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GMCS Board Meeting
17 May 2004
Ramah, NM
Roll Call: 6 PM, Andrianne Sloan Absent 
  • Meeting to be held on 5/18/04 from 9-12 PM at the Ramada Limited between representatives of GMCS and the County Commission to discuss joint issues; roads, police, Nizhoni Extension, Aquativity Center, etc. Supt. White, Assist. Supt. Manuelito are to attend. Mr. Bright will represent the GMCS Board.

  • LESC Report

    • Accountability: Nothing is in place to rate the schools until September.

    • Finance: Monies have been legislated for all testing but Districts have not seen any of this money. GMCS has to spend an extra $500,000, so far.

  • Licensure

    • It was reported by Theresa Mariano the GMCS has not received any response to Rep. Lundstrom’s letter on behalf of the GMCS Board regarding licensure. The concern is the dossier needed to move from Level 1 to Level 2. Level 1 teachers have 3 years to get to Level 2, must pass state exams, participate for 1 year in a mentoring program, and complete a dossier. The Administration believes that this excess “would set teachers up for failure” and open GMCS up for liability litigation.

    • Reps. Lundstrom and Martinez reportedly had said “We just voted for raises for teachers, not added bureaucracy!”

    • According to the Administration, if Level 1 teachers do not fulfill requirements in 3 years, they will be without jobs.

    • Board Member Bright added that this would exacerbate the problem of teachers leaving GMCS after 2 years.

  • Tse’ Yi’ Gai’ High School Update

    • One GMCS school bus must pass through Sandoval County to transport students.

    • President Shirley’s office has thanked GMCS for caring enough to construct a school at Pueblo Pintado.

  • Paul Hanson Scholarship

    • Paul Hanson Golf Tournament, the source of scholarships, will be on May 22.

    • John Lastyona, Central High, is the recipient of the Paul Hanson Scholarship. He received certificates and recognition from the GMCS Board.

  • Reading First

    • NMPED awarded Reading First grant totaling $8.2 million to 4 GMCS schools: Chuirch Rock, Juan de Oñate, Rock View, and Twin Lakes.

  • Superintendent Evaluation

    • The GMCS Board approved the Superintendent’s Evaluation Criteria/Rubric. Supt. White will review this.

  • Health and Fitness Committee

    • GMCS Board approved recommendations of the Health and Fitness Committee:

    • Prohibiting non-licensed private vendors on campus

    • Placing foods with nutritional value in vending machines

  • Budget

    • John Samford reported on the 2004-05 budget.

      • Total Operational Budget Expenditure projection: $71,686,147

      • Salaries and benefits: 80% of the budget: $62,883,245

      • Total Essential Fixed Costs: $5,546,784

  • Salary Increase

    • The Legislature appropriated funds for a 2% salary increase for all public school personnel. Although this increase is “highly recommended,” the language that specified the increase as mandatory for Districts with membership greater than 10,000 was vetoed by the Governor.
Education is what remains when the students have forgotten what they were taught.
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GMCS Board Meeting
3 May 2004
  • Education Foundation meeting at Central Office on Wednesday May 5 at 5:30 PM

  • Government-to-Government met on April 20 in Bernalillo.

  • Funding has been found for the “Neighbor Extension” which will give Gallup High another exit/entrance. The State Transportation Department will fund $2.2 million and Gov. Richardson will ensure another $1.5 million. For Commissioner Mendoza’s efforts on this project, it will be known as the “Mendoza Extension.”

  • Early Closures:

    • Indian Hills May 28

    • Red Rock and Smith Lake June 4

  • Rep. Patti Lundstrom gave a presentation on legislation:

    • $120 million from the General Fund to the Contingency Fund

    • $2 billion to schools

    • 2% salary increase funded

    • Tier 2 funded to $35,000

    • EA minimum salary at $12,000

    • There is a good possibility that Rep. Lundstrom will be put on the Legislative Finance Committee.

  • Mr. Linford reported on the Elementary Arts Project

    • The goal is to incorporate arts across the curriculum.

    • There is confusion about what the monies are to be used for.

    • Some principals wanted to alter the focus of the grant and use moneies to supplant operational funds.

    • Less than half of the $84,000 is used.

    • A continuation grant has been applied for ($300,000) and 14 schools are interested. Money is to train teachers to use art across the curriculum.

    • Ray Macias selected as the project director.

  • Tse’ Yi’ Gai’ High School Update:

    • Administration buildings, etc. will be done on September 18.

    • Housing is to be complete by the end of September.

    • They are looking at portables, Smith Lake teacherages, and other contingencies.

    • Dedication ceremony on September 27.

  • Capt. Pat Balok of the Kennedy Mid Civil Air Patrol gave a presentation on the program. Several cadets were in attendance.

  • Student/Staff Recognition

    • Reading Is Fundamental Team at Lincoln Elementary

    • GHS Culinary Arts Competition Winners (Jessica Gallegos from Central high was the won $3000)

    • Student Advisory Council Members

    • Counseling for College Award to Suzanne Fortney of GHS

    • IST Paula Garcia of Lincoln Elementary

    • Paul Hansen Memorial Scholarship won by Candice Lewis of Ramah and Kimberly Hall of Thoreau.

  • Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week May 3 to May 9

    • Resolution read aloud by Supt. White

  • GMCS Board listened to Principal Pauletta White and 2 students from the Middle College High School. MCHS wants to add 10th graders to their program. It is now made up of 11th and 12th graders. The maximum number of students will remain at 50. The Board approved with the stipulation that the student must have attempted 10th grade or have a medical reason.

  • Board Member Bill Bright read recommendations from the Health and Fitness Committee:

    • Promoting non-competitive activities.

    • Providing for intramural activity.

    • Changing pictures on food beverage machines to match machine contents.

  • Five year strategic plan approved.

  • Revisions made to Open Enrollment policy to comply with HB 212.


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GMCS Board Meeting
Navajo Pine High School
19 April 2004
All Board Members Present 
  • Superintendent’s Report

    • Agreement for a clinic at Crownpoint has been signed and will be active next year.

    • GMCS officials met with tribal officials to explain the reconfiguration of Smith Lake Elementary

  • Last day of school

    • May 28 at Indian Hills Elementary (building will be leveled on May 10)

    • June 4 at Red Rock Elementary, Smith Lake Elementary

  • GMCS Board Retreat 5:30-7:30 on April 21

  • Government-to-Government Meeting on April 20 in Bernalillo.

  • Mr. Richard Donaghey gave a presentation on the GMCS IST program.

  • Supt. White reported that she spoke with Rep. Udall when he was in Gallup. Rep. Udall received a status report on the impact aid lawsuit.

  • GMCS reports that $2.2 million is available for the GHS Nizhoni Extension. An additional $1 million is still needed.

  • Gallup Sunrise Kiwanis are ensuring that each 3rd grader receives a dictionary.

  • Ms. Gloria Begay, Indian Education Coordinator, gave a presentation on “No Parent Left Behind” Summit at Red Rock State Park on March 25 and 26.

  • GMCS Board Five Year Strategic Plan Goals

    • Goal 1: GMCS will meet or exceed NM accountability standards.

    • Goal 2: GMCS will maintain safe and healthy school environments for students and staff.

    • Goal 3: GMCS will ensure that all parents are encouraged through a variety of opportunities to be involved in the education of their children.

    • Goal 4: GMCS will develop new and strengthen existing collaborative, positive partnerships with higher education, business, media, and government entities.

    • Goal 5: GMCS administrators will ensure compliance with district, state, and/or federal policies, processes, statutes, regulations and/or laws.

  • Ms. Chantal Irvin reported that GMCS will spend $1 million to train teachers to teach reading with Scholastic Red. 

    • The program involves group collaboration and application. GMCS is looking at providing credit through UNM or WNMU.


GMCS Board Meeting
5 April 2004
All Board Members Present


  • Budget Adjustments

    • Budget adjusted to reflect $100,000 award. This will go towards development of the regional education center at Smith Lake Elementary.

    • Budget adjusted to reflect $14,200,000 PSCOC funds for education of new Tse’ Yi’ Gai’ high school.

  • April: Scholl Library Media Proclamation Month.

  • Supt. White reported on the Government-to-Government meeting to be attended on April 20 by Ms. Price and Ms. Manuleito.

  • Diné Education

    • Mrs. Dee McKerry from Diné Education requested a meeting, tentatively for April 15, to review plans for Smith Lake Elementary reconfiguration.

  • Lincoln Elementary to be featured in Parade Magazine.

  • Secondary Principals will report on the Alaska trip at the May GMCS Board meeting.

  • Supt. White met with Carl’s Jr. food chain, Sammy C. from KYVA, and a representative of the Elementary Principals to discuss promotion of student attendance through an incentive program and the new Harry Potter in June.

  • Tse’ Yi’ Gai’ High School

    • Mr. Daniel Martin provided a written report on Tse’ Yi’ Gai’ High School:

    • Major concern is the residential areas of the teachers during construction.

    • Applicants are being reviewed

    • Several positions are filled

    • Student handbook is 90% completed and will be complete by 30 June

    • Classes and schedules are being finalized

    • Furniture, sports uniforms, software, and hardware are on order

    • Cost: Approximately $2 million

  • Regional Science Fair Awards (Thoreau Mid) and Native American Science Fair (Thoreau High) were announced

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            James Madison
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            Woodrow Wilson
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            Abraham Lincoln
Give students everything they want and, later on, they’ll believe the world owes them a living.
GMCS Board Meeting
15 March 2004
Central Office
All Members Present


  • Staff/Student Recognition:

    • Thoreau Mid Student Brenna Cob recognized for winning the Regional Spelling Bee

    • Mrs. Debra Moya of Oñate Elementary recognized for winning the Golden Apple Award

      • Seven recipients were selected out of 381 nominations from 191 schools in 60 communities

  • Special Board Meeting on March 24 at 1 PM to hear the bid on teacherages for the district’s new high school

  • The district’s 5 year plan is to be present on April 19 at Navajo Pine High School. Rep. Patti Lundstrom will attend to give a presentation on the legislative session.

  • The Board Meeting on April 5 will include a study session on the budget.

  • Sen. Tsosie’s stipulation that Smith Lake Elementary School remain open for GMCS to receive $70 million budget request was vetoed by Gov. Richardson as the authority rests with the local school board and conflicts with substantive law.

  • A break-in was reported at Navajo Pine High. The student offender was caught and a police report was filed.

  • GMCS received $1270 from Wells Fargo: $10-15 for each new account opened at New Teacher Orientation. The money is to be used for the Student Advisory Committee.

  • The March 27 Board Retreat will focus on the Superintendent’s Evaluation.

  • The GMCS Dress Code was tabled again so Principals can review it. Some parts are “out of date.” Principals will get input from communities and ASCs. There is an ASC meeting scheduled for April.

  • The Hazing/Intimidation Policy was passed unanimously after the name change to “Bullying, Harassment, and Intimidation Policy.” According to Mr. Gintowt from the Hearing Authority, the policy only covers students.

  • The GMCS Board questioned Mr. Gintowt on truancy and if driving priviledges are to be effected. What about schools on reservation lands? Ms. Sloan and Ms. Price also wanted information on In-School Suspension. How many schools have ISS? What specifically warrant ISS?

  • Assist. Supt. Haskie gave an update on building plans:

    • Crownpoint Mid School was eventually get rid of all portable buildings.

    • Indian Hills will complete Phase I by May 13. Phase II is to be the demolition of the main school complex.

    • Chee Dodge will be completed during the last part of May.

  • Mr. Bright reported on the Health and Fitness Committee.

    • Much discussion followed about the purpose of thee School Board and the job of the Health Alliance to redundancy and other committees needing to step up and do their jobs.

    • Supt. White stated that GMCS has state mandated standards and Assist. Supt. Irvin read aloud a long list of health/fitness programs being implemented at schools throughout the district.

    • Ms. Price stated that the no soda machine policy should also go for teachers.

  • Grant Application Shortfall Approval: Mr. Linford, Grants/Public Relations Coordinator, reported on entitlement and discretionary grants. Sixty-four grants are currently managed.  He stated that more office space and an additional grant writer are needed as there are grants that he can’t get to and monies are lost. Supt. White recommended approval of a short term contract for an additional grant writer. Item was passed unanimously.

  • Get Out the Vote: Report made by Lela Altruely with  20 year old District Clerk candidate Morris. Partnership is wanted with GMCS to go into schools with Codetalkers to encourage students to vote. Supt. White requested a letter of introduction stating purposes and advised the speakers to work with individual principals.

  • GHS teachers Gay Deen Hice and David Archangeli received Board approval for student travel to France over spring break.

  • TFA presentation given by Director Justin May. He addressed the District concerns of effectiveness, listing accomplishments and qualifications of TFA teachers. There are 47 TFA teachers in GMCS, over 70 when Zuni and the BIA are included. May stated that TFA teachers will not be given their $4700 stipend if they’re not accountable, if they don’t complete their PDP, and keep licensed. May requested that the District provide $500 for each TFA teacher in the District to help cover costs.

  • Officers of the GHS Student Council requested that GMCS pay Advanced Placement Testing fees. Supt. White suggested that the Board consider paying for exams passed as an incentive.

  • GMCS lobbyists presented accomplishments during the legislative session.

  • Meeting adjourned to an Executive Session at 9:12.

Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers
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The cure for bad politics is the same as the cure for tuberculosis. It is living in the open.
            Woodrow Wilson
GMCS Board Meeting
2 February 2004
Central Office 6PM
All Members Present


  • Dates:

    • February 3: Native American Day at NM State Legislature

    • March 1: No-Name Calling Week


  • Smith Lake

    • Supt. White and Assist. Supt. for Human Resources Mariano visited Smith Lake with PTO President Denton.

    • All students will attend Thoreau Elementary. This will keep students together and they won’t have to travel through the canyon.

    • Licensure and preference of transfer information was taken by Assist. Supt. Mariano. “Teachers are happy.”

    • Principal Martin is moving to Crownpoint High to prepare for his new position at the district’s new high school.

    • GMCS warehouse trucks are to move residents and classroom materials to other district schools.


  • Thoreau Elementary PTO Meeting on February 10 at 6 PM.


  • Mr. Doug Reems will speak to Principals about leadership on February 3 at the Multicultural Center.


  • Ms. Louise Benally, GMCS Language Development Specialist, fielded questions from the Board and reported on the effects of NCLB on the GMCS Bilingual Education Program.

    • Schools are required to gather and submit data, as well as keep accurate records of student achievement.

    • Thirteen GMCS Schools currently have a bilingual program.


  • Ms. Andrienne Sloan was nominated and approved to serve on the Aquatic Architecture Service Selection Subcommittee.

    • The Gallup City Council was asked to provide one member.

    • Mr. John Samford now serves on the subcommittee.

    • The Aquativity Center is to be located at the soccer field on Boardman Ave., next to JFK Mid School.


  • MCFUSE submitted a request for an extension of temporary access to GMCS Internal Distribution Boxes. Access ended on January 31. Included was the request to extend this access to Central Office boxes.

    • Supt. White stated that access “was granted to assist MCFUSE in a good faith effort to promote their election” and that MCFUSE “has taken no action in these past 3 months.”

    • “In the spirit of cooperation,” Supt. White recommended that the MCFUSE request should be granted “30 calendar days before an election date.”

    • When asked for comments by Mr. Thompson and the Board, MCFUSE President Bernard responded by clarifying that the initial waiver to Board Policy for box access was NEVER an issue of the election and that it was only mentioned as a possible deadline: “January 31 or the election, whatever comes first.” At the granting of the initial request, Bernard told Mr. Thompson that the 31st would come “way before” the election.

    • Bernard stated that the purpose of the Board waiver to box access was to improve communication between the District and MCFUSE.

    • Bernard added that box access to specific schools sites, without Central Office box access, was still a strain on the organization. It was a gesture of goodwill, but lacking substance. He argued that an election without Central Office box access was like holding a Presidential election and not allowing voters to know who the candidates are.

    • Ms. Price moved to table the request until more information can be gathered from collective bargaining officials on elections.

    • MCFUSE will refer this issue to state union authorities and arrange for a presentation on elections to the Board.

    • An Executive Session was convened to discuss the contract of Supt. White.

    • A February 13 retreat will be held from 4 PM-6 PM to continue contract discussions.

    • The Board felt more time was needed to work on a job description and evaluation process for the position of superintendent.


  • Principal Cunningham and Mr. Price of Thoreau High School gave a video presentation to the Board on hiding weapons in street clothing.

    • Out of 115 referrals at Thoreau HS, Cunningham reported that 69 had to do with “bag and sag.”

    • The Presenters were in favor of having tucked in shirts added to the student dress


  • Ms. Price bought up the issue of truancy.

    • In the recent past, truant students had burglarized homes. Ms. Price wants the Board to look at the Truancy Policy and “give it more teeth.”

    • Supt. White stated that Gov. Richardson had put out an RFP to give schools money to deal with truancy, but that most schools don’t qualify. Only Central High and Navajo Pine qualify in the district.

    • There was discussion on Teen/Peer Courts.

    • Some work within the court system while others deal with infractions.


  • Meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM.

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One cannot take out auto insurance and file a claim after an accident has occurred or get health insurance for a pre-existing condition. Union membership works much the same way.
GMCS Board Meeting
20 January 2004
All Present 
  • Mavis Price questioned $3500 to pay people assisting at Crownpoint High Title I Parent meeting. She wanted to know to whom the money was being paid. Mr. Samford did not specifically know but said it was to parents.

  • February 6 is Gallup Day at the State Legislature. Verna Escudero has been submitted by GMCS for recognition by the Legislature.

  •  GMCS Board will visit the El Paso district on February 27.

  •  Facilities Plan Retreat on January 27 cancelled. This will be rescheduled when a presentation on the Master Facilities Plan can be made.

  • Penny Bird, NMPED Assistant Superintendent for Indian Education, will be in the district on January 26.

  • Laptop Initiative has begun. Tohatchi Mid students and teachers will receive laptops.

  •  Capital Outlay Task Force met in Santa Fe on January 17.

    • All Schools across the state are rated.

    • All schools across the district are rated.

    • The district will receive a copy of this report to review and amend or correct. The finalized report should be adopted in March.

    • Ramah High is at the top of the list.

  • State Financial Committee wants to see more progress with Bilingual Education students.

  • Leonard Haskie reported on school construction at Pueblo Pintado.

    • The BIA added stipulations on the water agreement. After meeting with the BIA and Navajo Nation7 wells were identified plus a lake. The water problem was solved.

    • Over 3200 feet of the right of way has to be okayed before power lines go up. The document for the right of way was submitted to the Navajo Nation President.

    • March 5: Construction update meeting.

    • Work acceleration if the weather permits. A target opening date of September 2004 can be met.

  • Dr. Tempest stated that he read in the Albuquerque Journal the $6 million of NM funds has been returned and questioned Mr. Samford about it. Mr. Samford replied that some state money has been returned to the federal government but assured the Board that no money was returned from GMCS.

  • GMCS School Board presented certificates to Lincoln Elementary Principal Phyllis Casuse and teacher Densie Swatzell for exemplary performance of duties with regard to a lockdown situation at the school.

  • The Board approved the 2004-05 Capital Improvement. Superintendent White said the it is “critical that the list of repairs be approved now.”

    • Mentioned were the baseball, softball, and soccer fields at Gallup High. “Artificial turf field should help with the maintenance and upkeep of the grass fields. “

    • In the past priorities have largely been up to the Superintendent’s office. Builders, roofers, etc now do setting these priorities in a more equitable manner

  • Andrieane Sloan questioned the replacement of the Gallup High Library swamp cooler for a refrigerated air unit. Local climate and library location does not allow excessive humidity to escape.

  • Reconfiguration of Smith Lake Elementary School

    • According to Superintendent White, Smith Lake Principal Martin asked for the review of Smith Lake to be moved up from the 120th day to the 80th day in order to acclimate students with other schools and to give staff time to transfer.

    • Currently the average education cost per GMCS student is $4000.

      • Crownpoint: $3000/student

      • Thoreau: $4000/student

      • Ramah: $5000/student

      • Average cost per student at Smith Lake is $7000 (71.7% above average.)

      • Reconfiguration would close only the elementary school

      • Pre-school is to stay open

      • UNM is offering classes at the site.

      • Crownpoint Institute of Technology will offer classes at the site.

      • Bus and custodians will stay.

      • There will be an additional security position and possibly an additional aide.

      • Teachers will be allowed to transfer.

    • Several Smith Lake community members were present to speak against the closure of Smith Lake Elementary School.

      • Vice-President of the PTO, Mr. Jimmie Denton, spoke for the group, stating that the comparison to Ramah was not right, listing all the Ramah had and all that had been taken away from Smith Lake. Mr. Denton added that the closure would gravely impact the community and pleaded with the Board for a moratorium.

    • After listening to Smith Lake community members, such as Principal Martin and Fran George, and further debating, as well as a request for an impact study, Mr. l Bright made the motion to close Smith Lake.

      • Ms. Price and Mr. Thompson voted to keep Smith Lake open.

      • Mr. Bright, Ms, Sloan, and Dr. Tempest voted for closure.

      • This was the first time that the current Board was not unanimous.

  • Dr. Monaghan reported on assessments to be used for accountability and he rating system of current students.

    • The District has 10 years to achieve 100% student proficiency.

    • Dr. Monaghan added that there is an achievement gap in the ethnic sub-populations, which must be narrowed.

      • White: 75% are proficient

      • Hispanic: 39-53% are proficient

      • Native American: 19-31% are proficient

      • The lowest performing groups are free and reduced lunch, SPED, and ELL students.

    • At the next GMCS Board meeting, Dr. Monaghan will present the state formula for adequate yearly progress.

  • Elections

    • Two-Mill Levy Election on February 3, 2004 7 AM-7 PM

    • Democratic Caucus on February 3, 2004 12 PM-7 PM


Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate.
            John Kennedy
The student who never wonders is like a banquet with no guests.
A man is known by the company he keeps, and also by the company from which he is kept out.
            Grover Cleveland
The best way for a student to get out of difficulty is to go through it.


Board Meeting
5 January 2004
Central Office
Andrienne Sloan – Absent


o       Ms. Price asked the following questions while referring to the minutes of the 15 December meeting:

1.      Who are the PTO members in the district? Ms. Price requested a list of all PTO members and asked for a list of meetings places and dates.

2.      Why are there always budget adjustments for substitute salaries and benefits made at every board meeting? Mr. Samford replied that it is never known what the number of substitutes required will be and what the pay grade will be.

o       Ms. White introduced the following people:

o       Ms. Charley, a graduate of Gallup High, who is currently working on a degree in Las Cruces in SPED. She is also helping out at Central Office.

o       Student Advisory Committee Members: Amanda Davis, Middle College High School; Kathy Howe, Crownpoint High School; and Lonnie Rae, Ramah High School.

o       January is National School Board Appreciation month. Ms. White presented each Board Member with a certificate of appreciation and a day planner.

o       Dates of Note:

o       6 January, 11:30-1:30: King Dragon Restaurant, Legislative Luncheon

o       6 January, 6 PM: GMCS, Zuni, and Grants School Board will meet regarding lawsuit

o       8 January, Meeting at City Hall regarding the aquativity center

o       14 January, Board Retreat at Central Office, 6 PM

o       6 February, Gallup Day at the State Legislature. Students might have the chance to be pages on the floor of the legislature.

o       11-14 March, Metro Tech Career School in Phoenix. Effective Schools Conference. Registration for Board members who want to attend will be paid by the organizers of the conference. (This model was earlier discussed for possible use in GMCS.)

o       Instructional Services at the Juvenile Detention Center were discussed.

o       The number of GMCS instructors at the detention center has dropped from 5 to 2.

o       Starting second semester, there will be one regular education teacher and one special education teacher available.

o       The regular education teacher will teach all day at the center. The SPED teacher will be available in the mornings, and go to the House of Hope in the afternoon.

o       District Teacherage and Safety Administrator

o       Mr. Lesher responded to questions from Ms. Price regarding duties being performed.

o       Tuesday through Friday Mr. Lesher will visit schools using a school vehicle.

o       Pictures were taken showing that the Tohatchi High Teacherage was not completed.

o       Tohatchi Elementary Teacherage has a broken sidewalk. Mr. Lesher suggested that the cement be removed and replaced with gravel.

o       At the Tohatchi Mid Teacherage, grates were put in the wrong way and should be repaired.  Repairs were estimated to cost less than $100.

o       The position of District Teacherage and Safety Administrator was created because the NM Public Schools Insurance Authority has asked GMCS to go back over its insurance claims.

o       District Transfer Policy

o       Mr. Monaghan made a presentation regarding the district’s student transfer policy. (The district policy is not to allow the transfer of students from one school to another during the middle of the school year. This was discussed at the 15 December meeting.)

o       At issue is the transfer of students from one district school to another district school during the middle of the school year.

§         The main issue is the transfer of 100 students from Gallup Junior High to Gallup High.

§         These students have accumulated enough credit to transfer to Gallup high at semester

o       The issue was debated:

§         Arguments against the policy:

·        Not all students, parents, and staff were informed that students would not be able to transfer between schools mid-year.

·        Parent Ann Brendahl stated that she was never informed of her sons lack of credit

·        GJHS Counselor Christina Nye stated that these students were informed last year that they could transfer to Gallup High at semester if they earned enough credit

·        Mr. Stanley, Principal of Tohatchi Mid also raised questions regarding how students are counted for testing

§         Arguments for the policy:

·        Because of NCLB mandates and state requirements testing results will be better.

·        Mr. Monaghan stated that only 28% of students who transferred from GJHS to GHS at the semester last year passed the New Mexico High School Competency Exam

·        Mr. Carpenter, Principal of GJHS, raised the possibility of GJHS going into corrective action because these students would not be counted for test scores at GJHS. He stated that this would be a disservice to all students.

o       The Board endorsed the current policy against transferring students from one district school to another at semester.

o       Tohlakai Liquor License

o       The Board approved a resolution against a proposed liquor store at the Mustang convenience store in Tohlakai.

o       Mayor Rosebourgh and Joe Shirley also sent a letter against the proposed Liquor store.

o       Building Usage at Thoreau Elementary

o        Local parents and PTO members voiced concerns regarding membership procedures in the PTO, as well as concerns regarding funding irregularities with the PTO.

o       Ms. White gave the parents a district complaint form.

Experience is the name everyone gives to his mistakes.
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If America’s only educational duty were to educate everyone who is anxious and willing to learn, we could close down half our public schools.
            William F. Buckley
When it is not necessary to change, it is necessary not to change.
            John F. Kennedy


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