

  • Supt. White recognized Truidy Manuelito and Casey Bolick as members of the Student Task Force.

  • Theresa Mariano reported on process of Board Policy Review.  Recommended changes sent to Donn Williams.  Board received policies with no changes.

  • Joe De La O stated that he is “glad to see a Staff Dress Code as [he has] received comments on staff dress at some schools.” 

  • Ethel Manuelito summarized Community Conversations held.  Majority of concerns were on communication, safety, student needs, and after-school programs.  Few solutions were offered.

  • Board Goal #1 was to develop Superintendent Evaluation Process.  This has been completed.  Goal #2 is to implement System of Visitation by Board members, accompanied by Regional Quality Center members. 

  • Principals Slade and Crooker of Tse Yi Gai and Thoreau, respectively, stated that teachers would “welcome being recognized in their classrooms.” (NOTE: No teacher present was consulted.)

  • Principal Slade reported on Tse Yi Gai High School: 18 full-time staff:

    • 1 Ph.D. and 4 M.A.’s

    • Enrollment: 40 day-157 students 80 day-163 students 120 day-164 students Challenges: heating and AC systems-maintenance not trained by contractors bussing issues and road conditions

    • Future:  working on a web page

    • Looking at Football

    • Track going well

    • looking at more electives

    • Teacher Parking Lot finally has lights

  • Supt. White stated that, according to Cuba Supe, Cuba has dropped 200 students. White also stated that Tse Yi Gai enrollment doubled over last year “due to Spade’s leadership.”

  • Proclamations:

    • GMCS Librarians-April 16-22

    • GMCS Secretaries-April 23-29

    • GMCS Cooks and Bus Drivers-April 30-May 6

  • Jennifer Brower received certificate for being elected as Member-at-Large to New Mexico Library Association Board of Directors.

  • GMCS Facilities Master Plan was approved unanimously.

  • 2005-06 Quality of Education Survey Questions were approved.  Item #5 added “bilingual.” “My child’s school provides a culturally responsive curriculum and a Native Language/Bilingual Program.”

  • John Samford reported on LESC, highlighting relevant areas to GMCS leading to District budget for next fiscal year.

  • Requested Topics by Board for Future Meetings:

    • School Advisory Councils

    • Tracking Data or Goals-Native American teachers

    • Driving Privileges

    • Allowing Security Officers to carry handcuffs

    • Use of Backpacks

“Opportunities always look bigger going than coming.”





GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, March 20, 2006 
Call to Order/Roll: 6:00pm/all present.
  • GMCS Board recognized Chess Tournament winners, Ramah High School Girls Basketball Team, and Gallup High School Girls Basketball Team with certificates.

  • Joe De La O was one of several to attend court hearing with Judge Rich for Status Conference on Impact Aid.  Attendees included PED Reps and Albuquerque Journal.

    • It was commented that this could be the “final bite at the apple.”

  • Evidentiary Hearing will be in September or October.  Bob Rosebrough will represent GMCS for this.

  • Tri-Board meetings are to resume.

  • Student Task Force Survey Presentation by Coreen Smith and David “Jed” Stus was postponed until May.

  • April 10, 2006-Capital Outlay Plan due.  Total of Project Budgets (Improvement Summaries)= $320,871,957.

  • Second Board Policy Review=61 pages.

  • NMPSIA Summary-Surety Bonds paid for all officers.

  • Executive Session-7:29pm

“Who pleases his teachers is destined for the world to come.”
–Hanina b. Hama        
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, March 6,2006 
Call to Order/Roll: 6:00 pm/Mrs. Price, Andrienne Sloan absent. 
  • February Teacher of the Month:  Kathryn Curtis of Navajo Elementary.

  • New Teacherages are in Crownpoint, Tohatchi, and Tse Yi Gai.  Navajo and Ramah are next on the list.

  • Indian Education Advisory Group met with GMCS, Zuni District, and Central Consolidated at the Northwest Indian Education Office on Monday, February 27, 2006.  Gloria Begay and Tammy Smith gave presentations on their programs.

  • Chantal Irvin and David “Jed” Stus presented on Regional Quality Center’s programs, progress, and initiatives at the Public Education Commission in Santa Fe on March 3, 2006.

  • Ethel Manuelito reported on first 13 pages of Board Policy Review.  These include Mission and Vision Statement, GMCS Legal Status, Non-discrimination and Equal Opportunity, Compliance Officers and Procedures, Legal References, Sexual Harassment, and Board Operational Goals.

  • John Samford and Bob Robie, of Architectual Research Consultants, Inc., presented Facilities Master Plan Overview.

    • Total needs in existing schools amount to $320,872 million.

    • Gallup area to have 8.9% declining enrollment until 2010-2011.

    • Generally, across the District there’s demand for classrooms but enrollment is flattening.

  • John Samford and Mr. Marco Abeita reported on status of Aquatic Center.  Center is progressing on schedule and is to be completed on May 23, 2006.  A Grand Opening is scheduled for June.

  • J.R. Thompson voiced concern over adequacy of parking area.

  • Johnty Cresto reported on the Systems Approach in M and O.

  • Tammy Hall presented Systems Implementation Report for Early Learning Services.

  • Notices and Communications:

    • March 14, 2006-Board Retreat at La Quinta, 6-9pm JSA and Stus

    • March 20, 2006-GMCS Board Meeting

    • March 23, 2006-Principals Meeting, EDC

    • March 23, 2006-Gallery Walk at EDC

    • April 3, 2006-GMCS Board Meeting

    • April 3-7, 2006-Spring Break

    • April 6-7, 2006-Quality New Mexico Awards and Conference

    • April 17, 2006-GMCS Board Meeting at Tohatchi High School

    • May 3, 2006-Regional Quality Center Fair at Red Rock State Park.

  • Middle College High School Charter Two-Year Renewal approved.

  • Education Agenda Planning Calendar for 2006 approved.

  • Retired to Executive Session at 8:00pm.

“Let your children’s tutor be constantly in your house, and pay him liberally.”
--Elijah Gaon
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, February 20, 2006
Call to Order/Roll Call: 6:00pm/Andrienne Sloan tardy. 
  • Supt. White reported on the Legislative Session. She stated that the District’s concern is money/funding to growth districts. GMCS District has asked Judge Rich to put this on his calendar. Kindergarten Plus was cut. Funding Formula was cut.

  • Board Policy Update was presented by Ethel Manuelito.  Time line was recommended to review 12 sections (950 pages) of Board Policy.  Discussion was held concerning dividing the review among Central Office departments.  Personnel would like its pages reviewed as soon as possible to be able to get Letters of Intent to employees.

  • Ethel Manuelito reported on Community Conversations.

  • Water pump went out at Thoreau leaving schools and teacherages without water.  Another pump was located in Albuquerque.

  • GPD Officer Jeff Barnhurst was recognized by Board for service above and beyond call of duty.

  • Clarification of District Discipline Policy was added to Consent Agenda.  John McBreen reminded Board that amendment required a vote.

  • Middle College High School Charter Renewal was deferred until after Legislative decision is made on length of renewal (2 or 5 years).

  • Bill Bright presented report from the Wellness Advisory Council.

  • Teach For America (TFA) Update was given by Sean VanBerschot, Executive Director.  TFA Report contained Strategic Goals, Student Achievement Evaluation, Alumni Impact Evaluation, Financial Sustainability, and Organizational Capacity.

  • Student Achievement Evaluation Data Sheet states that a  “GMCS study of 4th, 5th, and 6th grade classrooms showed greater impact in Teach For America classrooms.”

    • While the handout titled “Principal Satisfaction with TFA Teachers” was not negative, data on back pages by Dr. Monaghan indicates that “there seems to be no discernable difference between the growth of academic achievement in TFA-teacher classrooms and achievement in non-TFA classrooms.”

    • An article titled “Ivy Leaguers Opt to Teach” from NRTA (National Retired Teachers Association) “Live and Learn” (AARP publication) which was distributed to guests by Chantal Irvin, seems to agree with Dr. Monaghan’s findings and offers possible reasons for the surge in TFA recruitment.

    • There was also mention of a Longitudinal Study to compare GMCS Teachers and TFA Teachers.

  • Adjourned at 7:55pm.

”Scholars are builders, builders of the world.”
--Johanan b. Nappaha
“A table is not blessed, if it has fed no scholars.”
--Seder Eliyahu Rabbah


GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, February 6, 2006
Call to Order/Roll: 6:00pm/J.R. Thompson absent
  • J.R. Thompson absence due to attendance at the State Legislature.

  • Bond Election is tomorrow, February 7th.

  • Superintendent’s Task Force introduced: Delvin Yazzie, Casey Bolak, and Truidy Manuelito.

  • Yvonne Crooker, Principal Thoreau Elementary, mentioned for receiving Roadrunner Award.

  • David Oakes presented E-Rate Update.

    • Computer Replacement-Goal of attaining 3:1 or 4:1 students per computer; additional computer purchases across District Distance Learning-There are 14 reconditioned learning carts available. E-rate Projects-All schools to have internal cabling, access to internet, telephones in classrooms, no long distance dialing within GMCS District.  Voicemail hardware and electronics to be replaced in eight schools.

  • Chantal Irvin reported on NCA Accreditation Team visit.  Seven high schools were accredited. 

  • The Board of Education, Central Office, and all other schools will seek accreditation in near future.

  • Improvement Initiative Report given by Ms Washburn and Katherine Key with regard to David Skeet.  Ms Sanchez reported on Rocky View.

  • Dr. Helen Zongolowics and Ann Jarvis of UNM-G were in attendance to field questions concerning UNM-G Charter renewal.

  • Gabriel Lim was presented trophy for District Spelling Bee.  Andrew Melendez and Brenna Beale were given trophies as runner-ups.

  • Geoffrey Moon and Rondeall Bizzell were given certificates for presenting at 1st Annual Gifted Institute.

  • David Irving, Director of Construction, was recognized for 2005 Best Education Project and Best Building.

  • Announcements and Communications:

    • February 7, 2006-Bond Election

    • February 10-11, 2006-Board Institute, Santa Fe

    • February 21, 2006-GMCS Board Meeting

    • March 6, 2006-GMCS Board Meeting

    • March 20, 2006-GMCS Board Meeting

“Who will not support a scholar will see no blessing.”
--Eleazar b. Pedat






Central Office
Tuesday, January 17, 2006
Call to Order/Roll: 6:00pm/all present
  • Navajo Pine High School Boys and Girls Cross Country were recognized.  (no hugs given)

  • Gallup High School Boys Cross Country recognized. (no hugs)

  • Five teachers were nominated for December Teacher of the Month.  NONE WERE SELECTED as no one received sufficient points to meet the criteria for selection as borrowed from the National Board Certification criteria. (no hugs)

  • GMCS Board and Assistant Superintendents received bags in appreciation from local businesses which sponsor the [Nominees} of the Month. (no hugs)

  • Proclamation was passed for Appreciation of GMCS Board and elected city, county, and tribal officials.  Appreciation Week is January 22-28, 2006.

  • Kim Orr spoke on her article about Frank Chiapetti which was featured in Principal Leadership Magazine.

  • Johnty Cresto received Maintenance Achievement Award.

  • GMCS Board member Andrienne Sloan will apply to medical school at a later date so as not to leave the GMCS Board before her term expires.

  • Dr. Monaghan presented on 1st and 2nd Quarter Data Comparisons.

  • Ethel Manuelito distributed rough drafts of Charter for Middle College High School.  Charter must be approved by February 21, 2006.

  • Announcements:

    • January 19, 2006—McKinley Area Education Consortium, UNM

    • February 6, 2006—GMCS Board Meeting

    • February 7, 2006—Bond Election

    • February 10-11, 2006—Board Institute, Santa Fe

    • February 21, 2006—GMCS Board Meeting

    • March 6, 2006—GMCS Board Meeting

  • Sue Griffith and staff—Louise Benally, Dolly Begay, Isadore Begay, and Gloria Begay—presented on Goal #2 of Strategic Plan.

  • 2005-06 Capital Outlay Projects approved.

  • David “Jed” Stus reported on Regional Quality Center of Gallup:

    • Office is now located in Central Office not in a portable
    • Jim Shipley Associates Consultants are on site at schools from four to ten days
    • “very positive feedback received from learning communities”
    • Center is working with Leadership Teams
    • Refinement of PDSA’s is underway
    • Working on packet with rollout of expectations of Central Office
    • 1 ½ hour meeting was held with Veronica Garcia
    • Garcia would like to use what has been done at Gallup Center for modeling at other Quality Centers
    • Invitation was received to attend Governor’s Reception with five Principals and Linda Hoyt
    • Governor’s Education Execs to visit Gallup
    • May 3, 2006—1st Annual Quality Fair to be held at Red Rock State Park
    • Veronica Garcia, Governor Richardson, and Navajo Nation representatives to be in attendance will be highly publicized.
  • Monaghan reports a 25% drop in students from grades 9—12.

  • Chantal Irvin reported that High School Principals are looking at:

  • a 5 X 5 Block Schedule
  • Content Areas of English, Math, Science, and Social Studies
  • Reducing electives—will look at number and type of electives
  • Academy Format
  • Mentoring Program to address relationships with students
  • 40 Developmental Assets
  • GMCS Board approved Supt. White’s evaluation.  Focus areas of evaluation deal with relationships with stakeholders and accountability.  J.R. Thompson cast only opposing vote.

  • GMCS Board approved a One-Year Extension to Supt. White’s contract with Two Years Still Remaining.

    • Supt. White stated that she was not going to ask for an extension until speaking with a “staff member” who said she needed to show that she still wanted the position.

  • J.R. Thompson was only Board member to cast opposing vote citing concerns

    •  Bilingual Program is one year behind;

    •   AYP has not been met;

    •  Supt. White still has two years remaining on contract; and

    • Supt. White travels extensively and is never in the office.

  • J.R. stated that “[Karen White] is dictating to the Board and we are rubberstamping.”  He further stated, “I don’t want this Board to be a rubberstamp” and “we are responsible to our constituents, not the Superintendent.”

  • Board member Joe De La O stated that he did have 3 or 4 concerns which were resolved after meeting with Supt. White.  He also stated that “we finally have an [evaluation] instrument to pin her down on.”

  • After further adding that “[he doesn’t] have enough information as a new Board member,” De La O voted in favor of the contract extension rather than abstaining.

  • Mavis Price stated that “Principals and Teachers [told her] what a good job the Superintendent is doing.”

  • Mavis Price made the motion to “re-hire the Superintendent with a one-year extension for a total of three years. Salary to be decided after the Legislative Session.”

  • Board retires to Executive Session at 10:00pm.

“Money won, virtue gone.”
 —Yiddish Proverb 
“Some people think they are worth a lot of money just because they have it.”
–Hurst. q. Leon Gutterman
 “Try to save something while your salary is small; it’s impossible to save after you begin to earn more.”
–Benny. q. Leon Gutterman



Central Office
Monday, January 2, 2006
Call to Order/Roll: 6:00 pm/J.R. Thompson absent
  • Supt. White reported that ex-GJHS Principal Rick Carpenter failed to appear at his December 19, 2005 Status Hearing and that a Bench Warrant had been issued.  A “no-show” may be deemed a sign of guilt.  GMCS District will notify PED in an effort to revoke Carpenter’s license.  Missing funds from GJHS are being reimbursed by insurance.

  • Superintendent/Board Student Advisory Board was recognized.  Student Board meets before each GMCS Board Meeting.

  • Ramah High School Girls Volleyball Team was recognized for winning NM State Volleyball Championship.  Each player and coach was given a certificate from the Board and a hug from Supt. White.  Additionally, each received a hug and pottery piece with their name, school, and date from Board member Mavis Price.

  • Clara DeArmond was recognized as National Board Certified Teacher.

  • David Oakes will train Board on Board Book at Board Retreat.  Board Book/laptop may take place of Board Packet.  John McBreen questioned Board Book and compliance with the Open Meetings Act.

  • Jim Shipley (JSA) Board Retreat: January 13th & 14th 6:00-9:00pm and 9:00am-2:00pm.

  • John Samford gave yet another update on upcoming Bond Election.  January 10 is the last day for voter registration.  Emphasized that there is no increase in taxes and mentions (again) importance of District’s 2200 employees voting.

  • Dr. Monaghan gave update for District Priority Schools and Strategic Plan 2nd Quarter.

  • Chantal Irvin spoke about Discipline Process and identification of students on suspension/expulsion in order to get them support upon return to school.

  • Dr. Monaghan reported on New Mexico Standards-Based Assessment Performance results.

  • Ethel Manuelito and Angie Hotsoi reported on Childsight of New Mexico Project which provides students with free vision screening and glasses.

  • Ethel Manuelito gave report on last GMCS Labor Relations Board Meeting.  Complaints against District were scheduled to be heard at January 17, 2006 meeting, but this meeting has been postponed until February.

  • Board adjourned at 8:45pm.

“…how do we build relationships with High School students and make them want to be in school?”
-Chantal Irvin
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, December 19, 2005

Call to Order/Roll:  6:00 pm/all present

  • Supt. White went to Santa Fe to meet with Education Secretary Dr. Veronica Garcia, however, the meeting was cancelled as Dr. Garcia had another engagement.  New meeting to be held on January 5, 2006.

  • David “Jed” Stus to present Quality report to GMCS Board.

  • Ethel Manuelito gave presentation on Gallup Region Town Hall Meeting which took place on December 8, 9, & 10, 2005.  “Weaving a Vision for Gallup Town Hall” developed four areas of focus:

  •  Managing Community Growth/Developing Affordable Housing

  • Tourism

  •  Opportunities for Youth

  •  Managing Addictions

  • Board was concerned about lack of representation from Navajo and Zuni Tribes and Youth.

  • GMCS Board will invite Town Hall reps. back for more information.

  • Chantal Irvin reported on Survey Results for 2006-07 Calendar:

    • Second Monday of each month will have 2-hour Delay.

    • Early Release Fridays to continue for students.

    • Parent/Teacher Conferences to be spread out over day and evening on Mondays.

    • School Year to begin August 21, 2006 and to end May 23, 2007.

  • Although a majority was in favor of a four-day week, Ms Irvin stated that much more discussion was needed as there is no proof that this would improve academics.  Additionally, Irvin said that the survey was taken when gas prices were high and that results might be different now.  Moreover, the length of the school day would have to be increased to meet state standards on instruction time.

  • Another concern mentioned was that of vandalism.  As most vandalism occurs on weekends, it was questioned whether vandalism might increase due to the extra day out of school.

  • The New Mexico Legislature appropriated $2.5 million to PED for increased heating costs of public/charter schools.  In order to distribute the funds, districts and charter schools were asked to complete and submit an application.

  • GMCS District requested funds for an estimated additional cost of $729,509.  PED used a formula (reg. expenditure X 13.6%) and GMCS District only received $191,662.

  • GMCS Policy Revision to Section VII.12.5 and VIII.12.6 (Discipline Policy).

  • Elementary School Principals had initially argued that discipline options available were unfair to kindergarten through fifth grade students who were still in the process of learning appropriate social behavior, and suggested that Elementary Principals be allowed a series of options whereby students would essentially have four incidents before suspension or expulsion.

  • Mavis Price met with Elementary Principals, and an agreement was reached which allowed for only two fights.

  • This change to the Discipline Policy was unanimously approved by the Board.

  • Mr. Samford gave an update for the upcoming General Obligation Bond Election to be held Tuesday, February 7, 2006.

    • Samford stated that the District must get the word out to its 2200 employees as the last vote was won by about this number.

  • Cuddy Law Firm will no longer be used to draft Board Policy.  GMCS District has entered into a 4-year contract with Don Williams to align and continually update Policy to state/federal law.  GMCS will be linked to AZ School Board Association website.  Williams has worked for 18 NM Districts. 

    • Two reported advantages to this contract are

      • substantial savings to District

      • Cuddy Firm may now represent District in Policy lawsuits.

  • An Update was given on 2006 Legislative Priorities.

  • Upon initial perusal, MCFUSE finds the following questionable:

  • Allow all children enrolled in district Pre-Schools to ride regular fleet for reimbursement.

  •  Indian Education Act—$4 million to fund materials development and to grow our own Native American teachers and administrators.

  • Professional Development-Leadership—funding will be needed for Principals to receive training on how to implement the Three Tier Licensure evaluation process.

  •  GMCS supports maintaining the appeal authority of the Local School Board in personnel termination hearings, avoiding expensive arbitration.

  • (Note: Employees are always at a disadvantage when appealing a decision in the District to the District.  An unbiased authority and venue continues to be needed for a just appeal process. Also, much taxpayer money could be saved if the District would cease wasting funds on lawyers to fight the union by maintaining legal gridlock.

  • Board adjourned at 7:51 pm.



“Creating a false impression is deception."
 --Meir. Talmud: Hullin, 94a.
Tosefta: Baba Kamma, 7.8.
“Taunt not your neighbor with your own blemish!”
 --Nathan. Talmud: Baba Metzia, 59b 
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, December 5, 2005

Call to Order/Roll:  6:00 pm/Mavis Price and Supt. White absent.

  • Supt. White is currently attending National Staff Development Conference in Philadelphia, PA.

  • Quality NM to announce 20 Piñon and one Roadrunner Award in Albuquerque on Thursday, December 8, 2005.

  • Dr. Roy Howard and Bill Bright gave background history of the Regional Indigenous Bilingual Education Conference (RIBEC) and presented certificates to those involved with RIBEC 2005.  Dr. Howard and Mr. Bright were then presented certificates by the Board.

  • Announcements:

    • December 9-10, 2005—NMSBA Annual Conference

    • December 19 & 20, 2005—Central Office closes 3:00 pm

    • December 19-30, 2005—Winter Break

    • December 26 & 27, 2005—Central Office closes 3:00 pm

    • January 2, 2006—GMCS Board Meeting

    • January 9, 2006—Board Excellence Awards

    • January 13-14, 2006—Jim Shipley Board Retreat

    • January 16, 2006--Holiday

    • January 17, 2006—GMCS Board Meeting

  • Resolution to Sell General Obligation Bonds from 2003 Election was Approved.

  • Turnout of Easement at Milepost 5.6 on U.S. Highway N. 491 was Approved.

  • Board entered Executive Session at 6:34 pm.


“Include me out.” –Goldwyn, attributed to 
“It is forbidden……to display unusual ability in the presence of the handicapped.”
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, November 21, 2005

Call to Order/Roll:  6:00 pm/all present.

  • Supt. White reported on Funding Formula Task Force Meeting held in Carlsbad, NM.  Military representatives were in attendance and explained that the loss of Impact Aid played an important role in base closures as 70% of weight is based on Impact Aid.  Formula Task Force will meet again next week.

  • Also, all in attendance were adamant that the Governor’s proposed 6% wage increase must be funded every year, not just once with the gasoline excise tax monies.

  • GMCS Board will set date at Retreat to talk with Legislators.  (Supt. White had stated that Legislators say they do not like lobbyists.)

  • School Board Association Meeting to be held December 9 & 10, 2005.

  • Ms Ros Carroll will deliver District ornaments to Santa Fe where they will be sent to Washington, DC as part of the 2005 National Christmas Tree Ornament Project.

  • Mary Jean Christiansen and staff reported on Youth Town Hall.

  • Andrienne Sloan reported on Aquatic Center progress from November 16 meeting:

    • excavation in progress for pool

    • outside done, awaiting special panels

    • deceleration/driving lane in progress

    • mesh for stucco delayed due to hurricane.

  • 3rd Annual Regional Indigenous Bilingual Education Conference was held November 17 and 18.  Senator Tsosie and Howard Rainer were keynote speakers, and over 30 workshops were held.  It was reported that the Conference was well-received and well-attended.

  • Attorney Donn Williams will be at GMCS next week to debrief Supe on GMCS Board Policy.  Board is to be debriefed later.  District has entered into a 4-year contract where Board Policy is reviewed and continually updated. (yes!… more attorneys!)

  • One-page GMCS EPSS submitted to PED on November 15th.  PED returned document saying that State EPSS template needed to be used.  EPSS went from one page to approximately 60 pages.

  • NCA to be at District High Schools from December 12 to 17.

  • Albuquerque Journal ran article of 20 Piñon Awards and one Roadrunner Award in GMCS.

  • Tohatchi High and Redrock Elementary sent letters of appreciation to Central Office and GMCS  Board.  Central Office staff subbed for teachers to allow them to attend funerals.

  • It was reported by Chantal Irvin that Supt. White loaned money and took JSA Consultant to hospital after Consultant was hit by a drunk driver on Supe’s birthday.

    • Reportedly, Supe also assisted Sped. Teacher in taking student home after missing bus.

  • GMCS Board Retreat set for January 13 and 14, 2006.

  • Student Transfer Policy to be rescinded; attendance window is on 120th day.

  • Resolution and Proclamation Approved to hold School District general obligation bond election on Tuesday, February 7, 2006. 

  • Presentation made by Mr. Paul Cassidy of RBC Capital Markets.  The job of the Bond Counsel is to prepare for bond elections.  Counsel will work with Supt. White and John Samford to ensure election details are in compliance with the law.

  • Adjourned to Executive Session at 7:30 pm.


“Who seeks no glory here is fit for glory there.”
Phineas, Pesikta Rabbati 
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, November 7, 2005 
  • Call to Order/Roll: 6:00 pm/Andrienne Sloan absent

  • Dr. Tempest reported on October 21 meeting of LESC.  Main focus dealt with conflicting legislation with respect to role of District Superintendents in employee termination process.

  • Mr. Haskie gave presentation on PSCOC awards which include $7 million for Gallup Westside Middle School, $4.4 million for Gallup Mid renovation, and $14.1 for JFK addition.  Completion date is 2008.

  • Board of Excellence Awards Presentation scheduled for Monday, January 9, 2006 at 6:00 pm at GHS.

  • Mavis Price reported on Governor’s visit to Thoreau.  Governor spoke to a Civics class, and Secretary of Education spoke to a Math class.

  • Governor told students that he would assist in procuring monies for a Skate Park which will include Basketball Court and Library.  $132,000 needs to be appropriated. 

  • Mrs. Price, teachers, and legislators will put together a resolution for Legislature.

  • Bill Bright presented Youth Festival Chess Tournament Winners.

  • Lurae McCollum was named as a recipient of a certificate for her efforts on the Local Labor Board.  She is stepping down as GMCS Representative on Local Labor Board and is being replaced by Danny Jarrett from a Labor Employment Law Firm in Albuquerque.

  • Teacher of the Month:  Stephanie Klassin.

  • GMCS Board members were presented with various Leadership and Training Awards.

  • November 13—19:  Education Assistants Week.

  • First meeting of Student Task Force held today.  Members introduced themselves to the Board.

  • Announcements:

    • November 7, 2005—Formula Task Force, Carlsbad

    • November 11, 2005—Veterans Day

    • November 17-18, 2005—RIBEC Conference

    • November 21, 2005—GMCS Board Meeting

    • November 24-25, 2005—Thanksgiving Break

    • November 28, 2005—Donn Williams Board Policy Reviewing Week

    • December 5, 2005—GMCS Board Meeting


“Our bondage is that we choose to be bondmen.”
 --Ragoler, Maalot HaTorah



GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
October 17, 2005

Call to Order/Roll:  6:00 pm/all present

  • Moment of Silence was held for Kathryn Sue Lewis who died last week.  An ’87 graduate of NAU, Kathryn was a Home Economics teacher at GJHS.

  • Board was invited to attend a meeting on Wednesday, October 19, 2005 from 3:00-5:00 pm at Gurley Hall. Frank Dayish of the Navajo Nation and representatives from the Governor’s Office of Economic Development will be in attendance.

  • Legal Notice in Herald about Board Retreat should have read: “NO action will be taken.”

  • PED Secretary Garcia facilitated a Community Conversation at GHS and at Crownpoint.  Tse Yi Gai was also visited.

  • Crownpoint High was recipient of a Bronze Eagle.

  • Results of Dr. Garcia’s Community Conversation were unavailable on PED website due to a virus. (Gesundheit!)

  • Lincoln Elementary celebrated 50 years as a school.

  • Announcements:

    • October 19 & 20—Supt. White to make presentation with Dr. Garcia at LFC.

    • October 20—LFC meeting, Albuquerque

    • October 21 & 22—Jim Shipley for Board Retreat

    • October 27—Impact Aid Conference in Santa Fe

    • October 27—Dr. Garcia and Governor Richardson to visit Thoreau High.  Lt. Governor  will visit Twin Lakes Elementary.

    • November 3—Government to Government meeting (PED and Pueblo Governors)

    • November 7 & 21—GMCS Board meetings

    • November 17 & 18—Regional Indigenous Bilingual Education (RIBEC) Conference

    • November 28—Don Williams and Team to review/align Board Policy with new State Regs.

    • December 9 & 10—NM School Board Association meetings

  • Total GMCS enrollment as of Friday, October 14 was 12,925.  Number projected was 12,590; 335 above projection. The 40th Day is October 25 for enrollment report to PED.

  • Tse Yi Gai has 156 students currently, is on the network, has 3 TI lines, and is to have telephone within 1 week.

  • Board Member Mavis Price reported on North Central Accreditation (NCA) meeting in Flagstaff and National Indian Education Association (NIEA) meeting in Denver from October 2-5, 2005.  Mrs. Price recounted an emotional moment when the original US flags which had been presented to Black Kettle and the white flag of Black Kettle were shown.  An honor song was sung for runners which had run from Sand Creek to Denver...200 miles!

  • Presentation was made by representatives of the Gallup Alcohol Action Team.  Reps requested a Letter of Support from the GMCS Supe.  Supt. White instructed reps to send her a letter which her staff will adjust for her signature.

  • Mr. Ben Chavez, Mr. Joe Henley, and Mr. Daniel Castro gave 40th Day Transportation Report.  There are:

    • 152 bus drivers 1

    • 151 bus routes

    • 4000 county routes

    • 9,070 students transported

    • 18 Special Needs buses with 123 students

    • over 18,479 miles driven daily

  • Biannual Inspection: 70% of buses passed, 30% of buses had minor defects.  Only 2 brake violations out of 150 buses.

  • Training includes defensive driving, security driving, proper driving techniques, passenger management, 6 hours behind the wheel, 2 hours observation time, first aid/CPR training within 60 days, Special Needs training, activity bus training, and 10 in-service days. There is an additional $200,000 cost projection for bus fuel.

    • When asked by J.R. Thompson about a 4-day work week, Ben Chavez responded that it would save a lot of fuel money and wear and tear on vehicles.  Chavez also stated that GMCS District has one of the safest records in the state.     

    • Supt. White stated that she had spoken to drivers and encouraged them to speak Navajo to the  students.  She added that drivers will soon get Baldrige training.

  • Dr. Monaghan and Tammy Hall reported on the Kindergarten Plus Program (04—05).

  • Program provides 20 days before school and 20 days after school for access to general curriculum for “catch-up.”  Program is voluntary but its reputation brings kids in.

  • Legislature provided $100,000 for Program and GMCS kicked in $40,000 for busing.  Students are assessed in Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS).  Students achieved higher Initial Sound Fluency (ISF), parity in Letter Naming Fluency (LNF), and higher Nonsense Word Fluency (NWF).  Students in Program read at a higher level than peers when finished with Kindergarten. 

  • Dr. Kaplan reported on the Middle College High School.  Charter is to be written and delivered to GMCS Board by end of December.  Board has 2 months to approve or not.  Dr. Kaplan foresees no major changes in Charter.

  • Mr. Haskie and the GMCS Board recognized the Food Services Director for “shining” during the Food Service Audit by the State.

  • Entered Executive Session at 8:28 pm


“I’m glad that Veronica Garcia came here: now she knows there’s life on this side the Rio Grande.”
 --GMCS Board member Joe De La O
GMCS Board Meeting
Gallup High School Cafeteria
October 3, 2005
  • Call to Order/Roll:  6:00 pm/Andreanne Sloan and Mavis Price absent.

  • GHS Teacher Carrie Ames was recognized as Wal-Mart’s NM Teacher of the Year.

  • Looking to expand, ENLACE will have a meeting in Gallup or Farmington.

  • Polling site to open at Tse Yi Gai.

  • PED is visiting District schools.  District Administration reports that PED is “impressed with Systems Approach, EPSS, and Principals.”

  • PSCOC has awarded $40 million to District.

  • Adjourned at 6:20 pm.

    • BIA Education head, Ed Parisienne and Secretary of Education, Dr. Veronica Garcia signed a Memorandum of Understanding which provides that the BIA and State will use the same educational standards. 

    • Lieutenant Governor Diane Denish, Senator Tsosie, and other dignitaries were in attendance. 

    • Supt. White stated that Dr. Garcia was visiting “in an effort of support, collegiality, and mentoring.”

    • After speaking of her accomplishments with the help of other politicians present, Dr. Garcia later facilitated a Community Conversation with limited community.


“They set over them taskmasters to afflict them with their burdens…
But the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and the more
They spread abroad.” Bible: Exodus  
GMCS Board Meeting
Crownpoint Mid Gymnasium
September 19, 2005
  • Call to Order/Roll:  6:00 pm/Andreanne Sloan absent

  • Supt. White reported on District’s Core Leadership Teams’ meeting.  Purpose is to conduct Principal meetings “with voices heard from all levels as described in JSA.”

  • Supt. White is to attend Chamber of Commerce meeting on September 20 to assist with a unified legislative strategic plan setting priorities and seeking funding.  Those to attend include County Administrators, Mayor, Council of Governments, UNM, and Patty Lundstrom’s office.

  • Chantal Irvin, Dr. Monaghan, and Theresa Mariano reported on GMCS Strategic Plan binder.  Binder includes information and updates are also inserted.  District’s common goal is to meet AYP.  Items needing to be addressed include tracking data analysis, PED’s direction, EPSS, measurable goals, assessments, teaching to learning system, PDSA, etc.  Also, Professional Development needs to be aligned as part of teacher evaluations.

  • 10th Circuit Court Update: 

    • District is confident and pleased with attorney representing GMCS.  All now depends on how judges rule “otherwise the next step would be the decision by the Supreme Court.”

  • Church Rock experienced major problems from rainstorm: 5 personnel were stranded and waterlines broken.  Bottled water was provided for students to drink and for food services to use to cook.  No damage was reported at teacherages.

  • Proclamations:

    • Proclamation #1:  Sept. 25-30, 2005 as GMCS Parent, Volunteers, and Business Partners Week.

    • Proclamation #2:  Oct. 3-7, 2005 as GMCS Custodian Appreciation Week.

  • Discipline Policy Revision was tabled.

  • Meeting adjourned at 8:01 pm after Executive Session to discuss personnel issues.


“Give, Give!” do the wicked
“Supply us with money!” is
their battle-cry.
Isaac Halevi, 11C. q Zunz,
Synagogale Poesie, 10.
GMCS Board Meeting Highlights
Central Office
Tuesday, September 6, 2005
Call to Order/Roll Call:  6:00 pm/all present


  • Central Office restrooms are now functioning…but do not yet have stalls.

  • Corn Pollen Project to have a booth for Youth Day at the Navajo Nation Fair.

  • Mr. Haskie reported on the Crownpoint community sewage problem.  The District has been approached about a sewage treatment plant venture.  Haskie reported that funding could come from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  Next meeting will be at 9:00 am on September 22, 2005.

  • Supt. White reported on Mayor Rosebrough’s meeting on refugees from New Orleans:

    • Refugees are in Farmington and Albuquerque, not Gallup.  If refugees arrive in Gallup, students must be enrolled as they are considered homeless.  Staff vacancies are to be reported to Louisiana for possible placement of refugees.

  • Sporting a bandaged nose from house remodeling, Mr. David “Jed” Stus and team reported on the “history of how a journey with Baldrige led to the Regional Quality Center.  The Regional Quality Center is located in a portable in back of Central Office.

    • Interesting tidbits:

      • 1500 GMCS staff were trained in “Fast Track Training”

      • Learning for Performance Excellence Training is beginning

      • Realignment of Principal Evaluations to Systems Approach is currently underway

      • Brochures have been printed for stakeholders

      • Cake was served to Board, Central Office Administrators, and attending stakeholders to celebrate “moving forward with the Systems Approach.”

      • Stus stated that the “Systems Approach is selling itself and is being embraced by staff.”

      • Supt. White reiterated, stating that she was commended by staff on training at the TFA   Banquet.

  • Announcements:

    • Sept. 13, 2005-10th Circuit Court, Denver, CO

    • Sept. 19, 2005-Regular GMCS Board Meeting, Crownpoint Mid School

    • Oct. 2-5, 2005-NCA Conference, Flagstaff, AZ

    • Oct. 3-4, 2005-Secretary of Education, Dr. Veronica Garcia, to visit GMCS schools: community conversations at JFK and Crownpoint High School.

    • Oct. 12, 2005-Judge Rich’s Hearing, PSFA/PSCOC

  • David Oakes reported that, as of 3:00 pm, student enrollment was 12,329; projected was an enrollment of 12,406.  Tse Yi Gai went from an enrollment last year of 87 to an enrollment this year of 157.

  • Supt. White reported that Cuba had picked up four GMCS students in Pueblo Pintado.

  • Theresa Mariano reported that the District had received late resignations and has approximately 20 positions vacant.

  • GMCS Board approves John Nasi as third member of Local Labor Relations Board.  Mr. Nasi told the Board that he wants to “help the Board with their challenges.”

  • Changes to Board Policy VIII. Physical Attack were tabled for clarification.  Corrections/changes did not match Policy.

  • GMCS Board approves one year extension of Ramah Navajo Settlement Agreement which expired in June.  Agreement allows GMCS buses to run 7.5 miles on BIA road.

  • Board unanimously approved School Based Health Clinic (SBHC) Expansion.  SBHC is to be housed at GHS.  Initial $125,000 funding will provide salaries for Nurse Practitioner, Case Manager, Psychologist, and Clerk which should be hired by January.  It was reported that Mike Butkovich, GHS Principal, has agreed to pick up/pay in-kind costs.  Governor Richardson’s goal is 34 new School Based Health Clinics.

  • Board adjourned to Executive Session at 7:39pm.
Teachers:  With the incessant and excessive demands on our time and barriers placed between us and actual teaching; Does it ever seem that instead of being “empowered” we are being “overpowered”?
GMCS Board Meeting
David Skeet Elementary
August 15, 2005
All present
  • Mr. Linford reported on District grants and distributed the Grant Fund Report for 2004-05 & 2005-06.
    • Grants Awarded in 2004-05:
    21st Century Community Learning Centers  $325870
    Corn Pollen Pathway $204200
    Bullyproofing Your School  $10000
    Elementary Art  $398204
    Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) $83000
    Family and Youth Resources  $41000
    Carl Perkins III  $303714
    Rural and Low Income Schools $221970
    Teaching American History  $324478
    Even Start   $907760
    Transition to Teaching $227743
    Reading First   $907760
    Demonstration Grant for Indian Children   $227743
    McKinley County Liquor Excise Tax Program  $89885
    Total $4379165


  • Grants Awarded for 2005-06 (to date):

21st Century Community Learning   Centers           

Corn Pollen Pathway $643497
Bullyproofing Your School  $10000
Elementary Art  $643918
Carl Perkins III    $327389
Rural and Low Income Schools  $424327 (est.)
Teaching American History $329487
Even Start   $221970
Transition to Teaching  $324478
Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) $450891
NASA IDEAS Program  $50000
Family and Youth Resources $45000
Reading First  $528770
New Mexico Pre-K Program  $442089
McKinley County Liquor Excise Tax Program  $46753
Exemplary Academic Programs for American Indian Students $241459
Gallup Mid   $75000
Kennedy Mid  $49500
Navajo Mid $38509
Ramah Mid $29950
Thoreau Mid $48500
Total $5055898
  • Additional Applications Pending for 2005-06:

Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) (Two separate proposals)   

Jacob Javits Gifted and Talented Program   $369953
Character Counts     $10000
Total $580953
  • Unsuccessful Applications (to date)

    • Early Reading First (Federal)

    • Advanced Placement Incentives (Federal)

    • Improving Literacy through School Libraries (Federal)

    • Information Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (ITEST) (National Science Foundation)

  • Tse Yi Gai community is interested in forming a Steering Committee.  Supt. White recommended staying within the law by utilizing Advisory Committee to which community members may run for election.

  • Tohatchi Elementary, Middle, and High Schools and Twin Lakes Elementary to host Meet and Greet in the Tohatchi cafeteria at 5:00 pm. Report to be on Tuesday 16th, but Independent reports it to be on Friday, August 19th.

  • Notices:

    • August 17-Tohatchi FB field dedication at 9:30 am

    • August 18-New Teachers’ Orientation at JFK

    • August 19 & 20-Shipley Training for GMCS Board

    • August 26-Chee Dodge new building dedication at 9:00 am

    • August 29-First Day of School

    • September 6-GMCS Board Meeting

    • September 13-10th Circuit Court Hearing in Denver at 2:00 pm

    • October 3 & 4-Secretary of Education Dr. Veronica Garcia to visit schools

    • October 3-5-North Central Accreditation Conference in Flagstaff

    • October 6-9-National Indian Education Conference in Denver

    • October 12-Judge Rich’s Hearing, Public School Facilities Authority

  • Coreen Smith and Supt. White attended Navajo Nation President Shirley’s “Back to School Day.”  GMCS was only district represented.  Supt. White gave speech focusing on need for Native American teachers.  District Reps. will also attend Youth Day on September 8th for Navajo Nation Fair. 

  • NM State University FB Team arrived in Gallup on August 14th

  • Mr. Haskie and Supt. White presented project proposal to PSCOC first week of August.  Supt. White mentioned that PSCOC would like District to drop the Impact Aid litigation. 

  • Mr. Samford reported on the August 8 meeting in Grants with the NM Department of Transportation concerning the Nizhoni Extension.

  • Supt. White reported that Secretary of Education Veronica Garcia is proud of Gallup and the Systems Approach. 

  • Supt. White attended Legislative Finance Committee in Farmington at request of Dr. Garcia to share Systems Approach. 

  • Mr. Samford was recognized by Board for being named Business Administrator of the Year by the Coalition of School Administrators. 

  • Mr. Haskie was recognized by Board for being honored for achievement by the Navajo Nation. 

  • Recessed to Executive Session at 7:06 pm

Rather the bite of a friend than the kiss of an enemy. –Sholom Aleichem
Money lost, nothing lost.  Courage lost, all is lost.—Lazerov
GMCS Board Meeting
City Hall
August 1, 2005
Call to Order/Roll Call: 6:00pm/all present


  • Laray McCollum was presented as District’s Representative to the Local Labor Board.

  • Dr. Monaghan and Chantal Irvin presented on AYP results.

    • 39% met AYP last year.  0% met AYP this year.

  • Ms. Irvin provided the Board with talking points connecting AYP to the District’s Strategic Plan/Systems Approach.  Principals will meet with Brenda Clark of Shipley on Wednesday, August 3, 2005 to discuss AYP and how to meet it.

  • New Principals’ Orientation began today.  New Principals to  be in Albuquerque tomorrow.

  • Board members invited to greet new teachers at JFK on August 18 at 1:00 pm during New Teachers Orientation.

  • Chee Dodge Dedication: August 26 at 9:00 am.

  • Mrs. Marilyn Herr reported on Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Achievement, Inc. (MESA) as background for Memorandum of Understanding between GMCS and MESA.  MESA needs space until UNM-G builds 3 new buildings in the next 5 years.  MESA to be given space in Technology.

  • Board into Executive Meeting at 7:35 pm


“How noble man can be if he conform with law!”
 “Professionalism involves more than one’s outward appearance and demeanor.  It also includes open, honest, and ethical behavior in one’s interactions with others as well as compliance with the laws of the land.”
“To oppose a teacher is to oppose the Shekina.” (Divine Presence, often used as synonym for G-d) 


GMCS Board Meeting
City Hall
July 18, 2005
Call to Order/Roll Call:  6:00 pm/all present
  • Superintendent White congratulated Board members for having met required hours mandated by the New Mexico School Board Association for the 2004-05 school year.
  • State Superintendents’ Meeting on July 19, 2005.
  • Superintendent White to attend Coalition Conference and State Supes’ Meeting in Albuquerque on July 19.
  • Chantal Irvin and Supt. White to attend Quality New Mexico Examiner Training week of July 25.
  • Supt. White has been appointed by Governor Richardson for a two-year term on the Funding Formula Task Force.  First meeting to be held August 1-2, 2005 in Santa Fe with upcoming meetings in Carlsbad, Silver City, and Gallup.
  • GMCS Board was invited to attend New Administrators’ Training scheduled for Monday, August 1, at GJHS.  There are eight new Principals and a new testing coordinator.
  • Board President Dr. Tempest advised that, at the Town Hall Meeting, Governor Richardson stated that he would fund the $800,000 for the Mendoza Extension to GHS.
  • Mr. David Hungerford and Mr. Bryan Flores reported on the Lindamood Bell Learning Processes in District.
  • Mrs. Diane DiPaolo, Director of Counseling, reported on changes to the District Habitual Truancy Referral Process
  1. Parents must be notified by certified/return receipt delivery prior to FINS  referral that child is in violation with number of absences listed.

  1. If child continues to be out of compliance, then FINS referral with interventions from SST can be made for JPPO.

  • Consequences could include loss of driving privileges.
  • Mr. De La O commented that he has seen many students in the hallways during class time.  They attend school but not classes.  This issue will be brought up with the Principals.
  • Mr. J.R. Thompson has asked Secretary of Education Dr. Veronica Garcia, Penny Bird, and other state staff to meet with the Navajo Nation Council to address the truancy problem.
  • Dr. Monaghan gave summary of his written report on the CCSSO-35th Annual Conference on Large Scale Assessments.  He focused on English Language Learners (ELL), unreliability of measures, and dropout audit.  District will work with PED to get better assessments and look at Nevada as it has had several years of AYP.
  • New Mexico is second in nation with 19% ELL.
  • Gallup has 45% ELL.
  • Dropout Audit Review:  Seven Middle College High School students were not counted, and 21 students listed as dropouts had returned.
  • Consent Agenda Items Discussed:
    • Application for McKinney/Vento Homeless-Mrs. DiPaolo gave report on how
    • District works with homeless students.  300-500 students expected to be served with $8000.
    • Change to Board Policy Section II 5.2 which, until now, has listed the Gallup Independent as the sole paper in regards to the Open Meetings Act.
    • Mr. Samford clarified the Resolution Authorizing Designated Employees to conduct business listing possible duties which do not necessarily include signing checks for District.  Mr. De La O stated that he will want to see copies of all bills paid.  Mr. J.R. Thompson commented that there appears to be a “chipping away of Board Policy.”
  • Dates/Notices:

    • July 22-23-Leaders Retreat, Cloudcroft, NM

    • August 1-Regular Board Meeting, City Hall

    • August 2-GMCS New Administrators Conference

    • August 3-5-GMCS Administrators Conference

    • August 4-5-PSCOC Field Hearings, Albuquerque

    • August 15-Regular Board Meeting, David Skeet Elementary

    • August 19-Shipley Training for GMCS Board, 6-9 pm

    • August 20-Shipley Training for GMCS Board, 9-3 pm

    • August 26-Chee Dodge New Building Dedication



“G-d weeps over a community leader who is domineering.”
“What the lawyer needs to redeem himself [herself] is not more ability…but the moral courage in the face of financial loss and personal ill-will to stand for right and justice.”
“Power buries those who wield it.” 





GMCS Board Meeting
City Hall
Tuesday, July 5, 2005
Call to Order/Roll Call:  6:00pm/all present.
  • Supt. White reported that Board has NO say over budget or processes of Charter Schools.  The Middle College High School is a Charter School.

  • GMCS is adopting a “decision making form” for issues that require more study or policy changes.  This will enable Board to be presented with more information.

  • Andrienne Sloan attended Aquatic Center Committee Meeting.  Aquatic Center is 30% complete and will be 70% complete in November.  Should be totally complete in April.

  • GMCS Board Officer Elections:

    • Board President: Dr. Tempest

    • Vice President: Joe De La O

    • Secretary:  J.R. Thompson

  • Board approved GMCS Strategic Plan:

1.      All schools will meet Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP).

2.      All staff and students will increase their knowledge of Navajo language and culture.

3.      All classrooms, schools, departments, offices, the district and school board will implement a systems approach for continuous quality improvement.

4.      All students will have individualized goals and measures to track their academic progress.

5.      The district and all schools will attain North Central Accreditation (NCA). 

  • Board approved Land Transfer from City of Gallup.

    • It must be noted that these two action items were passed by the GMCS Board BEFORE any input was allowed from those in attendance.

GMCS Special Board Meeting
Title I Conference Room in Central Office
Tuesday, June 28, 2005 
Call to Order/Roll Call:  6:00pm
J.R. Thompson, Dr. Tempest, absent


  • News Media:  NONE

  • Guests:  NONE

  • Karen White recommended approval of the Superintendent Salary for 2005—06.  Board asked questions about Supt. White’s intentions to enroll in a doctoral program this fall and upcoming evaluations.  Andrienne Sloan moved to approve Supt. Salary 2005—06 as presented. Motion carried unanimously with 3 Board members present and voting.

GMCS Board Meeting
City Hall
Monday, June 20, 2005

Call to Order/Roll Call:  6:00 pm/Supt. White and Dr. Tempest absent.

  • Assistant Superintendent for Support Services Leonard Haskie reported on Tse Yi’ Gai access road, Window Rock land leases, and the June 15th field visit for capital outlay.

  • Access road of 2.2 miles is scheduled to begin in 2005.  Design process is still in progress. 

  • Fifty-year land leases for Tohatchi, Crownpoint, Thoreau, and Navajo to be signed by Speaker, then President of the Navajo Nation, and in approximately one month should arrive at GMCS.  Next, leases will go to Southwest Title Company, and District should receive copy in about five months.

    • June 15th was field visit for capital outlay

    • July 15th is final day to revise applications

    • Mr. Haskie, Tim Bonds, Supt. White, and Mavis Price went to Santa Fe for PSFA and PSCOC.

    • GMCS is looking at insurance with Navajo Nation instead of NMPSIA.

  • Mavis Price has been listed in Who’s Who.

  • Announcements: 

    • July 5, 2005—GMCS Board Meeting at City Hall.  To include Election of Board Officers.

    • July 18, 2005—GMCS Board Meeting at City Hall.

    • July 22-23, 2005—Leaders Retreat, Cloudcroft, NM.

    • Carol M. White P.E. Project Award Year 1 Amt:  $450,891

    • August 1, 2005—GMCS Board Meeting at City Hall.

    • August 2, 2005—GMCS New Administrators Conference.

    • August 3-5, 2005—GMCS Administrators Conference.

    • August 4-5, 2005—PSCOC Field Hearings in Albuquerque, NM.

    • August 19, 2005—Shipley Training for Board of Education, 6-9pm.

    • August 20, 2005—Shipley Training for Board of Education, 9-3pm.

  • Approval of Superintendent Salary 05-06 tabled.  Special Board Meeting for Review of Superintendent’s Evaluation will be June 28th at 6:00 pm.  Board will  announce if Meeting is to be Opened or Closed to Public.

  • Ms. Laray McCollum, co-owner of Pacesetters Realty and past member of Hospital and UNM-G Boards, will replace Mr. Bill Head on the GMCS Labor Relations Board.  Mr. Head submitted his resignation due to “health reasons.”

  • City of Gallup wants to transfer 45.5 acres of land near Red Rock Park to GMCS  District.  Earlier this year, City had wanted an exchange of land.  Mr. De La O moved to    table with a second from Mr. Thompson so transfer can be further scrutinized.

  • Changes to Bereavement and Emergency Leave/Special Needs Policy were made to clarify when leave would be requested and granted.  These changes to Policy were not   distributed to Public nor read with the specifics.

  • GMCS Board approved JOM GMCS Indian Education Committee (IEC) By-Laws:

    • IEC to be made up of one member and one alternate from each of 29 Chapters

    • Members to receive $35/day stipend for monthly meetings

    • Members to receive $25/1/2 day and $50/whole day for scheduled school monitoring

    • Members will receive reimbursement for meals and lodging

    • Members will receive 40.5cents/mile for mileage (Board members receive 25 cents/mile)

    • aforementioned monies to come from combination of JOM and Title Program sources.

  • Board went into Executive Meeting at approximately 7:30pm.

GMCS Board Meeting
City Hall
Monday, June 6, 2005 

Call to Order/Roll Call: 6:00pm/Mavis Price and Andreanne Sloan, absent

  • Approximately 40 retirees were recognized and received plaques from the GMCS Board and Superintendent Karen S. White.

  • Churchrock Academy, Thoreau Elementary, Tobe Turpen Elementary, and Washington  Elementary were recognized as Quality New Mexico Schools, receiving Piñon Awards.

  • Eddi Hoedebeck presented those who have completed the National Boards Program. Results will be received in November.  Also presented were those National Boards Program candidates who will be starting the Program.

  • Presentation was given on the Junior Achievement Program, sponsored by Mr. Sisti of Gallup High School.  The Gallup High Program won 1st, 3rd, and 4th Places statewide.  Students were presented with the laptops that they had won.

  • Twin Lakes Elementary students were recognized by Board for Diné Culture presentations on behalf of District.

  • Major vandalism occurred at Tohatchi High School from 5:30 to 8:30pm on Friday,   June 3, 2005.  Vandalism including trashing, throwing of paint, soap, etc., and pornographic drawings caused an estimated $10,000 of damage.  Two boys, caught on   video, are awaiting charges.

  • NCLB Cost Study Analysis:  NCLB mandates cost approximately $7.5 million but only  $3.5 million is received.

  • Supt. White and Assist. Supt. Irvin are meeting in Albuquerque at La Quinta from 6:00 to 9:00pm on Friday with Shipley.  Shipley is dividing $140,000 equally between Albuquerque and Gallup to set up SQS Centers as part of the Regional Quality Center Initiative.  The Gallup Center will be headed up by David “Jed” Stus and will operate under Ms Irvin.

  • Report given on Caught in the Middle Conference.  Top issue discussed was sovereignty.

  • Truancy Meeting: Window Rock High School, Thursday and Friday, June 9-10, 2005.

  • Chee Dodge Dedication:  9:00am on August 26th.

  • PSCOC Hearing:  June 15, 2005, in Santa Fe

  • GMCS Board Meetings for June 20, July 5, and July 18, 2005 to be held at City Hall.

  • Leaders Retreat: July 22-23, 2005 in Cloudcroft, NM

  • GMCS Board voted to review Superintendent White’s evaluation before approving the Superintendent’s 2005-2006 salary.  Her last evaluation from February has not been written/completed/finalized for review.  Supt. White pointed out that the 1.25% increase “is the law.”  She added that the 1.25% increase would give her a salary of $117,011.00 plus an extra $1500 for a Master’s plus 15 credits.

  • John Samford presented the 2005-2006 Operating Budget and the Approved PED Budget which was approved by the GMCS Board.

  • The Budget included:

  1. 3-Tiered increases

  2. 075% Employee ERB

  3. 7.5% District ERB

  4. 1.25% salary increase for all non-tiered employees

  • GMCS Board approved Gallup Junior High Partnership Concept with the Gallup   Talons.  Principal Frank Chiapetti stated that the partnership would improve the   school’s community image and solve problem of getting substitute teachers. Talons have also agreed to hire teachers and staff for games and would pay a negotiated fee foreach basketball game.

  • After Bill Bright’s presentation, Supt. White agreed with Chantal Irvin to discuss one of three initiatives at each of the next three Board Meetings.  (While Ms Irvin emphasized meeting with “stakeholders” on these initiatives, it must be noted that it is Summer Break, and the only “stakeholders” still around are ADMINISTRATIVE.)

  • The three initiatives are:

    • Distribution and utilization of NMAFHK Toolkits includes Nutrition, Physical Education, and Activity

    • Expand awareness and utilization of IHS services to GMCS—includes two-day training, curriculum, and materials, staff wellness activities 

    • GMCS Food Service Enhancement: Recommendations  include:

      • Stop competitive food sales

      • Improve communication with food staff for ordering and preparation 

      • Help alleviate waste

      • Increase breakfasts in classrooms

      • Stop feeding custodians and teachers for free

  • When asked about adults paying full prices for child portions, Darlene Yocham said that both prices and portions could not be changed as they are mandated by policy (Maybe a “Brown Bag” Policy by all District staff could improve their Price and Portion Policies.)

  • Adjourned at 8:30pm.

“Say little and do much.”
:”Long, long are the shadows cast by our deeds.”
A. Zweig



GMCS Board Meeting
Tse Yi’ Gai High School Cafeteria
Monday, May 16, 2005 

Call to Order/Roll Call:  6:00 pm/Andreanne Sloan, absent 

  • Mr. Haskie reported that a driver hit a GMCS bus this morning.  No students were on   bus, no injury to bus driver or evident damage to bus.

  • Contractors and GMCS will meet on May 17th to decide logistics of Tse Yi’ Gai athletic  fields.

  • Mr. Samford presented continued 2005-2006 budget update.

  • Chantal Irvin said that Superintendent White, David “Jed” Stus and herself would attend  the Governor’s Business Meeting on Wednesday.  The Legislature funded the District to begin SQS and start a regional quality center in Gallup.

  • Tohatchi Mid and High School Band were recognized for being 2005 3A State Runner- up at the Concert Band Festival.

  • Paul D. Hanson Scholarship Recipient: Miss Deirdre Castillo, Tse Yi’ Gai High School  Scholarship of $1000.

  • Tse Yi’ Gai High School Principal Henderson received recognition for Piñon Award.

  • NMSBA Law Conference: June 2-4, 2005, Hyatt Regency, Albuquerque, NM.


“Be of the persecuted, not of the persecutors.”


GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
2 May 2005
Call to Order 6 PM
All Present
  • Mavis Price was recognized and presented with a Certificate of Recognition from the New Mexico Council on the Status of Women as one of 20 outstanding New Mexico women.  Mrs. Price’s mother was also in attendance. A reception will be held in Albuquerque on Friday evening.

  • Jed Stus present Board certificates for those completing Professional Development Dossiers.

  • Teacher of the Month: Jeremy Hale of Crownpoint

  • District 2A State Champions: Ramah Lady Mustangs

  • Paul D. Hanson Scholarship Recipients named and given certificates. The Golf Tournament will be held on 21 May.

  • The Superintendent’ Student Task Force was recognized for service and given certificates.

  • Quality New Mexico Piñon participants recognized.

  • Developing Whole Child Conference Planning Committee recognized.

  • EDC recognized after Focused Monitoring visit for 2004 Selected Files and Improvement Plan achieving “substantial compliance” by SPED Bureau/PED.

  • NMSBA Law Conference: June 2-4 at Hyatt Regency in Albuquerque.

  • Liz Caravaca recognized for PNM and Home Depot grants for classroom innovation: Native Plant Garden complete with drip irrigation and solar power.

  • Superintendent White reported on Closing the Achievement Gap Conference, Secretary of Education’s Advisory Council Retreat, and ELT Leadership Training.

  • Shipley Meeting June 8-9.

  • Chris Martinez presented on FCLA.

  • Cole Platero presented on BPA.

  • Mr. Samford gave a budget update.

  • Mr. Haskie gave an update on construction projects at Chee Dodge, Red Rock, GJHS, Ramah HS, Tse Yi Gai, and GHS.

  • GMCS Board made a resolution to make the temporary Health and Fitness Committee a more permanent Wellness Commission.

  • Continuous Quality Systems Training on May 9.

  • GMCS unanimously passed on leasing to the city of Gallup .8 acres on the north side of Gallup High School for construction of a Westside fire station. The lease is for 75 years as long used for fire station with minimal cost of $1 per year. Action must be taken within 3 years.

  • Executive session at 8:18 PM

Let giving and receiving all be in writing.
     Apocrypha: Ben Sira
We demand our rights. We do not fight for a favor.


GMCS Board Meeting
Navajo Mid School
18 April 2005
Mrs. White, Mrs. Price, Mr. De LaO Absent
Call to Order 6PM 
  • Mr. Haskie discussed land leases that were presented before the Navajo Nation Education Committee on 5 April and 11 April. The leases were deferred both times.

    • Issues raised in regard to Smith Lake

    • Inventory in process to have building revert back to the tribe

    • Ramah High new school construction not being supported

    • Bilingual and Culture education

    • Concerns about GMCS not being in compliance providing bilingual education

    • Achievment Plan

    • Schools that have not met AYP

    • Tohatchi High parent concerns on athletics, boundary lines, and administrators

  • A ground breaking ceremony is tentatively scheduled for the new Navajo Middle School in May or June.

  • Navajo Nation Education Committee has requested to make a presentation to the GMCS Board concerning Title 10.

  • Mrs. Manuelito will work with individual Board members to schedule a Board retreat in May or June.

  • Written report received on Linda Mood Bell training and 18th annual At-Risk Conference.

  • Gloria Thompson and 2 staff members presented on the Fast Track Program at Navajo Elementary.

  • Mr. Samford discussed budget timelines, legislative requirements, District concerns, unit value, line items, general funds, state and federal funds, internal service funds, inter-agency funds, etc. for the 1005-06 budget preparation. Final approved budget is due on 20 June.

  • Mr. Monaghan discussed the GMCS Quality of Education Survey Results (2003-04).

  • Ms. Jennifer Brown, Navajo Mid Librarian received the 2005 Outstanding School Library Award for Secondary Schools.

  • Mr. Sage was recognized as the recipient of the Quality of New Mexico Piñon Award.

  • Ravis Henry was recognized for being named Second Vice-President of the New Mexico Association of Student Councils

We recognize the good only in its absence.
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
April 4, 2005

Call to Order/Roll:  6:00 pm/all present

  • Board Meeting was extremely well attended with additional chairs brought in, kids sitting in the aisles, and 35 people still in the hallway.  Mavis Price requested that attendees leave as their business with Board concludes to allow others to enter.

  • Assistant Superintendent of Personnel, Teresa Mariano explained the assignment of FTE’s.  Sammy Orr, JFK; Tammy Smith, Gallup Mid; Frank Chiapetti, GJHS; and Mike Butkovich, GHS summarized their options and decisions that will allow them to fully utilize FTE’s.  At issue is a teaching position in the Band Program.

    • Mr. Tom Fernandez, representing some Band members, was assured by the GMCS Board and Central Office of the continuation of the Band Program.  A fact finding meeting will be held, however, in the evening at the GJHS gym or auditorium and will include parents, administrators, and principals.  Chantal Irvin is organizing the meeting. Time/date TBA.

  • April 5—Spring Budget workshop

  • April 6 & 7—Indian Education Meeting in Bernalillo

  • April 7 & 8—Shipley Training in District

  • April 8 & 9—Early Childhood Conference at Red Rock State Park

  • Next GMCS Board Meeting will be held at Navajo Mid School.

  • May 21—Paul Hanson Memorial Golf Tournament

  • Law Conference to be held in June.

  • Quad Meeting in Grants, date TBA.

  • Tohatchi and Twin Lakes had power outages April 4th.

  • Dr. Monaghan to discuss Quality of Education Survey at next Board meeting.

  • Tse Yi Gai High is featured with pictures in the Public School Capital Outlay Council Magazine.

  • Calendar Change:  Junior High and High Schools will end 1st Semester on December 16th.  Report card distribution will be moved up two weeks.

  • Diné Education Committee and GMCS are scheduled to meet Tuesday, April 5th at 10:00 am in Window Rock.

  • Halley Wheeles gave a presentation on the Four Corners Writing Project.

  • A Moment of Silence was held for Juan Lopez who worked as a custodian at Red Rock Elementary and also in the GMCS warehouse for seven years; and Louise Becenti who worked as a health assistant at Crownpoint Elementary from 1971—1993.

  • Teacher of the Month Nominees: Fred Kingston and Mary Beth Buffalo of Central High School.

  • Teacher of the Month: Mary Beth Buffalo

  • Mavis Price has been elected Secretary of Region I.  Next meeting will be October 5th in Bloomfield.

  • GMCS Board unanimously passed a Resolution authorizing application to the New Mexico Finance Authority.  This is to assist with the loan of $16.5 million for teacherage construction debt.  It will lower the cost of the payback without extending the pay period.

  • Business Lease with State Land Office approved.  State will swap land with Rico Moters (Menaoace family) and lease it to GMCS for site of future Mid  School.  Ceremony will be held tomorrow, April 5, 2005, at the GHS Library.  Attendees will include representatives from the State Land Office, GMCS District, and the Menapace family.

“Politics is the science of how who gets what, when and why.”--Hillman
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
March 21, 2005

Call to Order/Roll:  6:00 pm/Mr. Thompson absent.

  • Judge Rhoda Hunt administered the Oath of Office to Dr. Tempest.

  • March 22—Quad Board Meeting (includes School Boards of Gallup, Grants, Zuni, and Dulce) to discuss history and status of Impact Aid litigation for new Board members.  GMCS pays ½ to 2/3 of litigation costs, the balance being split between other Districts.  Cost to GMCS has been estimated between $200,000--$400,00 over the years.  (Public Records obtained by MCFUSE indicate the total is a little over $200,000.)  Next meeting will be in Grants at 6:00 pm on May 10, 2005.

  • March 30—Region I meeting in Farmington.

  • March 31 & April 1—Quality New Mexico Recognition Conference in Albuquerque with reception and banquet.  Awards to be given.

  • GMCS Board members signed up to attend District graduations.

  • Ceremony to be held Tuesday, April 5, at 10:00 am in GHS library to mark land deal between State Land Office and Rico Motors (Menapace family).  GMCS will lease land from the state as site for a future middle school on the west side.

  • New Mexico State University Aggie football team will be running a football camp, utilizing the city stadium and GHS practice fields from August 14—19.

  • Legislative Update:

    • School Boards’ role as Hearing Authority to be studied this year

    • Tier Levels 2 & 3 base goes to $40,000

    • EA’s minimum goes to $12,000

    • Other positions to receive 1.25% increase

    • Retirement goes up; employees will have less take-home pay

    • District buses cannot pick up students in other districts without permission. May lead to arbitrat

    • GMCS District City/County split did not go through.

    • Indian Education Committee will be included in capital outlay process, but will not have authority to “sign off” on projects.

  • Update given to Board on EA/Paraprofessional Licensure Progress.

  • Four schools were recognized at the Roundhouse as “Schools on the Rise”:  Thoreau Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, and Crownpoint High School.

  • GMCS Board appointed Mr. William Head (absent) and Mr. Rich Foster to the Local Labor Board.

  • GMCS Board approved an urgent Resolution on leases for Crownpoint, Navajo, Thoreau, and  Tohatchi.

  • Executive Session 6:50 pm—7:59 pm.

  • Adjourned at 7:59 pm.

“Verbal fraud is worse than monetary fraud.”  --Simeon b. Yohai
“Who persists in knocking will succeed in entering.” --M. Ibn Ezra
GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Monday, March 7, 2005
Call to Order/Roll Call:  6:00 pm, Dr. Tempest absent
  • NMHSSA testing is currently underway in GMCS.

  • Tires slashed over the weekend:  4 GMCS vehicles and private vehicle belonging to David Oakes.

  • Navajo Mid Library named 2005 Outstanding Library.

  • GMCS Board received written report on Leading for Performance (Florida trip).

  • Chantal Irvin reported on implementation of 3-year grant.  Grant was opened to Pueblo Pintado Boarding School and Rehoboth due to “mobility rate.”  Grant provides graduate courses in American History to 25 teachers during the summer.  Teachers earn 3 credits.  Goal is to make History more geographically and culturally inclusive.

  • Judge Rhoda Hunt administered the Oath of Office to J.R. Thompson (District #2) and Joe De La O (District #4). 

    • Dr. Tempest ran unopposed but was absent for the meeting and the swearing in. This was Mr. De La O’s first Board meeting of 2005.

    • Andrienne Sloan was nominated and unanimously elected as GMCS Board Secretary to fill Bright’s vacancy until July 2005.

  • Teacher of the Month Nominees for March:

    • Rachelle Smith Gleason of Navajo Mid

    • Gavin Sosa of Navajo Mid

    • Elizabeth Kayete of Tohatchi Mid 

    • The winner is: Elizabeth Kayete. Congratulations!

  • New Mexico School Board Association (NMSBA) meeting to be held in Farmington on March 30th.

  • GMCS Board members will sign 35 banners for Teacher Appreciation Month.  One banner per school.

  • No Executive Session.  Adjourned at 6:37 pm.

“We want … not religion as a duty, but duty as a religion.”
      F. Adler
“Getting education is like getting measles; you have to go where measles is.”
“To be is to do.”
“To do is to be.” 
“Do be do be do.”
“Scooby Doo, where are you?”


GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
Tuesday, February 22, 2005
Call to Order/Roll Call:  6:00 pm—all present
  • Tse Yi Gai High School was closed for the remainder of the week due to muddy road conditions.  KOB-TV news to do fly-over and report the situation live.

  • During NMSBA meeting, Board Presidents scheduled a tri-board meeting (Zuni, Grants, and Gallup) to be held March 22, 2005 at 6:00 pm in Central Office.  Meeting is to update newly-elected Board members on Impact Aid litigation.

  • RFP to present 5-Year Facility Plan to the Board at a future meeting.

  • GMCS Board to attend Brenda Clark on Systems Approach training (Baldridge) on February 26th from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm in Central Office boardroom.

  • Legislative update:  Bills briefly reviewed on truancy, language and culture, elementary PE, transportation of students from place of residency, and funding of feasibility study to split District and Indian Education Committee.

  • Principal Danny Smith updated the Board on the Chee Dodge Elementary School extension construction with a slide show.  Chee Dodge is going from 14 classrooms and 19 portables to 26 classrooms and 9 portables.  Chee Dodge expects to maintain current enrollment of 387 students.

  • Ella Jackson and Diane Dipaolo gave a presentation on the Corn Pollen Grant Implementation.  The program’s aim is to reduce underage drinking and decrease binge drinking.  Currently, the program is running at 4 school sites with Prevention Teachers and 3 others are to be in place in the Fall of  2005.  Sixty students are enrolled in the initiative and receive elective credit.

  • Caleb McCollum of Gallup High School attended and received Wendy’s High School Heisman Recognition.  Shannon Hunter and Benford Begay of Thoreau High will be recognized at a local ceremony in Thoreau.

  • David “Jed” Stus was recognized for receiving Professional Development Dossier Examiner from PED.

  • GMCS Board President Mavis Price presented Bill Bright with a wooden plaque with picture and brass plate in appreciation for years of service (2001-2005) and dedication to GMCS.  Mrs. Price stated that she wants Bright to stay on committees that he’s formulated and remain an advisor to the Board.  She further stated that Bright “will always be a part of the Board”.

  • Bill Bright moved to extend Superintendent White’s contract by 1 year, to the 3-year limit.  J.R. Thompson was only member to oppose and vote against.

  • Sean VanBerschot, Executive Director TFA, New Mexico, reported on Teach For America (TFA) progress.  TFA teachers have degrees and are considered “highly qualified” but they do not have teaching degrees. Presentation highlights follow:

    • 63% TFA teachers stay in Education.

    • 68% of New Mexico TFA staying in Education.

    • Out of 117 TFA teachers, 89 are still here

    • TFA is looking to expand to Central Consolidated and Grants.

    • TFA is in process of starting regional board with community input.

    • TFA has 2 Program Directors per 50 members.

    • Supt. White personally endorsed HB 464 and SB 484 in Santa Fe to give $250,000 to TFA.

    • According to PED, TFA teachers are “highly qualified” due to an alternative licensure program and another degree which gives them intern status.

    • VanBerschot mentioned doing a comparative study of TFA and GMCS teachers to Dr. Monaghan.

    • TFA is working with WNMU to create a Principal “Pipeline” for TFA alumni.

GMCS Board Meeting
February 8, 2005
Central Office
Call to Order/Roll Call:  6:00 pm/all present
  • NM School Board Association meeting will be held February 11th  & 12th in Santa Fe.

  • State Superintendent meeting will be February 12th.     

  • Shipley Training will be February 26th at 9:00 am—3:00 pm in Central Office.

  • Title VII personnel from Washington, DC visited District and will be meeting with Indian Education Committee.

  • National Indian Conference is set for April 6th & 7th.

  • Discussion was held over conflict in law:  HB 212 states that School Boards are not involved with personnel issues, however, the State says that they are Hearing Boards.  If Supt. White recommends termination of a certified employee, any appeal would go before her also without the GMCS Board as a Hearing Board.

  • Senator Tsosie is sponsoring a bill asking for $250,000 for the purpose of looking at, gathering, and sharing best practices in Bilingual Education from around the state.

  • GMCS District Report Card has been finalized and is on the website.  It will be distributed to the schools, and parts will also be in Education Matters.

  • Wendy’s High School Heisman Recognition was postponed until the next Board meeting.

  • Supt. White presented the GMCS Board members each with a hardbound book about stakeholders.

  • Gloria Begay presented the Indian Education Coordinator’s Report:

    • Indian Education Curriculum; Navajo and New Mexico Standards are being   aligned, Begay is conducting cultural training available for Professional Development

    • NASA wants more minority students in Summer Apprentice Programs

    • Summer Science Camps are being sponsored by NASA and ARTS Outreach at school sites

    • Diné Division of Education to hold Truancy Conference during end of March 2005.

    • Joint Public/BIA School Conference to be held February 22nd at Best Western Inn.  $25 Registration fee.

  • David Oakes presented 80th Day Count Enrollment Update. 

    • 40th Day Count—13,189

    • 80th Day Count---12,978

    • Discussion of reasons for declining enrollment included families moving out of the District, expulsion, various personal reasons, etc.  No check has been made of enrollment in area’s private or BIA schools for possible enrollment increases.

  • Resolution was approved supporting State Legislation “Protecting Kids, Workers, and People with Breathing Problems”. 

  • Board discussed proposal to transfer land around Washington Elementary to the City in exchange for the City transferring forty acres of land at Church Rock to the District.  J.R. Thompson pointed out that the land is a flood plain.  Supt. White stated that the Washington area has a Chinese cemetery that will have to be moved.

  • J.R. Thompson and Mavis Price both agreed that a closer look is needed at this proposed land deal, and the item was tabled for further study.

  • GMCS Board unanimously approved to lease up to one acre of land at Gallup High School to the City of Gallup to develop a west-side fire station.

  • Water Festival to be held at UNM-Gallup on April 30th

  • Citizen Communication:   Lucinda Booth asked Board about recommendations/plans for next year’s Spelling Bee and how parents can assist. 

  • Executive Session began at 8:09pm for discussion of personnel issue and further discussion of Supt. White’s contract.

Next to knowing when to seize an opportunity, the most important thing in life is to know when to forego an advantage.
Publicity is a very dangerous thing; great things can best be done in quiet. 
     E. de Rothschild
There is no education like adversity.



GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
January 18, 2005 
Call to Order/Roll Call:  6:00 pm/all present
  • Gallup High Swim Team Booster Club spoke in favor of the Aquativity Center and expressed their gratitude to the Board.

  • Ground Breaking Ceremony for the Aquativity Center is scheduled for Thursday, January 27th, at 10:00 am.

  • David Oakes gave the 80th Day Report:  GMCS went from an enrollment of 13,189 students on the 40th Day to a current enrollment of 12,974 students on the 80th Day.

  • The Navajo Nation has signed the Agreement of Understanding with New Mexico.  District may now search for Navajo Language and Culture teachers.  In this Agreement, the criteria of the Tribe is used, and a teaching degree is not required.

  • A meeting on the Impact Aid Lawsuit is scheduled for January 24th at 6:00 pm.

  • Discussion was held on Safe Trails to Schools.  The idea is to get monies from grants and the feds to connect all schools.

  • DODE/Utah/AZ/NM Navajo Nation Education Committee will share their report at a conference in Gallup, tentatively scheduled for February 17th & 18th.

  • Much discussion was held concerning the sending of 12 administrators to Indian Rocks, FL  (near Tampa) to attend the Leading for Performance Excellence training.

    • Including rooms, registration, plane fare, per diem, etc., the trip will cost over $8,000 and will be paid for out of the Operational Budget.

  • Discussion of GMCS Staff and Parent Recognition:  National Days of Recognition for school postitions will be placed on School Calendar and will be recognized at each school site.

  • Goals #1 & #2 of the GMCS Five Year Strategic Plan were amended to reflect "language and culture of students".  Approval was unanimous.

  • Changes were made to Board Goal #5 and Board Policy Appendix, Article II.5.2.  Board members not attending activities/conferences/workshops which cost the District money will be listed in the Public Report Card.

  • Both GMCS Board meetings in February will be held on Tuesday rather than Monday.

  • GMCS District will be participating with the City and County in Gallup Day at the Governor's Mansion in Santa Fe on Monday, February 7th.

  • Executive Meeting begins at 7:41 pm.  Meeting scheduled to include approval of "Superintendent Rehire".      

GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
January 3, 2005 
Call to Order/Roll Call:  Andrienne Sloan and J.R. Thompson absent.
  • January 10th at 6:00 pm--Board Excellence Awards at Gallup High School.

  • January 11th at 6:00pm--Board Candidates Orientation at Central Office.  Assist. Supes to do presentations.

  • Mr. Haskie reported that a fire had been called in at Navajo Mid School at 7:00pm on December 26th.  The fire possibly started in a storage room and damage included the server and computers.  Haskie stated that the biggest loss was the Xerox machine.  Estimated cost due to fire was $80,000--$85,000.  A criminal investigation is currently underway for arson, possibly involving three teens.

  • Navajo Elementary's sprinkler system failed resulting in water saturation in three classrooms.

  • Tohatchi Elementary had a water pipe break in a custodian storage room.

  • Ethel Manuelito introduced six members of the Student Advisory Committee.  Members will assist District with lobbying in the upcoming 2005 Legislative Session.  The Committee also hopes to attend an upcoming, two-day Student Leadership Conference in Farmington.

  • Gallup Junior High School is hosting a community meeting on January 6th at 6:30 pm dealing with the increase of gang activity.

  • Discussion was held concerning parents and EA's and Department Awards.  At the request of Mrs. Price, a survey will be conducted to see what individual school sites are doing for staff, students, and parents.

  • GMCS Board approved the following budgets for the 2004--2005 Capital Outlay--20% Projects and the 2005--2006 Capital Improvements Act (2-mil) Projects.

  • GMCS Board went into Executive Session at 7:00pm.

GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
December 20, 2004 

Call to Order/Roll:  6:00 pm/ all present

  • Heather Wilson sent her congratulations to GMCS for receiving Quality Awards.  50% of New Mexico Piqon Awards went to GMCS District.

  • December 21st--filing date for school board elections.

  • Board Scholar Awards are to be presented in the auditorium at Gallup High School on January 10th at 6:00 pm.

  • Mavis Price reported on Education Achievement in New Mexico Conference held in Santa Fe.  The topic was the Impact of Teaching and the Teaching Condition in Rural New Mexico.  New Mexico and Arizona are tied for the greatest percentage of children below poverty level.  One third of New Mexico's schools is rural, 67% are in poverty areas, and over 70% of students in rural schools are non-white.

    • Recommendations included:  paying higher salaries in rural areas for teachers and administrators; alignment of professional development with rural needs; reduction of class size; and funding/implementation of technology.

  • Mavis Price reported on New Developments in Special Education Conference.  Conference dealt with IDEA, including discipline issues and rights of children in SPED.

  • Ethel Manuelito reported on a conference she and Mavis Price attended concerning Open Records Law (Open Meetings/Public Records Requests).  Conference was sponsored by Foundation of Open Governments (FOG).

  • Mr. Bright made a couple of announcements:

    • He urged attendance at the upcoming Sobriety Pow Wow to be held at GJHS.  He also spoke about an upcoming Water Festival which will deal with conservation, the aquifer, etc.  "It will be all about water."

  • GMCS Board unanimously passed new format for school board meetings.  The format includes a 10 minute limit on citizen input.

  • GMCS Board voted 4--1 against paying NAFIS dues.  Vote includes addendum to use PR to explain reasoning and where monies will now go.

  • The next meeting of the Student Advisory Committee will be January 3rd at 5:00pm.  The current goal of the Committee is to develop youth leadership skills.  The Board continues to discuss using the students to assist the District in lobbying efforts in the 2005 Legislative Session.

  • Mavis Price addressed the Board about non-refundable monies.  Mrs. Price wants Board members to be accountable and reimburse District for conference/workshop fees should they not attend and not cancel.

    • Mr. Bright wants further discussion, stating that salaried people do not have to reimburse the District and opted for the public "outing" of Board members for non-attendance in lieu of monetary reimbursement.

    • Motion by J.R. Thompson to table issue was passed.

    • Supt. White and Mrs. Price will meet to review Policy on Board Ethics.

  • Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Chantal Irvin, gave a presentation on the 2005--2006 Calendar.  Early Release Fridays were spoken of favorably.  MCFUSE President, Brian Bernard, told Board that his impression is that Early Release Fridays are increasingly favored by students but increasingly disliked by staff.  Bernard added that he would be interested in viewing student attendance reports for Fridays throughout the year.

  • Mary Reeve provided Board with SPED update from a meeting with PED.  The report from Santa Fe was favorable.

  • The Gallup Swim Team will speak during the Open Forum at the January 18th GMCS Board meeting.

  • Adjournment, 7:55pm.  


GMCS Board Meeting
6 December 2004
  • School Board Members Bright and Tempest will join Central Office’s John Samford and Leonard Haskie as part of another alliance committee with the city. This one is on some district land by Washington ES the city wants.
    • Bright showed the board a map but did not share it with the public. The last alliance with the city resulted in the $1.5 million payment to the city for some free swim passes at the new aquatic center. That deal was criticized in a November 2004 poll by literally hundreds of county residents upset that impact aid money generated by the reservation was given to the city.
  • The superintendent told the board that the recent Public Education Department visitors were impressed with district schools they had visited.
  • On the consent agenda, items the board has chosen to not go public with, was federal funding for two Rehoboth employees to travel out of state.
    • One to a National Chorale Convention in LA, the other to attend UNM classes in Blanding, Utah, last July. Last July? Yes.
  • Another consent agenda item was the rescinding of a teacher termination and a settlement. This was a union-supported teacher whose educational career was saved by MCFUSE. Her major district sin? Having a diabetes attack at school before preparing sub plans for the rest of the day.
    • Apparently going into a diabetic coma at school used to be against school board policy. Now union lawyers changed that.
  • The Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, and Chamber of Commerce have united to honor certain schools this Wednesday. The administration did not say which schools were selected.
  • There will be a push to have more Native American teachers become Nationally Board Certified Teachers. Minorities throughout the country participate in low numbers, and there are none in GMCS. A state NBCT representative asked the district to provide funding for local minority teachers.
  • Congratulations to the November Teacher of the Month, Susan Erickson from Jefferson. Grade level this month was 1,2. Next month it’s 3,4.
  • Seven school principals presented their EPSS plans for approval: Church Rock, David Skeet, JFK, Navajo ES, Thoreau MS, Tohatchi HS, and Turpen.
    • All were approved.


GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office Boardroom 
November 15, 2004
  • Call to Order/Roll:  6:00pm, Dr. Tempest absent.

  • A moment of silence was observed for Tohatchi Mid Counselor John Noon.

  • The Scholastic Professional Development Summit in New York, NY from November 11-14, 2004 was attended by Supt. White (no cost to District).

  • When asked by Supt. White about the status of the Local Labor Board Resolution, Assistant to the Superintendent Ethel Manuelito replied that the Resolution had been submitted but that she was unaware of any determination.  MCFUSE President Brian Bernard informed the GMCS Board that the Local Labor Board Resolution had been "tentatively approved" pending needed corrections (several of which were pointed out to the Board by MCFUSE at the last Board meeting after only moments of perusal).

  • The special meeting for November 22nd was cancelled.  Five schools will present their EPSS Plans to the Board at the next regular GMCS Board meeting on December 6th.

  • Diné Education Summit held at Window Rock on Thursday, November 18th, at the Navajo Education Center.

  • Sue Griffith reported on Supplemental Educational Services.  Last year 63 students participated, but 478 students are participating this year.  Parents decide on vendors to provide services.  A letter will go out to parents in November naming vendors providing services. Vendors provide classroom learning services as well as tutoring.  Vendors hire many teachers.

  • November is National American Indian Heritage Month.  A Proclamation by President Bush was passed out to all in attendance.  The Proclamation was similar to the one presented to the Board by Senator Tsosie at a previous Board meeting. 

  • Gloria Begay gave presentation on Culture/Language Programs in the District.  Several school site presentations were mentioned and had been recorded by Dr. Howard.  These are to appear on the District website.

  • Aligning of standards and cultural lessons should be completed by December.

  • Title X Navajo Nation Education Hearings :
    • November 23--Central Office    9:00am--noon
    • December 2---Fort Defiance
    • December 3---Wingate High School
    • Press release to be in the Gallup Independent and Herald on November 16th.
  • Piñon Awards go to Washington Elementary and Technology Department.  Central Office will be notified by fax of other winners after the winners themselves have been notified.
  • Reading180, if adopted, will provide more training to teachers.
  • Mr. Bright spoke about a television program he'd seen dealing with cafeteria health inspections.  He subsequently called the State and was assured of the cafeteria health quality in New Mexico.
  • Mr. Bright was asked by Councilman Nechero to work with the City Council on area around Washington Elementary.  He will attend the next City Council meeting with Assist. Supt. Haskie.
  • It was decided at the October Board Retreat to withdraw the GMCS Legislative Program Policy and GMCS Legislative Representative.  Mr. J.R. Thompson, however, does want to involve students in Board decisions.  He mentioned having students at the December 6th Board meeting for input on discussions about the Legislative Platform.
  • Advisory Committee name was changed to Indian Education Committee after much discussion. Mrs. Price requested bi-laws and Mr. J.R. Thompson requested the Plan of Operation and Budget for the next Board meeting.  Vote was in favor of name change.  Mr. J.R. Thompson voted against the motion.
  • GMCS Board again discussed whether or not to pay dues to NAFIS.
    • It was brought up that GMCS is paying 2/3 of Zuni legal fees for Impact Aid suit.  Mr. Thompson wants to see if Zuni can pay its own legal fee.
  • GMCS Board again discussed Board Meeting Format.
    • Supt. White wants a maximum of 3 speakers for Open Forums limited to 3 minutes each.  Speakers must also submit an application by the Tuesday preceding the Board meeting.
    • Mrs. Price agrees, saying that a written submission gives the Superintendent time to respond before the item reaches the Board and allows Board to know what issue is to be discussed.  Mrs. Price, however, would like 3 minutes for each presentation with an additional 2 minutes to summarize, for a total of 5 minutes.
    • Mr. J.R. Thompson is concerned that limits superficially create a barrier around the Board.
  • Mrs. Price requested the date, place, and time of School Advisory meetings and status report of elections and candidates.
  • Resolution in Recognition of McKinley Area Education Consortium was approved.  Mr. J. R. Thompson abstained.
  • Board went into Executive Session at about 8:20 pm.
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GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
1 November 2004
6 PM
Mrs. Price Absent 
  • Mr. Haskie and White Horse Lake Chapter President Mr. Chee Smith reported on issues concerning Tse Yi Gai High School:

    • Mr. Haskie is waiting for communications with state officials to request that Bloomfield allow GMCS buses into the area.

    • Area road will be paved this spring.

    • Girl’s volleyball team had to borrow uniforms.

  • Issues discussed at the Board retreat:

    • Formation of the union

    • Sharing of district information

    • Tribal Truancy Conference in Albuquerque on November 18

    • NMBSA meeting in December

    • Indian Education staff attended the Native American Conference in Phoenix

  • Mr. Samford reported on Impact Aid Funds and Public School Capital Outlay Awards.

  • Student Advisory Committee was introduced:

    • Erica Long, senior at Central High

    • Jonathan Yazzie, sophomore at Central High

    • Stuart Arviso, senior at Tohatchi High

    • Unnamed, junior from Navajo Pine

  • Mr. Bright noted that Title I Supplemental Education services in the Zuni District receive 7 times the money received by GMCS.

    • It was explained that monies were driven by parental requests and that many parents believed that they did not have to sign up for programs.

  • Bill’s Discount and Gurley Motors have joined with Barry and Pat Butler, Steve Coleman, and GMCS to sponsor the Teacher of the Month program.

    • Runners up for October Teacher of the Month:

      • Debbie House, Lincoln Elementary

      • Marilyn Ellison, Chee Dodge Elementary

      • Ophelia Sanchez, Tohatchi Elementary

    • October Teacher of the Month:

      • Kathy Shaw, Red Rock Elementary

  • 2004 ING Unsung Heroes:

    • Joan Garcia from the Legacy Financial Group presented a plaque to Janet Anderson and she has already received $2000 in grant money.

  • Mr. Bright attended a presentation to a 3rd grade class by the Kiwanis Club

    • The Kiwanis are trying to put a dictionary in the hands of every 3rd grader. Mr. Bright directed a letter of appreciation be sent to the club.

  • GMCS Board approved a change in the name of the “Federal Programs Advisory Committee” to the “Indian Education Committee.”

  • Discussion was held regarding the format of Board Meetings.

    • Mr. Thompson and Mr. Bright want changes/modifications.

    • Mr. Thompson does not agree that citizens should put concerns in writing.

    • Mr. Thompson wants an Open Door Policy and does not want citizens to have to jump through hoops to voice concerns.

    • Senator Rainaldi stated that there should not be a 3 minute limit, that open comments should be heard, and that audience/guests should receive copies of the full Board agenda.

    • The audience/public present at Board meetings does not receive a full agenda with the same information as the packets received by the Board.

  • Senator Rainaldi and Mr. Tom Payton requested the MCFUSE be given a copy of the Local Labor Board Resolution.

    • MCFUSE had not been given a courtesy copy beforehand.

    • After discussion, the GMCS Board reluctantly directed Mrs. Manuelito to make copies of the resolution for MCFUSE.

  • Mrs. Diane DiPaolo and counselors from WNM Counseling gave a presentation on the Day Treatment Program for GMCS students, ages 8-12.

  • Labor Board Resolution

    • With a forceful and adamant recommendation for immediate approval by Supt. White, Bright moved to approve the Gallup Local Labor Board Resolution

    • Board members Sloan, Bright, and Tempest voted in favor of approval.

    • Mr. Thompson advocated for calm and peaceful discussions and that the vote on the resolution be postponed.

    • Questions were raised as to the motives and timing of the resolution as the State Labor Board had scheduled a hearing on November 3 for a Prohibited Practices Complaint against GMCS by MCFUSE.

    • Approval of this resolution places the hearing in abeyance for several months until a Local Labor Board can be created to hear it.

    • John Martinez, of Martinez Management and Associates, (who stands to financially gain from this decision) spoke in favor of the local labor board.

    • NMFEE Field Rep. Andrew Lotrich spoke against the Local Labor Board, pointing to the costs that will be incurred by an already financially strapped district.

    • MCFUSE believes that taxpayers would be better served by putting these funds into the classroom for students and utilizing the State Labor Board.

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GMCS Board Meeting
18 October 2004
Call to Order/Roll Call:  6:00pm, all present
  • A moment of silence was held for SPED Teacher Patty McLaughlin.
  • Discussion was held concerning the sending of a staff person from Rehoboth Christian School to the NIEA 2004 Convention in Phoenix, AZ from October 28--31.
    • It was explained that Federal Law mandates that Title II-A funds allocated to private schools be administered by District.
  • It is School Bus Safety Week.  Bus Barn employees have attended training from Homeland Security.  Drivers arrive earlier each day to thoroughly check buses.
  • GMCS Board Retreat to be held Sunday, October 24th from 9:00am to 2:00pm in Central Office Boardroom.
  • Superintendent White attended Regional Council of Chief State School Officers meeting.
    • Governor Richardson wants access to Preschool for all 4-year-olds. Council will be   crafting wording on funding and agreements and will also define "classroom services".
  • NMSSA:  NM Superintendents are looking at asking for a freeze on 3-Tier Licensure salaries.  Also believe that Charter Schools should go to a 3-Tier Licensure and be obligated to the same requirements as public schools.
    • Clarification is wanted on the HB212 Math requirement.
  • Mr. Samford presented the budget report to the Board.  He stated that, due to the 2% increase, teacher salaries increased 4.5%.
  • GMCS Operational Budget 2004-2005
  • Expenses
    $64,057,658 89% Salaries and Benefits (Includes 2% minimum and minimum $35,000 for levels 2 and 3
    $5,280,0333 7.4% Fixed Costs (See Below)
    $642,477 .9% School site allocations based on 40/80/120 day student counts
    $474,465 .7% Activity/Athletic non-salary items
    $953,961 1.3% Departmental allocations for administrative functions based
    $500,000 .7% Emergency Reserve
    $71,908,594 100% Total Operational Budget Expenditure Projections
    Fixed Costs    
    Electricity $1,325,000  
    Natural Gas $940,000  
    Propane $220,000  
    Water/Sewer $520,000  
    Communications $763,258  
      Sub-total $3,768,258
    Legal Services $150,000  
    Independent Audit $40,000  
    School Board $35,000  
    Other Professional Services    
    Strategic/Master Plan $15,000  
    Legislative Advocacy $14,000  
    EAP $60,000  
    Bond/Financial $25,000  
      Sub-total $339,000
    Property/Liability $435,018  
    Deductibles $100,000  
    W/C Premiums $635,757  
      Sub-total $1,172,775
    Total Essential Fixed Costs   $5,280,033
  • Mr. Bright attended City Council Meeting.  Council is concerned with student safety on Boyd and considers it a priority.  While Council works on sidewalk situation, Mr. Bright wants an alternative route for students or some other action.
  • Discussion held concerning warning signs/traffic lights at Chee Dodge, Tohatchi, and Twin Lakes.  Mr. Haskie is waiting on sketch and cost estimate for Chee Dodge.  Electricity is the issue as school is located outside the city. Mr. Haskie was directed by Mrs. Price to give status report at next meeting.  As for Tohatchi and Twin Lakes; State Highway Dept. has assured the District that it will have input and see plans.
  • GMCS Board Resolution to appoint a Legislative Representative to serve as liaison and have authority to speak on behalf of the Board was deferred/postponed for additional discussion at the October 24th Board Retreat. 
  • Senators Rainaldi and Tsosie arrived for a Local Legislators Forum with the Board.  The Forum was to be a continuation of discussions from the Indian Affairs Meeting of September 15th.  In the audience were members of the National Native American Youth Coalition which had peacefully picketed/demonstrated across the street from Central Office during the early part of the meeting.
  • Issues included:
    • Transportation to school of Navajo students
    • Disclosure/Publishing of incoming funds and expenditures (the budget).
    • Native American-generated funds.
    • Budgeted expenditures for salaries and benefits.
    • Funding and implementation of Bilingual Education.
    • Lack of GMCS-developed Bilingual materials.
    • Lack of GMCS-developed Bilingual materials.
    • Subtle racism in District.
    • Percentage of Native American Teachers and staff compared to percentage of Native American students.
    • Location and origin of funding for planned Aquativity Center.
  • Senator Tsosie read a Proclamation from President Bush (May 2004) stating his commitment to working with tribes.  Parents and students also voiced their concerns.  Central Office personnel gave progress reports in response to allegations lodged against District. 
  • Gallup Independent News Articles:


GMCS Board Meeting
Central Office
4 October 2004


  • Call to Order, 6PM

    • All Members Present

  • Superintendent’s Report

  • Central Office Budget Report
  • 40% budget cut last year

  • 44% this year

  • Central Office, Curriculum and Instruction budgets are “tight”

  • Some shortages can be handled through title programs and grants

  • There is concern abut Governor Richardson’s Pre-School Programs taking money from our students

  • Senator Tsosie and other legislators are invited to the October 18th GMCS Board Meeting. Only consent items will be on the agenda.
  • Supt. White commented on the Sept. 29 article in the Gallup Independent entitled “Teachers’ Union May Complain to Labor Board About School District.” Specifically the sentence, “Bernard and other school district officials say they don’t trust Tempest or Bill Bright…” White’s concern was tow-fold: She does not want people to think that Central Office distrusts Tempest and Bright; and the article could be misunderstood to say that Bernard is a school official.
  • (Bernard’s payroll stubs can attest to the fact that he is not, nor ever has been, a member of the $70,000 plus club in Central Office. However, he does try to “dress well.”

  • David Oakes reported on the 20th day roll: 12,340 K-12 students, 752 pre-schoolers

    • Enrollment will be under projection by 122 students

    • Ms. Price asked about the number of students on long-term suspensions which might affect the projection

  • Ms. Tammy Smith, principal of Gallup Mid School, gave a sort presentation on the Sliver Grant ($700) which is to reduce barriers to success experienced by SPED and ELL students by applying the elements of universal design. Ms. Smith stated that education is moving towards the “universal classroom.”

  • Region I Board meeting to be held on Wednesday, October 6 at Tohatchi Mid School.

  • New Mexico School Board Retreat on December 3 and 4.

  • Board meeting of Sept. 7 spoke of the Baldridge retreat. Quality New Mexico staff are available for training when the Board wants it. Dates will be discussed at the next Board meeting.

  • November 22, Special Board Meeting at 1 PM. The Board will hear the Consolidated School Improvement Plans for Student Success. The plans from 15 Corrective Action Schools must be approved by the Board. Plans are due to C&I by November 1.

  • Ms. Chantal Irvin reported on Professional Development and Mentoring Budget as requested by the Board at the last meeting.

    • David “Jed” Stus and Eddie Hoedebeck are paid through the TTT program and Title II.

    • Professional Support and Mentoring Budget $51,363.

    • 117 teachers with 3 years or less are in the program. Money is paid for mentors and mentor coordinators. “Entire budget is used to support mentored teachers.”

    • Title II monies fund:

    • Some IST salaries

    • Contract services for Learning 24/7 and CREDE

    • Some Scholastic Red

    • National Board Certification

    • Mentoring Notebook

    • Professional Development travel

    • New Teacher Orientation

    • New Teacher field trips 

  • Dr. Monaghan gave a presentation of the 2003-04 CTB/McGraw Hill CAT/6 Terra Nova results. This is the California achievement test for grades 3, 5, 6, 7, and 9.

    • Remark made: “teaching to standards and the percentage of qualified teachers appears to have an effect.”

    • Mr. Thompson stated that many charts have been made and seen through the years but what he wants to know what is being done to raise Native American score levels to that of other ethnicities.

    • Mr. Thompson stated that he is tired of seeing Native American students lagging behind and does not want to see the same report next year.

    • Has there been input from students? What is the school district doing?

    • Ms. Price responded by saying that the input of Native American students might be a special project for Mr. Thompson and that he should form a committee.

    • Mr. Thompson countered by saying that there were already Indian committees and Native Americans on staff and asked if they were being utilized.

    • Mr. Thompson added that if the assistant superintendents couldn’t change this that maybe it was time for new assistant superintendents.

    • Ms. Price will meet with the Native American staff and Mr. Thompson to plan a Native American student survey.

  • Presentation/discussion of NAFIS postponed due to NAFIS Conference. Dues are due by December.

  • The new principal of the Center for Career and Technological Education (CCTE) and Middle College High School, Dr. Charles Kaplan, addressed the Board. He stated that there were scheduling issues:

  1. GHS Students are pulled out a lot for college fairs, assemblies, ASVAB testing, etc.

  2. Buses arrive too early and students run the campus for 25 minutes; bus leave too early forcing instructors to dismiss students early.

  • SPED Presentation by the new director of EDC, Ms. Mary Reeve and GATE Teacher Geofery Moon.

    • Goals: to provide high quality services to students with exceptionalities in a way that ensures success.

    • Empower staff to meet the needs of students in an educationally sound manner.

    • To hold ourselves to the standards of best practice.

    • Currently there are 1708 public school students receiving direct services. Additional services are provided in Headstart and private schools. Ms. Reeve has found funding for 5 IEP Chairs, which are intended to be used to alleviate some of the paperwork from school sites so teachers can teach.

  • Ms. Chantal Irvin reported on the Teacher of the Month Recognition Program. Local businesses had approached GMCS about teacher recognition. Winners will receive a plaque, a certificate from the Board, and dinner for two. The Review Board will consist of the 4 GMCS National Board Certified Teachers and the C&I staff at Central Office.

  • Mrs. Diane DiPaolo reported to the Board on Drug Intervention and Prevention

    • October is the month for Awareness of Domestic Violence, Character Counts, and is also Prevention Month.

    • October 16-23: Red Ribbon Week.

    • October 16: Red Ribbon parade at 10:30 AM, Youth Festival after the parade. Salsa making, a youth Pow Wow, and a skateboard competition will be held.

    • Student Risk and Resilience Survey

    • Children with more support and resiliency have lower risk factors

    • 14% had used alcohol in the last 30 days.

    • 13% had carried a weapon to school in the last 30 days.

    • $2.2 million is being received over a 2 year period to reduce substance abuse. NIYLP’s Project Venture will be involved. A Project Manager is need.


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GMCS Board Meeting
Thoreau Elementary School
20 Sept. 2004
Call to order 6 PM
JR Thompson 40 minutes tardy
  • Superintendent Report

    • GMCS received notification to attend a hearing in Santa Fe in October regarding Impact Aid. Mr. Samford will attend along with the GMCS attorney.

  • GMCS Board President Mavis Price invited Sen. Tsosie and the House Reps. To the October 18 Board meeting to discuss Indian education for schools.

  • New Principal Hires:

    • Navajo Elementary: Gloria Thompson

    • Thoreau Mid School: Alberta Nozie

    • Crownpoint Mid School: Rosalyn Carroll

    • Gallup Junior High: Frank Chiapetti

  • Mr. Paul Cassidy reported on the sale of $4.5 million in bonds. Mr. Cassidy recommended approval of a resolution prepared by Sherman and Howard, bond attorneys, to accept the most favorable bid. Supt. White concurred and the resolution passed.

  • Ms. Diane Ball of Thoreau High School has been named as State Farm NBCT Liaison.

  • Supt. White and Assist. Supt. Haskie will be in Santa Fe on Sept. 21 to hear results of the Capital Outlay hearing.

  • Board Retreat set for Oct. 24 at Ramada Limited from 9 AM-2 PM.

  • New Mexico Superintendent’s Retreat on October 17.

  • Report on Health and Fitness

    • Wellness plan for WIC due in 2006.

    • Federal government has invested $8 billion in School Lunch Programs.

    • Mrs. Price wants fruits and vegetables served and parents involved. Parents need to teach children about healthy food when they are not at school.

    • Mr. Bright will look into grants to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to schools. Zuni has been receiving monies for fruits and vegetables for several years.

    • Supt. White recommends re-forming the Health and Wellness Committee for 22004-05 with this in mind.

  • Ms. Eddie Hoedebeck and Mr. Jed Stus reported to the Board on Teacher Support and Development.

    • IST’s have the opportunity to coach teachers.

    • Dept. heads are to coach and model lessons in schools.

    • CREED, a language acquisition program, is for K-12 students.

    • 1280 employees are participating in Scholastic Red, including Supt. White.  

    • CWT Program: Principals and ISTs with Palm pilots will conduct CWT. Information and data will be collected and used to tweak professional development.

    • Ms. Hoedebeck is visiting every school in the district to check on support.

    • Bimonthly workshops and Saturday seminars, Colleague Mentoring, and a Transition to Teaching Grant will be used for support.

    • This will help in the retention of teachers.

  • Mr. Bright states that the top 3 contributors to teacher burnout are:

    1. Not being heard

    2. Classroom discipline

    3. Excessive paperwork

  • NMPED to be at Tohatchi Mid School on Sept. 21.

  • GMCS Board member JR Thompson questioned Mr. Stus on how the support program addressed culture and how progress is measured at year’s end.

    • Mentoring Program funded by a $50,000-60,000 grant from the state.

    • Supt. White recommended deferring payments to the National Association of Federally Impacted Schools (NAFIS) and the National Indian Impacted Schools Association (NIISA) amounting to $10,000 in favor of paying attorney’s fees for impact aid.

    • JR Thompson made a passionate plea to continue payments, telling Mr. Bright and Dr. Tempest to go to Washington DC to attend NAFIS and then come back with their decision.

    • Supt. White said that the organizations have done nothing for GMCS.

    • Mrs. Price said she refuses to pay dues to NIISA and NAFIS until the impact aid case is resolved.  Mrs. Price said the money should go to children.

    • Mr. Thompson requested a vote to be called at the next GMCS Board meeting.

Only a fool stops asking questions.
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GMCS Board Meeting
7 September 2004
Andrienne Sloan Absent
J.R. Thompson Tardy
  • GMCS President, Mrs. Mavis Price, opened with a moment of silence for Mr. Bobby Trujillo and Ms. Megan Hough. Mr. Trujillo was a plumber with GMCS (and a former MCFUSE officer) and Ms. Hough was a teacher at Navajo Elementary School. Both are deceased.
  • Mr. Sammy Orr transferred from Thoreau Mid School to become principal at JFK Mid School.
  • Mr. Hoskie reported on the Public School Capital Outlay Council.
  • GMCS enrollment: 13,074 students, 588 below prediction
    • Average enrollment in 2003-04 was 13,327
  • Supt. White and Dr. Tempest met with Lt. Gov. Denish about the GMCS proposal of a rural district.
    • Qualified teachers would be brought in, placed with master teachers, and be obligated to serve for 5 years.
    • Denish sounded supportive but the decision is up to Gov. Richardson.
  • Supt. White met with Kirk Steinhaus of NMPED. They discussed a study among several districts to check for common denominators in succeeding schools.
  • Mrs. Price discussed articles on Board Accountability and Responsibility for the American School Journal.
  • UNM-Gallup Conference on Sept. 23-24. Topic will be Education and Business Partnership.
  • No school at Tobe Turben for students due to lack of electricity.
  • GMCS Board presented a certificate to Ms. Nancy Marensek for being 1 of the 5 finalists for New Mexico Teacher of the Year.
  • GMCS Board presented a certificate to Lisa Chavez and Crystal ? who placed first with Stop Violence Presentation at Family Conference.
  • GMCS to host Region 1 NM School Board.
  • Diné to hold meeting at JFK from 8 AM until 4 PM .
  • Indian Hills dedication and blessing ceremony at 8:30 AM. Open House at 5:30 PM.
  • Mr. Bright and the GMCS Board recognized and honored the partnership between the National  Indian Youth  Leadership Project and GMCS> Mr. Mack Hall, director and founder, was present along with staff from NIYLP.
    • NIYLP Facts
      • First Native American modeled program in the prevention field.
      • Program has been replicated at 30 sites in 11 states.
      • Center for Substance Abuse in Washington DC found the NIYLP program the most effective with Native American children.
  • Mrs. Manuelito spoke on Quality New Mexico Baldridge Seminar opportunity.
    • Seminar would consist of 10 hours of training by Quality NM staff in Gallup for the GMCS Board and 5-10 Central Office administrators at a cost of $2500.
    • Mrs. Price stated that scheduling might be a problem.
    • Item was carried over for further discussion.
  • Board Policy concerning athletic events will be addressed at the next Board meeting. Discussion to make a policy against throwing or propelling items into spectators at school-sponsored events/games.
  • Mr. Bright and Ms. Manuelito are awaiting receipt of school surveys regarding the status of School Advisory Councils.
  • Ms. Manuelito reported on a plan to create a Navajo Nation Department of Education School District.
    • This may take 15-20 years to fully implement.
  • Dr. Monaghan gave a presentation on NM Standards Based Assessment and Accountability with concerns regading Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP).  Many examples were given a district schools.
  • Ms. Chantal Irvin spoke about the national shortage of math teachers.
    • La Meta is a "boot camp of mathematics" where one can pick up 18 credits in 2 years.
    • Ms. Irvin also spoke on accountability and AYP stating that "we need to look at individual students, the SST process, attendance, etc."
    • Ms. Irvin mentioned that students should focus more on content area classes and be given fewer elective class choices.
Limiting access to staff is tantamount to limiting choices by staff.
GMCS Board Meeting
16 August 2004
Twin Lakes Elementary School
All Members Present 
  • Mr. Daniel Martin updated the Board on Tse Yi Gai dedication set for 21 August.

    • Students and Parent handbooks are ready and prepared for approval by the Board.

    • Staff handbook to be finalized this week.

    • Construction awaiting final approval.

    • August 26-27 is the tentative date for moving in.

    • Dedication invitations have been mailed.

      • Current enrollment is 145.

      • Projected enrollment is 222.

  • Mr. Haskie reported on the Public School Capital Outlay Council meeting of August 11.

    • Four proposals were discussed: Navajo Mid School, Ramah High School, Tse Yi Gai continuation project (athletic filed and concessions), and Gallup Mid School.

  • Mr. Samford provided the Board with an update on the bond sale of 4 February 2003. The bond advisors advised the bonds be sold on 18 September 2004.

  • Mr. Jeffery Bond hired as Principal of Ramah Elementary.

  • Supt. White reported that staff feedback from the Administrator’s Conference on August 4-6 was positive and one of the best attended.

  • Ms. Nancy Marensek is one of the top 5 finalists for New Mexico Teacher of the Year.

  • Supt. White updated on New Mexico Finance Authority, which oversees funding for teacherage projects. Also discussed were three-tier licensure, budget cuts and the impact on school districts. Rep. Lundstrom was the only local in attendance.

  • Board approved Academy for Rural School Leadership letter of interest.

  • School Board Voter Registration/Education Resolution approved.

  • Board approved Tobe Turpen Elementary School Uniform Dress Pilot for 2004-05.

  • Dr. Monaghan reported on NMHSCE requirements to graduate high school. The district average is 75%, NMHSSA will be utilized for seniors to graduate. NMHSCE is not aligned with standards.

GMCS Board Meeting
2 August 2004
6 PM
J.R. Thompson Absent
  • Superintendent Report
    • NCLB Closing the Achievement Gap Conference: Focus areas included high standards, accountability, parent option, and highly qualified teachers.
    • Mr. Sammy Orr reassigned as principal of Kennedy Mid School
    • Ms. Alberta Nozie  assigned as interim principal at Thoreau Mid School
    • Ms. Monique Sieschlag assigned as Thoreau High vice-principal
    • Principal positions at Ramah Elementary and Crownpoint Mid remain open
    • Tse Yi Gai will have water and gas when school starts.
  • Mr. Bright discussed the need for family financial literacy and using the program as a tool for parent participation. School sites would be utilized for the family financial literacy training as an after school program.
  • Mr. Bright presented a Joint Resolution with the city of Gallup on the water issue. The purpose is to make every student in the district aware and understand the importance of water.
  • Mr. Bright would like to promote the New Teacher Orientation event and hold it at the El Morro theater in the future.


GMCS Board Meeting
19 July 2004
6 PM
All Board members present. 
  • Supt. White reported that she and Mr. Samford met with state representatives. In the future they will meet with state legislators on budget status, ‘understanding how funds are trickled down to the district level.”

  • Mr. Bright discussed a luncheon meeting he attended with Supt. White and other district administrators. The meeting was held for the purpose of bringing ideas together with local businesses on supporting education. A teacher academy is of interest but more research is needed.

  •  Next Public Education Committee meeting is on Sept. 17 in Las Cruces.

  • Dr. Tempest appointed to attend the Leadership Conference in Taos on July 22-24 on behalf of the GMCS Board of Education.

  • Election of Officers

    • Mr. Thompson called for nominations for GMCS Board President.

    • Ms. Sloan nominated Mrs. Price.

    • Mr. Bright moved to close nominations.

    • Motion carried unanimously.

    • Four members voted for Mrs. Price as Board President with Mr. Thompson abstaining.

    • Mr. Bright motioned to approve the nomination of Mrs. Price as Board President.

    • Motion carried.

    • Four members voted yes, with Mr. Thompson voting no.

    • Dr. Tempest elected as vice-President of GMCS Board of Education.

    • Mr. Bright elected as Secretary of GMCS Board of Education.

  •  GMCS Board to hold a retreat on August 22 at the Ramada Limited.

  • Changes to School Sponsored Trip Policy

  • Educational trips aligned to thematic units will have priority.

  • Trips can be scheduled throughout the year.

  • Incentive trips are to be taken during regular school days and are not to interfere with regular daily bus runs.

  • Smaller clubs/groups will utilize Suburbans.

  • Aquarium and zoo trips will be limited to no more than one trip per semester.

  • The Board recommends parental participation if more than one trip is taken in one semester to alleviate transportation costs.

    • Miles per hour changed to 65 mph for buses.

    • Athletic Director duties changed to support services.

    • Student activity funds will be used for trips after May 1, although some can be reimbursed.

  • Mr. Bright presented a Joint Resolution regarding the development of a water conservation and education curriculum.




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